Case Report On Jive Software Marketing Essay

For the footing of this instance study we will presume Jeremy Wilsons function as VP of Gross saless for Jive Software were we will look at the nucleus edifice blocks of the gross revenues map that are required to help Jive Software implement their gross revenues scheme. In add-on we will besides look at what steps the new VP of Gross saless John McCracken needs to take to decide the gross revenues jobs Jive Software were confronting due to the growing of the company.

Core edifice blocks of a Gross saless map

For any concern that is traveling to implement a gross revenues scheme there are some cardinal factors that need to be considered. For illustration, who are your mark clients, do you hold any rivals in this market infinite, what geographically parts are you traveling to concentrate on, and what nucleus edifice blocks of the gross revenues map are required to recognize the gross revenues scheme. In Jive ‘s state of affairs we know that their mark audience comprised of big scale organisations and SME ‘s. We besides know that Jive ‘s repute steadfastly put them to the head as the taking supplier of societal networking for endeavor which in kernel gave them an advantage over their rivals. As for the geographically parts, due to the nature of their concern there are no restrictions as to where Jive could non sell their merchandise suite. This leaves the inquiry, what are core edifice blocks of the gross revenues map they need to set in topographic point? After reexamining the state of affairs it was determined that the nucleus edifice blocks were, a centralized Information system, a functional gross revenues grapevine, gross revenues resources, selling investing and an in agreement gross revenues budget.

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Centralized Information System

The induction of a centralized information system will better how Jive manage, shop and circulate their information. In using systems such as Transaction Processing Systems ( TPS ) , Office Automation Systems ( OAS ) , Decision Support Systems ( DSS ) and Customer Relationship Management systems ( CRM ) it allows the integrating of the functional countries within the organization. ( i.e. Gross saless and Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR ) ( Malaga, 2005 ) The consequence of this integrating provides easier entree to both internal and external information which assists senior direction devising determinations that affect the day-to-day running of Jive but besides helps in accomplishing their strategic gross revenues ends.

Development of a Gross saless Grapevine

Following the deployment of the information system Jive demand to analyse all gross revenues leads that have been generated and use a functional gross revenues grapevine to give senior direction visibleness on the gross revenues leads while besides enabling them to measure up which leads the gross revenues squad should be concentrating their attempts on. This efficaciously allows Jive to see which companies would acquire the greatest benefits out of utilizing Jive ‘s societal networking endeavor system and to rank them consequently. ( Reynolds, 2012 )

Gross saless Resources

The figure of resources required to pull off all the gross revenues chances in the grapevine is critical. That is how many history directors, gross revenues applied scientists, disposal staff, proficient support and field service applied scientists do Jive necessitate? In add-on these resources will necessitate the relevant preparation in gross revenues, client support, the CRM information system every bit good as the Jive merchandise suite itself. ( Reynolds, 2012 )


Supplying literature to the gross revenues squad in the signifier of PDF ‘s, brochures etc. For illustration, information on the merchandise specifications, retail monetary value of the merchandises, lead clip on the bringing of the merchandise, warranty continuance, an overview of Jive ‘s abilities and capablenesss, and a standard gross revenues pitch the gross revenues individual should present to the client. Besides supplying the client ‘s with the installation to download a transcript of the package to measure is highly advantageous as it allows Jive ‘s to showcase the merchandise to broad audience which in bend will help in the coevals of gross revenues leads.

Gross saless Budget

The last but non least nucleus edifice block is Jive ‘s gross revenues budget. It is imperative that Jive command the budget to guarantee their gross revenues scheme is effectual. Developing a centralized information system is expensive and when you factor in the cost of preparation, selling, travel, amusement etc.. the overall budget can be rather high. ( Ma, 2012 )

A new epoch for Jive Software

For this subdivision of this study will look at the stairss the new VP of Gross saless John McCracken needs to take to extenuate the gross revenues jobs Jive Software were confronting.

Focus on Enterprise Business

In 2008 Chris Morace ( VP of Product Marketing ) instigated the initial alterations in how Jive did their prospecting of clients by traveling from the scattergun gross revenues attack of selling to everyone and anyone to concentrating on the endeavor sector. However there may still be some issues with the gross revenues reps sing this scheme. John McCracken will hold to turn to this state of affairs and explicate that passing a big part of their clip on SME histories that give small return in the manner of gross is non the manner frontward. He needs them to concentrate their attempts on looking at Jive ‘s bing clients and finding, which 1s generate high grosss with high net income borders, what jobs do Jive work out for these clients, and most significantly why do these client do concern with Jive Software. ( Robertson, 2012 ) In concurrence the gross revenues reps should forbear from selling legacy/patched up merchandises and concentrate on selling the latest Clearspace merchandise.

Pro-Active Selling

John needs to travel the gross revenues team off from the reactive merchandising done in the yesteryear. He should follow a pro-active solution selling attack to aim the client ‘s specific concern demand or job they are seeking to work out. Arguably this would necessitate the gross revenues rep to hold detailed cognition of clients concern and industry. However using this attack would intend the gross revenues reps are working more closely with the clients either by electronic mail, telephone or site visits which finally enables them to hammer strong relationships with the cardinal determination shapers in these companies whilst besides achieving critical market intelligence.

Repair the broken nexus with merchandise development

For the future success of Jive it ‘s of import that John has the gross revenues reps feed information gathered from client visits back into the Jive ‘s merchandise development squad so they can work on the following coevals of Jive ‘s merchandise suite.

Revise Group Quota System

Address the current jobs the quarterly quota system is doing. One solution to this job could be to use an one-year prediction system alternatively. This will stop the mid-quarter quota issues that faced the gross revenues reps under Jeremy Wilson ‘s stewardship. However it is still important that John holds monthly meetings with his gross revenues squad to guarantee they are continuously supervising the state of affairs and the Jive are still on path to run into the forecasted gross revenues set out at the start of the financial twelvemonth. There besides needs to be greater transparence when it comes to who is responsible for which histories, what selling techniques were used and which gross revenues reps are run intoing their mark gross revenues.

Jive Software ‘s Profile

Finally John should increase Jive ‘s company profile in the societal web endeavor market infinite. This could be achieved by exhibiting Jive ‘s merchandise scope at trade shows, printing articles on Jive Software in industry trade magazines, talking at industry conferences, supplying a list of Jive ‘s top endeavor clients on the web site every bit good as acquiring testimonies from these clients backing the Jive merchandise scope. ( Robertson, 2012 )


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