Case Study Individual Authentic Journey Education Essay

This study is a continuance of my personal development program. In this study I have shown how I have worked towards bettering my strengths, get the better of my failings and negative attitudes while sing external menaces and chances in favor. Then I have drawn my attending in developing a scope of interpersonal and movable concern accomplishments such as communicating and presentation accomplishments. I have studied the different manners I am traveling to follow in order to convey things to the right path and go confident what I say and do.

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I have realized that I should develop my voice, decelerate down, inspire my voice ( addition and cut down volume ) , pronounce words decently and so on.

The findings of the study besides states that the responsibility of reliable leader is ever grounded on the acceptable criterions of concern moralss, corporate civilization and direction accomplishments. Leaderships are guided by codification of behaviors in public presentation of their responsibilities. Ethical motives in concern is a manner of prolonging competitory advantage and sustainable development. Today ‘s directors or leaders, peculiarly those who are functioning the automotive industry, need to organize an acceptable workplace environment that is guided with ethical behavioural guidelines towards productiveness and moral duty.

Taking the leading function means holding a vision about what can be accomplished and doing a committedness to the mission and to the people you lead plus presuming the hazard of loss and failure while accepting acknowledgment for success.

A leader particularly an reliable leader must be able to show his or her vision clearly and in a compelling mode so that others are engaged by it. Peoples will judge such a leader by his or her committedness, and will perpetrate themselves no more than the leader does. A leader assumes a considerable sum of duty non merely for the mission that he or she urges others to accept, nor merely for the organisation he or she caputs, but for his or her followings, their lives and attempts, every bit good.

There are few schemes that can be really much useful in pull offing clip much more efficaciously and have explained in item of how it must be practiced in existent life. Finally it is all about the Self-managed acquisition which includes my purposes and demands, personal accomplishment ends, designation of what has to be learnt, accomplishments of personal appraisal, planning, organisation and rating.

Table of Contentss

Topic Page No.

1. Introduction 4

2. Personal SWOT Analysis 5

2.1 About myself 5

2.2 SWOT Analysis 5

2.3 How to get the better of my failings 6

2.4 How to get the better of my Menaces 6

3. Goals & A ; Objectives 7

4. Evaluation of PDP 8

5. Leadership Styles 8

5.1 My manner of Leadership 8

5.2 Authentic Leadership 9

6. Sri Lankan Corporate Culture 11

6. Decision and Recommendations 12

6.1 Decision 12

6.2 Recommendations 13

7. Mentions 14


This study is a continuance of the old study which I submitted antecedently for the same faculty personal development program. In the old study I have completed the undertakings which includes an debut of what personal development program is, a brief description of who I am, a complete analysis of my calling utilizing the SWOT analysis, how I can construct my strengths and travel off from my failings utilizing the chances available and opened to me and how I can acquire rid of my failings by placing my menaces.

This reliable journey study provides a deep analysis of my personal strengths and failing and besides finds the different leading manners which could be adapted in order to go a successful leader in an automotive industry, specifically in the Sri Lankan civilization or environment. Besides this is an rating on my accomplishment towards my larning marks, developing a scope of interpersonal and movable concern accomplishment.

The study examines the assorted leading manners excessively that have been adopted in organisations, the consequences drawn from the personal development program, actions and to be taken or methods to follow to go a strong and a successful leader which is suited peculiarly for an automotive concern. By analyzing a scope of published articles, magazines, books and assorted web sites on the subject of leading manners and personal development programs, this study describes how to go a successful and a victorious leader to prolong in any environment. Apart from that, the consequences of my personal SWOT analysis have been taken into consideration to practically fit my qualities and involvements with the features needed for a successful leader.

This study has been arranged in a manner to turn to, what is required to be an reliable leader and the best leading manner to be adapted plus the best patterns to work out as an person who is required to take or move as the caput of any group or organisation. This besides includes the journey of an reliable leader plus the necessities to be such an reliable leader. The following subdivision examines and analyzes the result of the personal development program. Besides it focuses on the leading manners in item. The concluding subdivision is chiefly about the Sri Lankan corporate civilization and how I need to construct up and better the accomplishments and cognition that are indispensable to go an reliable leader, when working for a Sri Lankan organisation.

