Case Study On Marketng Analysis Of Bajaj Fans Marketing Essay

In the strategic development procedure begins with strategic planning. Strategic planning is the procedure of developing overall program & A ; schemes for the whole of organisation. Under the strategic planning procedure evaluate & A ; replying the undermentioned inquiries ;

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Where are we now?

How did we acquire at that place?

Where are we heading?

Where would wish to be?

How do we acquire at that place?

After that reappraisal whole be aftering procedure portion by portion consecutive order. Those stairss are ;

Analyze Vision and Strategic purpose – where we want to be future

Reviewing mission statement in footings of principle for being of the concern and value of the concern. Under this reappraisal procedure evaluates farther Purpose, values, Competencies, Culture, Polices and Product

As a following measure developing ends and aims for whole organisation

Then transporting out the place audit by utilizing SWOT analysis techniques and place spreads.

To make full that the above spreads measuring corporate strategic picks. Here bring forthing the strategic options by replying the undermentioned inquiry ;

How to vie

Where to vie & amp ; method of growing

Equally good as measuring options by utilizing the undermentioned standard ‘s acceptableness ( measuring based on stakeholders ends, aims and their power ) , suitableness ( measuring in relation with mission and strategic purpose ) and Feasibility ( in footings of fiscal viability and hazard )

There after completing that procedure get down strategic execution procedure. In this phase make the followerss ;

Resources Planing

Draft operations programs, construction and civilization

Change ( Implement alterations )

Implement Functional Schemes

Productions & A ; operation schemes

R & A ; D schemes

Selling schemes ( Marketing mix, Segmentation, PLC analysis, MIS ) .

HRM ( Personal planning, Motivation, Appraisal )

Finance schemes ( beginning of finance, investing )

IT schemes

Looking at existent public presentation

Review and command – ( measuring the divergence from program and do disciplinary actions based on that )

As concluding phase nexus to the measure called strategic analysis.

How the selling planning lending to strategic development procedure can be seen in above mentioned measure figure 5. If the company is holding more than one concern, there are three type of schemes can be identified those are ;

Corporate scheme

Business and functional schemes

Corporate degree schemes are focused ;

Maximize portion holders wealth

Increase the overall profitableness company as a whole

Typically focussed finding overall propose of the concern.

Decisions on amalgamations and acquisitions sell off or closing of concern units.

Maintain relationship with cardinal stakeholders of the concern such as investors, authorities and regulative organic structure.

Explore new market

Developing corporate image

Under the Business schemes developed for division in the larger organisation, that has a important grade of liberty fundamentally responsible for developing and marketing their ain merchandises or services. Functional schemes chiefly focused on choice of determination regulation of the in each of functional country.

In this instance Baja electrical division or concern unit ( SBU ) has draft a merchandise selling program for “ fans ” . Under that merchandise selling program strategic concern unit has analyze, create and developed schemes to back up the corporate schemes in the every facet. Such as profitableness, market portion, developing corporate image by utilizing corporate trade name with the merchandises. As a concluding decision

Can state Bajaj fans selling program has contribute significantly for the strategic development procedure.

Appraise selling program of Bajaj fans with suited marketing component of selling mix

Under the selling program of bajaj fan has considered all the facet of marketing mix component such merchandise, STP procedure, monetary value, topographic point, and publicity ) .

2.1. Merchandise analysis

2.1.1. Merchandise mix – This has developed to pull the clients ( different section ) .Those merchandise mix are Ceiling fans, TPW fans ( Table/ Pedestal / wall ) and fresh air fans. Not merely that under that they have developed different design like cosmetic and non decorative based on the section.

2.1.2. Brand Name – for the fan merchandise category really low focused given by clients even bajaj fans was non included in the consideration set under their determination devising procedure. That was major failing. To extinguish that failing they have come up with new schemes called umbrella stigmatization ( household stigmatization )

2.1.3. Boxing – Company has changed their graphic on packaging for full merchandise fury.

2.2. Cleavage, aiming and placement ( STP )

At earlier phase company has followed niche selling schemes. Company cleavage bases are monetary value, quality and aesthetics look. Based on that cleavage standard ‘s, they have introduced different merchandise classs for each section.

Monetary value based cleavage with sub trade names as follows ;

Product class & A ; Price

High monetary value

Medium monetary value

Low monetary value

Ceiling fans



Bahar, Grace

TPW fans



Fresh air fans

Aestheticss look based cleavage


Non decorative

Company merchandise place schemes is that benefit placement, Price & A ; quality placement and public presentation based positioning revolutions per proceedingss RPS ( velocity, chilling ) .

