Cb Behaviour

Q. 1Example of JND • Clinic Plus ayurvedic [pic] Clinic plus is now available in Ayurvedic also which is shown in this ad. show this is a example of JND • Durocell Now in rs. 20 [pic] Durocell is now in Rs. 20 which was earlier not available so for showing it to the public they show like above in the picture. Q. 2 Example of subliminal persuasion • Dairymilk ad. in the kbc programme In the programme of KBC we can seen the ad. of Dairymilk in the front of the screen so it is the example of subminal persuation • ESPN match time the ad. Of Vodafone, Airtel Q.. Example of Figure ground [pic] [pic] Example of grouping • Ad. of fair and handsome • Ad. Of kelloks K for women Example of closure • Kya aapke masudome dard hai???? • Kya aapke toothpaste me namak he???? Q. 4 Example of perceptual defense • Warning on cigarette pack Examples of perceptual blocking • General Future Insurance Q. 5 Define the Terms Perception Perception is defined as the process by which an individual selects, organise and interprets stimuli into a meaningfull and coherent picture of the world. It can describe as “how we see the world arround us. Sensation:- Sensation is the immidiate and direct response of the sensory organs to stimuli. Astimulus is any unit of input to any of the senses. Perceptual blocking:- Consumer protect themselves from being bombarding with stimuli by simply “tuning out”-blocking such stimuli from conscious awareness. They do so out of self protection because of the visually overwhelming nature of the world in which we live. Perceptual Defense:- Consumer subconsciously screen out stimuli that they find psychologically threatening, even though exposure has already taken place.

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Perceptual exposure:- Consumer actively seek out messages that they find pleasant or with which they are sympethetic , and they actively avoid painfull or threatning ones. They also selectively expose themselves to advertisement that reassure them of the wisdom of their purchase decisions. Subliminal perception:- Stimuli that are too week or to brief to be consciously seen or heard may nevertheless be strong enough to be perceived by one or more receptor cells. This process is called Subliminal perception. Absolute threshold:-

The lowest level at which an individual can experience a sensation is called the absolute threshold. The point at which the person can detect a difference between “something” and “nothing” is that person’s absolute threshold for that stimulus. Differential threshold:- The minimal difference that can be detected between two similar stimuli is called the differential threshold, or the just noticeable difference. Nowadays Advertisement of fair and lovely overwhelming on TVC so viewers are just skipping the same.


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