2. Personal SWOT Analysis

2.1 About My Self

I ‘m called Ragunath. That is the name which was given to me by my female parent who is a house married woman. My male parent is a man of affairs. Even though my parents are from Jaffna I ‘m I was born in Colombo and attended Royal College. Presently I ‘m following concern direction at ICBT campus. I have two elder brothers, who live in the UK and assist me really much with my disbursals.

I can name my ego a athleticss individual, who likes auto and motorcycle rushing really much and I have a passion for swimming. From the little yearss it self I was interested in vehicles and still transport out research on automotive tendencies and make some concern trades over the phone excessively.

Equally far as my nature is concerned I ‘m a really unfastened minded, directly frontward individual and a difficult working single. I easy do non give up on what I have to make and I ‘m rather cagey in finishing work on clip. I should besides state that I ‘m really friendly and supportive but a spot short tempered at times.

2.2 SWOT Analysis

I use SWOT analysis to place and analyse the Strengths and Weaknesses of myself, every bit good as the Opportunities and Threats.

When I analyzed myself, I found that I ‘m blessed with a batch of good qualities and I ‘m ready to call them as my strengths. I strongly believe that I have really good leading accomplishments since I ‘m a hardworking individual and follow a friendly attack when working with my ain couples and ever ready to assist and back up others. I am besides extremely confident in what of all time the undertakings I carry out and make non give up in the center of transporting out some work.

Even though I have my ain strengths I have few failings excessively. I have ever had a fright of talking in public due to the linguistic communication barrier and for the ground me being diffident.

I have a sort bosom and an unfastened head plus consecutive forward excessively which besides could be considered as failings at certain points in life. I have besides realized that I spend money without much idea ; it could be because I still do non gain my ain hard currency.

I have observed and realized that there are few of chances opened to me as good. Nowadays there is a really high demand for automotive industry and besides it is really much popular across the Earth. I have some friends excessively who are engaged in the same field which is a great chance for me.

I have non followed Mathematicss for A/L, which could be a menace to me I feel. Besides my brothers and my dealingss can be a menace at any minute, because of the feeling they have towards the automotive industry.

2.3 How to get the better of my failings

It is natural for anyone to hold few weak points in their lives, and I have realized it is non something that I should be ashamed of. It ‘s merely that I need to work on my negative attitudes and turn them out into my ain strengths to be a successful person in existent life.

So I decided to tie in more with people I know, in order to portion and better my cognition. Since I attended a authorities school did non acquire a opportunity to speak in English and Sinhala linguistic communication much. I had to get the better of that linguistic communication barrier. Therefore I started utilizing those linguistic communications when pass oning with my co-workers. Besides I have reduced stating things straight to people ‘s faces, since some do non appreciate me being consecutive frontward as and when I want. Besides I have made a point non to blow the money or hard currency I get into my custodies because it could turn into a wont and could severely impact my life.

2.4 How to get the better of my Menaces

I believe I ‘m a individual who thinks otherwise and in a alone manner when compared to my brothers and relations, since I ‘m the 1 and merely individual who is interested in automotive technology out of all. Most of them think that I merely want to go a mechanic. Hence my parents excessively prefer me to prosecute in some other field. I feel I should wing to some other state to do my dream come true. At the same clip I need to fulfill my parents. So I have decide to make some surveies that they besides prefer me to make and so travel abroad and get down and run my ain automotive store.

3. Goals & A ; Aims

Every person should hold a Personal Ambition, ends and aims in an exciting and persuasive mode and doing it seeable. Our Personal Ambition encompasses our personal vision, mission, and cardinal functions, relatedA to four positions, which should be in balance: internal, external, knowledge & A ; acquisition, and fiscal positions. This will make balance in our life. It is fundamentally placing ourselves and calculating out what our dreams, who we are, what we stand for, what makes us alone and particular, why we different than anyone, and placing your mastermind, integrating an introduced external respiration and silence exercising.

To go a successful reliable leader in automotive industry, I should be honest and true and be clear with what I speak to the relevant crowd. I should ne’er bewray myself by utilizing words that are non aligned with who I am.

Besides I must truly care about other people and pass my clip developing the people around me and should work on my character. It is a known fact that reliable leaders should be baronial and good so that they earn regard.