2.3. Pricing analysis

Company maintains the cost based pricing policy. There major failing of the pricing holding high borders for distributers. That has straight affected on their profitableness because of high cost is incurred for distributers borders. To salvage that cost company has started distribution of merchandises by utilizing their ain vehicles.

2.3. Promotion analysis

Major media is telecasting because of overseas telegram and satellite Television incursion is really high. Chiefly publicizing on C & A ; S channels such as star, Sony, Zee. Different types of Television commercial has developed air clip ( 10,20 & A ; 30 ) .These Television commercial screening by utilizing the different linguistic communication.

Major communicating message is that “ Subse Tez ”

Under the advertisement they have new packaging schemes are incorporated with postings, POPs, Shops or traders, boards and other communicating elements direct mail.

Followed different selling remembering elements such as publicity squad with braded jerseies and caps, distribute cusp for possible clients on point of gross revenues.

Used to advance the merchandise traders word of oral cavity recommendation to increase the gross revenues.

AS a pull scheme thy used pull schemes by forming different competition among the clients, attractive dads, show strategies.

2.4. Topographic point analysis ( Distribution )

There distribution schemes reduced by one bed. Company straight distributes their merchandises to the retail merchants.

Equally good as they have developed separate distribution web sub economic system market section.

At the same clip advancing traders under pull scheme to maintain their trueness, addition store portion and pull the clients.

Logistic is really strong 20 subdivisions after gross revenues service centres around 200 franchise that is besides increasing the gross revenues capacity of the channel.

Identify the procedure of the development and utilizing trade name individuality of Bajaj with farther rating of marketing cleavage, competitory analysis

To develop the trade name individuality company used major scheme is umbrella scheme beef uping the merchandise with corporate trade name. That increases the client credibleness and traders trueness. At same clip they are advancing by utilizing pull schemes both party clients and traders that is aid to increase the trade name trueness of traders. Not merely that they are utilizing Television commercial to pass on the trade name individuality for the different market section that is on of the scheme which aid to upgrade the top of head brad consciousness.

In footings market Segmentation Company has develop different market based on the monetary value, quality and aesthetics look. This besides helps develop trade name consciousness of those market sections. Presently in market taking participants are ; Crompton, East, polar, Khaitan, Usha. Current state of affairs is flat of competition really high and that is cut downing border of merchandises because of net income divided into the above major rivals. Bajaj market cleavage scheme is besides assisting to confront that competition. Because of all the above participants are holding their ain production works every bit good as gained economic systems of graduated table. Therefore major schemes that they need to be followed develop the client trueness via merchandise public presentation and after gross revenues services. Equally good as Bajaj Company utilize the boosters to develop trade name consciousness among the client by utilizing branded T – shirts and caps. Some clip such capacities do non hold rivals to advance their merchandises.

Analyze the selling capablenesss of Bajaj fans to use the current engineerings e-marketing and e – commercialism platform.

If the bajaj used e – selling tools and techniques under this context of e – commercialism by which making new distribution channel for the bajaj company every bit good as vitamin E – selling is help to make different client section on single footing ( via electronic mail run selling ) and corporate section. In add-on to that the undermentioned benefit and advantage that they can derive out of the vitamin E – selling ;

Can entree wider fury of the market – because of incursion of cyberspace and email use is really high. Therefore, in footings of cost vs. benefit, benefit is higher than cost, because of cost to make really low. As illustration if the company developed web sites by passing INR 150,000 and say that 1500 peoples entree per month to site ( 150,000 /1500 = 100 ) in the first moth cost is 100 Indian rupees. Month by moth that cost is reduced merely thing that they need invest that capital for web site. That web sites is supplying attending and on-line purchase installation besides can be set.

When online selling is traveling to use it is ideal for corporate section such as companies, constructing & A ; lodging contractors. Online buying aid cut down clip spread in telling and presenting merchandise. Equally good as it is cut downing the retail merchant border which that they paying for retail gross revenues.

Online promotional run besides can transport out by utilizing e – selling tools such as dad up advertisement, cross publicities.

Disadvantage of vitamin E – selling and e – commercialism are proficient failures and security issues.

By analysing those cost & A ; benefit every bit good as advantage and disadvantage Bajaj Company use new engineering to better their communicating, gross revenues and to crush the competition. As concluding decision bajaj has feasibleness to utilize the new engineering. In the hereafter they can roll up domestic and international corporate orders via web. That will present greatest benefit for them. Therefore bajaj is capable plenty use the new engineering under this scenario.


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