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Possibly the topographic point to get down is to give the definition of the Motivation ; the Motivation is the willingness to utilize high degrees of attempt towards organisational ends. conditioned by the effort’s ability to fulfill some single demands.

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Motivation is an of import thing that directors need to understand what motivates their employees to hold good public presentation. By actuating the employees. the organisation can acquire benefits from that for illustration. employees can increase their public presentation and productiveness. increased occupation satisfaction. employees will increase to concentrate on organisational aims. and possibly it can besides cut down the absenteeism of the employees.

There are many methods of employee motive have been developed. The survey of work motive has focused on directors every bit good as the employee. Motivation theories are of import to director trying to be effectual leaders. Here we will see a short account of three theories’ that has been known for many directors today ;

The most celebrated one being the Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This provinces and negotiations about the human needs that are broken down in five demands format ( expression at Figure 1 ) .

First the Basic Needs. This includes the undermentioned hungriness. thirst. shelter. and many other bodily needs. To reflect to the above inquiry one must analyze how these use in today’s environment of work in line with their motivational impact to both the troughs and employees. We can use this demand within the organisation for case Provide tiffin interruptions. remainder interruptions. and rewards that are sufficient to buy the necessities of life.

Second ; the safety need that will use the security one gets from the occupation. for all possible safety issues be it physical or emotional injury. For illustration provide a safe working environment. freedom from menaces. and comparative occupation security. Insurance and protective wear. and so on. Third the societal demand which will necessitate. fondness belongingness. credence. friendship one get from the work environment. I. e. Managers encourage squad working which leads to better relationships for both directors and employees. Another illustration which can be applied within the organisation is the Family twenty-four hours ; the Family Day can promote good relationships outside the workplace.

Besides the regards need ( self esteem to be exact ) that will see some be at easiness with the internal dignity. liberty. accomplishments which will number on 1s success. besides to observe are the external regard. such as position. acknowledgment and the attending they receive for any one around them. will rebelliously hike them up. I. e. Employee of the Month.

Finally here is the Self-Actualization. here we see the 1s drive or attempt to go the best one can achieve. including self growing. making one’s maximal potency. and eventually self fulfillment every bit good. I. e. provide disputing and meaningful work which enables invention. creativeness. and advancement harmonizing to long-run ends.

There are many directors who applied this theory within the organisation. for illustration. MacDonald’s Managers have used the Recognition plan. by choosing the best employee for the month and giving him or her fillip.

However. all worlds have demands that must be met. and different people have different demands so from this directors who want to patterns this theory have to happen out what needs can actuate their employees. and don’t handle them all likewise. Maslow said that each demands must be satisfied before you go to the following demands so. harmonizing my researches I disagree with this and the order of the demands because there are some civilizations appear to put societal demands before any others.

In decision. detecting Maslow hierarchy of demands can be a utile manner for an organisation to assist their employees. Even though Maslow hierarchy lacks scientific support. it is really well-known and is the first theory of motive to which many people are exposed.

The second of the three theories is that of X and Y theory. This cover the two set human being by McGregor the X being the negative and Y the positive as good.

Ten Views it this manner as an premise that employees dislike work. are lazy and should be pushed around to execute their responsibilities. In the managerial position at that place four premises here to cover with Employees by nature disfavor work. and whenever possible would avoid it wholly. Example if one is non being watched and there may non be a tough or no punishment for non executing they will rebelliously non execute.

Since the above is true so. they should be pushed to the wall to make their responsibilities. Example there is where you find troughs running the floors for any non working employee to. fire or set to work. so they should be invariably be watched.

Employees will seek their degree best to avoid duties and prefer directional assignment to that. For illustration. if one ought to take duty to direct another to carry through a occupation. they instead call in the trough to make so. than them taking it on there and so.

Since most employees level security the highest on the list of demands they will expose small or no aspirations if this is non covered good by the employer. For illustration if am to acquire a occupation in a company that I think will non up keep my security I will rebelliously hold less or no aspiration at all to work at that place in the first topographic point.

Y’s position are as follows ;

Workers can see work every bit natural as remainder and drama. but this will merely use if they are assured and swear that all their demands will be catered for.

Employees will strike autonomy and self-denial if they are committed to their aims. same above mentioned but committedness to their aims will merely come when they are mid settled about their demands.

An mean individual can larn to accept. even seek. duty. All under contributing on the job environment.

The ability to do advanced determination doesn’t lie merely n the custodies of the troughs. and so there should be an unfastened spread of duty to all. This so because some times and employee make abettor determination compared to the trough and this would in bend help the company as a whole than to the full trusting on the trough entirely.

Example of this theory. there are some Nipponese companies which provided some installations to their employees such as gym that they can make some exercisings. and adjustment within the company so that employees can make their undertaking even at dark

And eventually the Motivation Hygiene theory. this theory is known as Tow Factors. This was developed by Herzberg and he believed that 1s attitude towards their work is cardinal to find their success and failure excessively. Here he put it into two parts the intrinsic and extrinsic where the first relates to occupation satisfaction ( Examples. Achievement. Recognition. Work. itself. Responsibility. Advancement. and. Growth ) . and their later to dissatisfaction of the occupation ( Example. Supervision. Company policy. Working conditions. Salary. Peer relationship. and Security ) . This fundamentally is to make more with eh commissariats of the employers and if they are non making out to the workers satisfaction so the bend out will be really high compared the them making out.

Therefore if any employee is unafraid about the above mentioned. in the sense that they believe and know they will be all catered for by the employer so there will be really high motivational degree in the work environment.

In decision. I personally believe in most if non all the above as if I was to take those employees shore I would truly desire all the above to be fulfilled. so it’s a really large consideration for all the companies to reexamine and make more towards workers motive than concentrating much on the net income borders of the companies because the motive will in bend bring approximately high returns if applied and maintained exhaustively.


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