Business plan for small event planning organisation

Aristocats Events and Promotions has a dynamic, experient and dedicated squad, whose purpose is to supply the highest quality representation to trade names, and outstanding service to our clients and their merchandises

We build our client relationships for the long term, invariably endeavoring to hold the best, most consistent promotional and selling endowment available to them.

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We believe strong persons make strong squads. We strive to go indispensable concern spouses, sharing in our clients ‘ success, and assisting them achieve touchable consequences.

A.E. & A ; P. is a concern that is a service-based concern that requires small financess to start-up, and as we grow and expand, fewer financess will be needed to keep the concern. The charts that follows in the Break-even Point will be discussed and show that investing up front allows for A.E. & A ; P. to work dept-free with small overhead. This gives A.E. & A ; P. a quicker break-even point and increased net income borders from the start.

Table: Highlights Table


A.E & A ; P. is a little concern that strives to be one of the taking events and promotional companies in Pretoria. The concern non merely creates the chance for immature vivacious pupils to do money whilst analyzing, but many companies and trade names enjoy the benefits of A.E & A ; P ‘s services. Briony Griffiths, concern spouse and concern proprietor saw an chance in the market as she has old event and promotional work experience. Restaurateurs, nine proprietors and SAB selling strategians are portion of A.E & A ; P ‘s bing patronage.

In an of all time changing, fast-paced life, success is determined by good picks for enduring effects. Communication is indispensable. A.E & A ; P strives to be the best pick for our clients by concentrating on their specific selling demands. Through consistent, predictable professionalism, A.E & A ; P will guarantee concern and hassle-free publicities events at a sensible monetary value and by respectable employees.

Keeping in melody with the demands of the market, using the latest engineering and tendencies, all while guaranting the client receives the single attending they deserve, is the vision and day-to-day mission of Aristocats Events and Promotions.

Our keys to success include the committedness to quality by every individual who is portion of the squad. Each of us will be responsible to force ourselves to a higher degree of professionalism in three countries:

Consistent, accurate fulfilment of the client ‘s wants.

Competitive pricing for the quality of services offered.

Significant net income made on each event planned.

Professionalism, discretion and company, trade name and merchandise regard with publicities and services provided

Business Concept

The events and publicities concern plants by the agencies of a data base of employees readily available for client ‘s specific selling demands. A.E. & A ; P. does selling for event and promotional work chances by agencies of advertisement at universities and technicons, distribution of concern cards and by word of oral cavity advertisement. Interviews are performed where appliers have to finish contractual understandings. When A.E. & A ; P is approached by a client for a specific promotional occupation, the appropriate employees will be contacted for the related work. Employees work in generic uniform which would dwell of black pants/skirt/dress and black shirt/blouse with black shoes/boots/heels provided by the employee ego. Any other uniform or stigmatization must be provided by the client or trade name. Servicess provided to the client would dwell of the followers:


Reinforcing corporate image

Specially selected squads

Event Registration

Stand Management

Brand Activation

Meeting possible clients

Presentation of merchandises

Information distribution

Registering leads / Collating feedback

Figure: Radox Ad at Woolworths Woodlands Mall

Sporting Events

Adding flashiness to exceed local / international sporting events

Professional hair & A ; do up

Making the most of bing media exposure

Impactful trade name consciousness

Local & A ; International Rugby / Cricket lucifers

Corporate Hospitality Suites / Marquees

Dancers / Cheerleaders

Team launches / Announcements

Motor Racing ( Race yearss / Umbrella Girls )

Figure: Fiat Stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show

Pamphlet Distribution

Pamphlet / Brochure distribution runs

High incursion to aim market

LSM / Demographic particular

High traffic / High volume / High profile countries

On site direction

Merchandise / Stock control

Figure: Radox Ad at Woolworths Woodlands Mall

Promotions/ In-Store Promotions / Sampling Campaigns / Product Launches

Brand activation

Maximizing exposure for your trade name / merchandise or service

Detailed squad briefing Sessionss guaranting accomplishment of coveted ends & A ; aims

Aid in construct & A ; design of publicity

Thorough & A ; concise merchandise cognition, enabling confident client / consumer interaction

Distribution of promotional vesture / show kits

Dynamic apprehension of consumer selling / buying determinations / retail trade

Detailed quantitative & A ; qualitative client feedback

On ingestion and trying squads direct to want mark market


Target Market

The dislocation of the market for events and promotional work falls in a broad, really diverse grouping. Persons every bit good as administrations demand the services we provide. In order to supply the mark market information, the market sections have been broken down into private and public administrations.

Public Organisations and Businesss

Public administrations make up the individual largest part of A.E & A ; P. ‘s client base. Public administrations such as concerns, corporations, political parties, motor shows, eating houses, SAB and pubs host the most events on the largest graduated tables and needs the most promotional work ; hence, these events generate larger grosss per event and publicities.

Private Administrations

The 2nd individual largest section, the private sector, can salvage money and give back to its community at the same clip. These events are moderate in graduated table with in-between to low grosss generated. Emphasis is placed on the visibleness of the event for public screening. The bulk of organizational household maps will fall under this section. Private concerns, eating houses or little concerns that need merchandises promoted or booklets distributed autumn under this class.

Table: Target Market


A.E. & A ; P. is in a alone place of competition. We compete against hotels with conference installations, conference Centres, other event contrivers and publicities companies, both on the big and little graduated table, individuals within an administration who are assigned the undertaking of organizing and advancing an event or merchandise, and people who wish to advance their ain merchandises without the benefit of aid. The benefits and drawbacks of each of our rivals as compared with the services we offer, competes with our quality and monetary value.

Hotels and Conference Centres

Strengths: On-site installations, equipment, and back uping staff. They have ability to transport and house individuals for nightlong corsets. Hotels are able to internalize costs of transit and equipment. They are able to provide for events where promotional work may take topographic point.

Failing: Often really expensive, impersonal, rely on unskilled labor for back uping staff. The back uping staff from the hotels are non ever professionally trained in the clients merchandise and the promoting thereof. Hotel staff will non ever look presentable and accessible in visual aspect which plays a big function in promotional gross revenues.

Other Event and Promotional Companies

Strengths: Have been in the market longer ; hold established a repute and client base.

Failing: Reputation precedes them ; they have been in the market long plenty that the industry is ready to utilize fresh new faces. These companies might hold had one bad experience someplace or hold merely been in the industry excessively long to be financially competitory.

Estimate Market Share

By get downing on a smaller graduated table, A.E. & A ; P. has the foresight to turn at a rapid gait to maintain up with demand. We wish to keep a steady rate of gross revenues growing ; nevertheless, we understand that gross revenues of merchandises and services will change in different months. As noted in the graph and chart, rapid additions during the December vacation season will hike gross revenues, so let that growing to level off at a steady rate.

Table: Expected Gross saless Growth for 2011

The Goals tabular array show the specific item about existent plan activities that should be taking topographic point during the twelvemonth. Each one has its director, get downing day of the month, stoping day of the month, and budget. During the twelvemonth we will be maintaining path of execution against program, with studies on the timely completion of these activities as planned.

Table: Goals


Start Date

End Date

Budget Needed



Business Infrastructure

Selling Scheme

Breakeven Point

The Business Team


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