Business Plan For Melz Fruit And Vag Cc Marketing Essay

Melz fruit and veg is a start-up company that is functioning the Khayelitsha communities with the fresh and healthy fruit and veg. This concern has been formed by Melikhaya Ntozini. This concern offers a scope of common fruit like blackberries, blueberries, Ribes uva-crispas, Chinese gooseberry berries, cranberries, raspberries, H2O melon, honey dew, pink lady and many more. This concern besides offer a scope of veggies like babe maize, babe scallions, babe zucchinis, babe Spinacia oleracea, pumpkins Brassica rapas and many more.

This concern has the better and good hereafter, in 10 old ages ‘ clip it will provide the whole Western Cape with the fruit and veggies and besides the whole South Africa.

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I will necessitate a start-up capital of R8 000, I will utilize this 8 000 to purchase my stock, and I will besides it for transit because my concern is far off to providers. To do certain that this concern stays profitable, I will keep a sufficient stock of high quality and fresh fruit and veggies, and maintain them in good conditions. I will besides guarantee that all my material is knowing on all of the offered fruit and veggies. I will besides do certain that I maintain the stock and accounting controls and besides cut down the operating expense while guaranting handiness at the same clip.

Business description

Melz Fruit and Veg will be established in 2013 in Khayelitsha.The mission of this concern is to offer the best quality and fresh fruit and veggies for Cape Town communities. Melz fruit and veggies will back up the fruit and veg with the finest client service. All clients will hold their outlooks exceeded. The aim of this concern is to hold 10 concerns in 2017 around Cape Town. The other object is to make profitable by the 2nd twelvemonth. The other object is to accomplish self-sufficient gross by the 2nd twelvemonth.

The accomplishments that are needed for this concern are bing and pricing accomplishments every bit good as communicating accomplishments. Interpersonal accomplishments are besides needed to cover with the clients. I will be selling these veggies from my place and will non be me anything.

Target Market

Khayelitsha occupants and

All the other topographic points around Khayelitsha

I will concentrate a batch to the low income earners and everybody else


Melz fruit and veg sell a assortment of fruit and veggies. All of these fruit and veggies are in highest quality, fresh and are in outstanding conditions.

Benchmarked client service: The map of Melz fruit and veg helpers is to assist the client in any manner possible. This includes finding which veg or fruit is in sale and explicating the proper manner to maintain the fruit or veg safe and fresh. , every bit good as offering suggestion on how to cook the veg. Every gross revenues agent is the client ‘s personal expert. It is Melz fruit and veg mission to guarantee every client has their outlooks exceeded.


There are batch of rivals in Khayelitsha ; the rivals will be large retail companies like Shoprite, Pick n pay, Spar and besides the little concern that are in the street.

Competitive Edge

Melz fruit and veg will hold the competitory advantage of high quality merchandise offering. The other thing that this concern will make different from its rivals is to hold a benchmarked client service. Melz fruit and veg have alone merchandise, our merchandises are different from what other concerns in Khayelitsha sell. Melz fruit and veg will be friendly to people. I will besides hold clean stall, and have something to trail away the flies to maintain the topographic point clean. I will besides hold clean H2O about and have a competitory monetary value

Highest-quality merchandise offerings: If clients are traveling to purchase fruit and veggies they want to purchase the fresh and healthy merchandises. Me procurance procedure merely purchases the finest fruit and veg in the several class, guaranting that clients will be thrilled with the choice. In add-on to get downing with the highest quality and fresh fruit and veg, the merchandises are meticulously maintained so that they continue to look as fresh.


Melz fruit and veg mission is to offer the finest choice of fruit and veggies for the Khayelitsha communities. Melz fruit and veg will back up the fruit and vegetables clients with the finest client service. All clients will hold their outlooks exceeded.

Keies to Success

Keep a sufficient stock list of high-quality and fresh fruit and veggies, kept in first-class status.

Ensure all staff is highly knowing on all of the offered fruit and veggies.

Maintain rigorous stock list and accounting controls, cut downing overhead while guaranting handiness at the same clip.


To hold 10 concerns around Cape Town.

Reach profitableness by the terminal of the month.

Achieve self-sustaining gross by twelvemonth two.

Marketing mix








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Monetary value

I will utilize transport one twenty-four hours a hebdomad and conveyance cost me R150 and stock will be me R800. I will besides hold other disbursals like telephone and rewards.

Telephone cost R 100

Conveyance cost R 150

Wagess R500

Entire cost per hebdomad Roentgen 750

Selling monetary value

Apples R5.00 Kg Profit R2.50

Oranges R3.00 kilogram Net income R1.50

Pears R5.70 kilogram Profit R 2.60

Potatos R25 Kg Profit R12.50

Tomatoes R5.00 Kg Profit R2.50

Onion R5.00 Kg Profit R2.50

Carrots R 4.00 Kg Profit R 2

Bananas R5.00 Kg Profit R2.50

The net income border for all of the merchandises is 50 % , 25 % of border comes from my disbursals.

Target to sell per hebdomad

15 bags murphies

20 bags onion

30 bags orange

15 bags pears

20 bags carrots

Item Daily aim Monthly mark Cost monetary value Margin Selling monetary value

Apples 15 15*working yearss per month R3 R1.50 R4.50



To publicize, this concern will utilize the undermentioned things:


Word of oral cavity


Topographic point

I will set up Melz fruit and veg in Khayelitsha, because there are batch of people that are populating with unhealthy nutrient. There are lot topographic point around Khayelitsha, I besides targeted those topographic points. The other advantage that this concern has is transit, although the providers will be far to the concern, Melz fruit and veg is near the railway, taxis, coach and there is adequate infinite for parking.

Management construction

Chief executive officer: Melikhaya Ntozini

Selling Director: Lunga Mhlakaza

Bookkeeper: Bonakele Tom

Human Resource Manager: Pidlimdi Mgushelwana


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