Bing brave is besides of import since it takes a batch of interior strength to make what you think is right. Authentic leader should make what is right non what is easy.

Authentic leaders need to make workplaces that foster human relationships and permanent friendly relationships plus they need to foster a strong self-relationship. They should be cognizant of their failings and drama to their strengths.

Besides, should be able to conceive of and woolgather up new possibilities. They care for themselves. Taking attention of your physical dimension is a mark of self-respect. You ca n’t make great things at work if you do n’t experience good.

They commit to excellence instead than flawlessness. No human being is

perfect. Authentic leaders commit themselves to excellence in everything that they do. They are invariably forcing the envelope and raising their criterions. Authentic leaders are invariably constructing their bequests by adding deep value to everyone that they deal with and go forthing the universe a better topographic point in the procedure.

Hence I should be willing to follow and pattern what is mentioned above to be such an reliable leader by following my personal beliefs “ to be good and to make good things to others ” . And “ Give regard and earn regard ”

4. Evaluation of PDP

A Personal Development Plan besides known as PDP has been described as a structured and supported procedure undertaken by an single to reflect upon their ain acquisition, public presentation and/or accomplishment and to be after for their personal, educational and calling development.

The primary intent of a PDP is to assist us to larn and develop more efficaciously and to be able to:

learn in a wider assortment of ways and a wider scope of contexts ;

recognize and be able to name grounds for our ain acquisition and therefore the advancement are doing ;

draw upon and utilize our expanded personal cognition to accomplish peculiar ends

reappraisal, program and take duty for our ain acquisition ;

Recognize and specify our training/learning demands.

My PDP has helped me in:

Recognizing where I am right now, where and what I want to be in the hereafter, what my strengths, failings, chances and menaces are, how I can construct up my strengths cut downing my failing or turning the failings besides to strengths, discover the chances by dropping down the menaces.

Planing where I need to make and what is required to better to accomplish my marks with the aid of chances

Taking actions, holding personal marks and working around them and maintaining path of my accomplishment and the advancement I have made.

reflect on my acquisition and accomplishments and countries for farther personal, academic and calling development

Measuring the advancement of personal development

Developed a scope of interpersonal and movable concern accomplishments.

I have scored my ego high in being a originative individual, be aftering events, taking squads and actuating others.

Besides by analysing certain Questions and the Answers I have given in my personal rating, anyone will recognize that I ‘m kind of a sort hearted individual who hates to knock people. I ‘m one of the first to respond to sudden events and I of course assume duties plus act instantly when necessary and plan things in progress.

Besides the MYERS-BRIGGS trial shows that I have the four personality letters of ISFJ, which means I will be a really difficult working and a cool individual to work with.

My chance graduated table helps to turn out that I have worked towards bettering my strengths and cut downing my failings. I have gained a batch of pattern in making presentations and my degree of cognition in Information engineering and Business direction has been improved really much.

Leadership Manners

LeadershipA is stated as the procedure ofA societal influenceA in which one individual can enlist the assistance and support of others in the achievement of a common undertaking.

The manner that persons or leaders use will be based on a combination of theirA beliefs, A valuesA andA penchants, every bit good as the organizationalA cultureA and norms which will promote some and discourage others.

A individual ‘s leading manner involves some combination of undertaking behavior and relationship behavior. The two types of behavior, which are cardinal to the thought of leading manner, are defined as follows:

a ) Task behaviour – the extent to which leaders are likely to form and specify the functions of the members of their group.

B ) Relationship behaviour – the extent to which leaders are likely to keep personal relationships between themselves and members of their group.

5.1 My manner of Leadership

The cardinal underpinning of the Situational Leadership Theory is there is no individual “ best ” manner of leading. Effective leading is task-relevant and that the most successful leaders are those that adapt their leading manner to the adulthood.

While certain leading manner can be considered as frequently extremely effectual, we can non state exactly that there is one right manner to pull off or take that suite all state of affairss. In order to choose the most suited attack for myself, I need to see the accomplishment degrees and the experience the squad members have excessively. Besides the work involved plus the environment of the organisation whether it is stable or radically altering.

