Case Study: Findings And Discussion

This research undertaking has involved a instance survey within a successful Pupil Referral Unit located in the north West of England. The research has taken a socio constructionist attack, which has focused on the experiences and narratives of both staff and students utilizing interviews and personal penetrations to supply informations specific to the scene and to supply a position from within.

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Relationships with Staff

I managed to transport out six interviews with students aged between 13 and 16. The first cardinal subject I identified when analyzing the immature people ‘s replies, was the bulk of the immature people stated that they liked school and merely a little figure declared that they did non. This led to the following inquiry which was why they enjoyed it. Again, the bulk of the students showed the same specific involvements which contributed to their positive attitudes towards the school. This insistent involvement amongst the immature people, was, the staff. One student made the remark:

“ aˆ¦I like them because they keep me in schoolaˆ¦ . The instructors at my other school were n’t botheredaˆ¦ ”

This was of great involvement to me as it suggests straight away that the Pupil Referral Unit I have used within my research undertaking is so good harmonizing to the positions from the immature people. This is a positive beginning to my research findings.

Harmonizing to Best ( 1995 ) :

“ Staff who are accessible in state of affairss, nevertheless fiddling, will be more likely to be trusted about more sensitive issues. ”

Best besides states that staff in schools may hold a important function in understating the effects of immature people ‘s negative experiences, due to their handiness and often, the intimacy of their relationships with kids.

When the participants were asked if there were any single members of staff in the scene, that they could speak to when needed, all of the participants agreed that they had person in head. They went on to state that they were given support by this peculiar member of staff through conversations and being listened to. One participant commented by stating:

“ aˆ¦she quiet me down when I ‘m emphasizing and does things for me. It ‘s like holding a Dendranthema grandifloruom in schoolaˆ¦ . ”

However this remark raised an challenging inquiry which is whether the high degree of support that this student finds good, is really non good at all for this student in the long term.

Mandelstam ( 2009 ) explains that

“ … the fact is that all life involves hazard and the immature and the vulnerable are exposed to extra hazards they are less equipt to get by with… ”

However, Mandelstam ( 2009 ) further suggests that although immature people may be exposed to hazards they are less equipt to get by with, he does non excuse practicians, metaphorically talking, wrapping them up in cotton wool. He states that immature people need to larn to independently take part in mundane life without over trust on an grownup beside them. This is peculiarly important once they come to the terminal of their stay in the scene and a new transitional procedure Begins, because they may non hold the same sort of support, which will ensue in the immature people experiencing lost.

On the whole when revising the canned interviews with the immature people I have recognised that it was a common subject that all the students had positive attitudes towards the staff and felt they gained the support they needed which led to a positive ambiance within the PRU.

Although Mandelstam voices his concerns that immature people may hold excessively much support, I believe that this support is highly good to the immature people as it is what they need to assist them turn emotionally. In my sentiment a batch of these immature people do non have the emotional support they need and merit in order to develop and boom. The support they receive in scenes like the PRU are indispensable to them accomplishing their full potency and deriving greater chances and chances for a more positive and hopeful hereafter.


Clark and Griffiths, ( 2008 ) , suggests that

“ what makes disputing behaviour ‘challenging ‘ is non merely the behavior, but the ability of a service to react and get by ” .

Therefore, if the staff have the capablenesss of covering with such behavior this will find the badness of the behavior and enable a far more mensural response to the job and hence a positive experience for the both the staff and the immature individual.

There is grounds to demo that in this peculiar Pupil Referral Unit the immature people have important positive relationships with peculiar members of staff, which is assisting them to prosecute in a more unfastened and comfy instruction.

Incorrect Placement

One participant who stated he did non like the school explained the ground for this being the fact he:

“ aˆ¦should n’t even be here. I was n’t even naughty at my other school and all my friends are at that place. It ‘s a gag. ”

This is peculiarly of import issue because harmonizing to Gray, ( 2002 ) , a figure of PRU staff would reason that many immature people are wrongly placed within PRUs and in existent fact should be placed in more suited scenes for their peculiar demands. Therefore in this peculiar case it may good be possible that this peculiar participant had been wrongly placed.

Peer Relationships and Friendships

Four out of the six participants province that they have made good friendly relationships within the scene. Harries, ( 2006 ) , makes the remark that in the immature people ‘s desire to be accepted and portion of an ‘in ‘ group they can go vulnerable to peer force per unit area and use.

Harries besides explains that at this peculiar clip of the immature people ‘s development they need the accomplishments to separate between positive and manipulative relationships in order to do and keep positive friendly relationships and enable them to get by with struggle and strong emotions. Therefore it is reassuring to hear that the immature people take parting in my research are comfy and positive towards their friendly relationship groups and that the Pupil Referral Unit has enabled the immature people the support and encouragement to organize friendly relationships throughout their clip in the scene.

However, one of the participants states that he has non made any friends in peculiar. This participant made the remark:

“ aˆ¦all my couples are at the school I got kicked out of, I ‘m non bothered about doing friends hereaˆ¦ ”

I find this to be a cardinal subject as I feel from the literature I have discussed that instructors within the PRU should guarantee this student is supported with both his emotional and societal development. Blake, ( 2007 ) , states how kids who have been through a passage which has non been forseen such as being for good excluded and referred to a Pupil Referral Unit will non hold expected this passage and hence been unable to fix for it. Therefore Blake makes the point that these issues must be managed as they occur by the staff within the scene whilst the practicians apprehension of the immature individual ‘s societal and emotional demands are assessed and understood.

