Case Study

My historical case study I have chosen Edgar Allan Poe. We will be looking at his development from childhood to adult and the stages of development. This will give us a better understanding of who he was and maybe a little more insight into his great writings. Edgar was born on January 19th 1809. He was born into a very poor family and only a couple of years into his life he had to deal with not only his father leaving his family but the death of his mother and his brother and sister being taken away from him. After the passing of his mother he was adopted by a well to do family in Virginia. That family was the Allan’s and is how Allan came into Poe’s name. The Allan’s moved to London and Edgar grew up with a very good London education and upbringing. Edgar lived in London from 1815 to 1820, while only five years those years are very important in his young life. After Poe and his family came back from London Poe started his writing and first poem “Last night”. After finishing school in the states Poe enrolled at the very young University of Virginia, the school opened its doors to students just less than a year before Poe enrolled. Poe only lasted three years at the school. Poe was not a bad student but had a gambling problem and had put himself into a hole that his foster father refused to pay, so at that time Poe left his foster parents and the state of Virginia to move north to Baltimore to live with relatives. Poe would soon enlist in the army and do very well and rise to the rank of Sergeant Major, and soon after decided to go to West Point. Poe knew very quickly that west point was not for him and he quickly got his self-thrown out of the school. Poe was out of school and out of money, so he sent a letter to his foster father even though he had not talked to him in three years and not helping him with money for the last two. After he got no response from his foster father he continued to write and got a job as the editor of the Southern Literary…

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