Causes-Course-Consequences Essay Sample

This “Causes-Course-Consequences. ” or CCC. chart is another first-class manner to sum up of import information from history. In it. you identify the cause or causes of a peculiar event and what happened during the event. called the “course. ” Then you identify the results. or “consequences. ” of the event. It will assist you retrieve the significance of many historical events and assist set up connexions between them.

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Part 1: Choose eight events from the lesson. Complete the undermentioned chart by utilizing information from the lesson and seting it into your ain words.

two must be political events
two must be economic events
two must be societal events
two events of your pick
One illustration appears for you.

Event NameType of EventCausesCourseConsequences
1980 ElectionThis was a political event because it caused a alteration in the authorities. Americans wanted a house. loyal leader who had a program to repair the economic jobs transporting over from the 1970s. Jimmy Carter was running for reelection. and Americans overall were really unhappy with his leading. Ronald Reagan emerged as his rival. a former histrion with great public accomplishments and a program. They elected Ronald Reagan in 1980 who had a controversial program for repairing the U. S. economic system. subsequently dubbed “Reaganomics. ”
Part 2: Answer the undermentioned inquiries in a complete paragraph of your ain words.

Do you believe President Ronald Reagan’s policies had a positive or negative consequence on the state overall? Explain your response. What do you believe was the most important event of the 1980s and why?


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