One-to-one Support

One of the most important subjects that became evident via the canned interviews with the immature people, was that each immature individual recognised and appreciated the one-to-one support offered to them at the unit.

Hart, ( 1999 ) , states that:

“ about all kids who have behavioural jobs associated with a specific larning upset will necessitate some accommodations in the school scene. ”

Therefore, as the immature people in this scene have been for good excluded from their old school, the PRU should recognize what accommodations are needed for each kid to larn to their full potency and set these accommodations into pattern.

One participant stressed in the interview how:

“ aˆ¦It ‘s more one-to-one here so I can understand better. At my other school there were excessively many people and I could n’t concentrate so I merely used to mess approximately. Its better when the instructor negotiations to me on my ain. It makes me understand everything more easy. ”

This is a positive mark that the Pupil Referral Unit works closely with the pupils who need closer support in their instruction and their one-to-one- support attack seems to hold a positive impact on the instruction of the immature people go toing this scene.

Hart, ( 1999 ) makes the point that most kids with specific larning upsets need a batch of excess and single support such as one-to-one preparation. She states that this sort of support will assist the immature individual to get the better of at least some facets of academic failure which otherwise would non be improved.

Benefits of Provision

Another interesting determination that arose from the interviews with the immature people was that the bulk of them agreed that they thought the topics they were analyzing were traveling to be good to their hereafter. One participant made the remark:

“ … I do n’t wish making maths but I know if I do it will assist me acquire a occupation when I ‘m finished here… ”

This highlights that the participant did non needfully bask all of the topics but she has recognised that it will be good to her hereafter. Therefore she continues to prosecute in this topic with the cognition she may travel on to better herself one time she leaves the PRU.

Cotton, ( 2001 ) cited in Haggarty, ( 2002 ) makes the remark that:

“ … a making in mathematics consequences in higher wages in ulterior life so what we do in schools really does impact non merely the here-and-now being of our students, but besides their future chances excessively… ”

This is a peculiarly positive determination, because it identifies that the immature people do understand what is of import for their hereafter and non merely the present clip. I feel this is declarative of good pattern within the PRU, as they are doing their immature people able to see beyond the present.

Two out of the six students I interviewed said they were happy as the PRU has given them the chance to travel on work arrangements one twenty-four hours a hebdomad. They explain it is good to them as they receive a making through a topic which is more custodies on instead than academically intense written work.

“ aˆ¦Its batch because I can larn about being a machinist by traveling out and the seeing the existent material non merely reading a book like you have to for all those other topics. If I do good so I want to acquire a occupation directly after and acquire paid. Sack traveling college or anything like that… ”

This peculiar student makes the point that he is happy that he is successfully transporting out a class provided for him which suits his larning demands by being more custodies on and shows enthusiasm to go on in this country of work after go forthing school.

Disadvantages of Provision

However, the immature people who have specific occupation arrangements they wish to follow but happen this proviso is non available to them, are less positive about the course of study they follow in the school and claim they would profit more through a more practical class. It would look that this is a job that is due to a deficiency of fiscal support. One practician commented:

“ … There is a monolithic sum of money pumped into the PRU and it ‘s thwarting sometimes when the immature people do n’t take the support given to them. We are invariably believing of new schemes to back up them and assist them through their instruction but unluckily the money ca n’t be spread every bit widely as we would ideally wish. Very frequently it is the arrangements that become limitedaˆ¦ ”

Longman and Agar, ( 1999 ) , besides make mention to such barriers of larning within PRU ‘s, and suggest that many PRU ‘s are physically really little, with limited staff and installations. This they suggest makes the proviso of expertness and the broad scope of practical setup that was indispensable for the success of the PRU, really debatable. Throughout the interviews with both staff and immature people at this scene, this became a repeating issue. It became clear that although there is a considerable sum of money provided for the PRU to give the immature people a supportive and nurturing environment to be educated in, this may nevertheless still non be plenty to guarantee the immature people are deriving the resources and instruction which is best suitable and more good to their peculiar acquisition demands. One practician made the remark:

“ aˆ¦We would love to be able to offer more manus ‘s on topics within the edifice. However, the disbursal of it is merely excessively much sing the fiscal fortunes we are all facing at the minute. I do experience we offer a great choice of installations such as computing machines and a athleticss hall. Although these are going more dated and the immature people are demoing more involvement into other vocational topics such as hair tonic and football coaching and unluckily we merely don ‘ have the staff, infinite or installations to supply these topics on site ”

Barriers to Employment

However peculiarly common barrier that became apparent, was the fact that some of the immature people had condemnable records which would forestall them from being able to transport out their dream occupations, such as football coaching, as this would affect working with immature kids. One of the immature participants made the remark:

“ ..Im gutted cos I wan na work with childs and demo ’em how to play footy but I ‘m non allowed cos of my recordaˆ¦ ”

Although this is an unfortunate circumstance, the practicians recognise that it is of import that the immature individual recognises and accepts the grounds they are prevented from prosecuting in this type of work, and are guided by the connections worker that the PRU have onsite, who will work with the immature individual to assist him finds other paths to a suited calling.

One of the practicians made the remark:

“ aˆ¦the child ‘s here hold merely every bit much chance of being successful as immature people in mainstream scenes. The lone thing that could forestall them from acquiring occupations is if they have a condemnable record. ”

Therefore the barrier is recognised by both the immature people and the practicians and taken into consideration when the immature people are working with calling advisers and one to one tutorials with their cardinal workers.


It is the positive ethos that is prevailing in all countries of this PRU that appears to promote the students in prosecuting with the procedure, and the direction and leading is cardinal to sustained betterment both academically and emotionally.


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