A good leader demands to exchange instinctively between manners harmonizing to the people and the work they are covering with. This is referred to as “ Situational Leadership ” , as mentioned above.

Besides after analysing my personal properties in life and I strongly believe that I ‘m much more capable of following situational leading manner. This would allow me last being an reliable leader for a company which has a Sri Lankan civilization

5.2 Authentic Leadership

In Authentic Leadership an single continually grows. They creatively adjust to the conditions that are confronting them. This procedure is sustainable and shapes civilization. PeopleA go more honorable with themselves and those they are in contact. Developing higher degrees of trust and good will towards each other. An single connects with and aligns determinations to their personal scruples. This means higher degrees of moralss and personal unity. LeadersA appreciate and utilise ‘difference versus sameness ‘ . This fosters invention and an ability to decide struggle. New ways of believing develop. This provides an chance to see theA universe otherwise and work out issues of great complexness.

To go an reliable leader I ;

Need to be myself and should non copy anyone else

Must develop my Alone Leadership Style

Should be cognizant of my failings

Should be a great communicator

Need to cognize what I stand for

Need to animate others

Should Lead the squad at the same clip be a portion of the squad.

Need to inquire for and give 100 % and demand to make a vision for the hereafter

6.0 The Sri Lankan Corporate Culture

5.1 Business Etiquettes and protocols

Sri Lankan concern etiquette can be instead formal and need to adhere to some of the local imposts.

5.1.1 Wayss of Greeting

Shaking custodies is the most common signifier of salutation and the handshakings are rather firm.A They tend to recognize when meeting and leaving.A Men may agitate custodies with other work forces and adult females may agitate custodies with other women.A A Many Sri Lankan adult females might non desire to agitate custodies with work forces. Therefore need to wait for a adult female to widen her hand.A Sri Lankans ever use rubrics used with the individual ‘s name or the family name. Besides Business cards are normally exchanged after an initial handshaking and salutation and must handle people ‘s concern cards with regard.


Having a good face is of import in all types of communicating. Openly knocking people is non accepted. A Sri Lankan may state one thing but mean another and it is up to the hearer to work out the message. Besides need to watch for long intermissions, turning away of oculus contact.

Business Meetings

As relationships are so of import for concern it is ever wise to put clip in relationship-building conversations at the start of any meetingsA .The Sri Lankans will desire to experience at easiness with the individual and have a background about him/her before they will experience comfy making concern or discussing concern. Prior to a meeting it is worthwhile to direct some information about your company, the attendants and an docket for the meeting. Meetings may be interrupted by other concern but this should non be interpreted as rude in any way.A

7. Decisions and Recommendations

7.1 Decision

Effective leading manners include qualities that are most likely to be effectual in today ‘s universe. In this century, leading demands to be both similar to leading of the past and different from leading of the past.A

The rudimentss and cardinal beliefs of effectual leading accomplishments have remained the same for coevalss. They are based on dateless human dealingss rules, but many of the schemes have been changed to run into the demands today.

The universe around us has changed dramatically in the last few decennaries. Some manners may hold qualified as really effectual leading in the old times, but they are merely less effectual today. Therefore it means you have to take otherwise and be alone in a positive mode.

For anyone in the function of leading today, Commanding leading manner of former times will merely non enable any of us to accomplish consequences but effectual leading manners will decidedly enable us to achieve good consequences. Hence the situational leading manner would be one of the best manners to set into practise every bit far as my capablenesss, strengths and the Sri Lankan civilization are concerned.

I would wish to sum up by saying how personal development program helped me to better my personality, understand what and how I can be after and to reexamine and take duty for my ain acquisition. By making this repot now I was able to mensurate myself of where I was before making the PDP and of where I am now after making the PDP. It besides helped me as to how to go more effectual and overcome my failing.

My sentiment is that every person should implement a personal development program ( PDP ) to last in the current concern universe and take a successful life as a leader. Without such a program I personally think life would be uneasy and unpredictable and might take to do incorrect determinations and an unproductive calling life.

7.2 Recommendations

Few enterprises should be taken to better my leading qualities taking at the Sri Lankan civilization that exist within organisations in Sri Lanka.

Need to turn to issues in different leading manners and fix myself for the responsible pattern of a leading focused on people, their professional and personal demands.


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