Brutus: The Tragic Hero Essay Sample

The drama of Julius Caesar. written by the celebrated dramatist William Shakespeare. begins with the jubilation of Caesar’s reaching after get the better ofing Pompey in conflict. In efforts to continue Rome as a democracy. instead than an imperium. Brutus along with Cassius and other plotters murder Caesar. Ironically. Antony and Octavius go to war against Brutus and Cassius over the affair subsequently on in the drama. In the terminal. the conspirator’s attempts were simply attempts and the inevitable Roman Empire was built. This narrative is largely seen through Brutus’ position ; the audience the most compassion for Brutus. since the audience can see how conflicted he genuinely was throughout the whole history.

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Harmonizing to Aristotle. tragic heroes are characters that are frequently baronial or great and appear perfect. but have flaw ( s ) which lead him or her to their ineluctable ruin. The tragic hero’s licking is partially. if non wholly. the character’s ain mistake. though the ruin normally is worse than the character deserves. If the tragic hero survives. he or she normally becomes witting of what caused their prostration. They learn and grow as to why such a thing happened.

Tragic heroes are typically the supporter. They are observed over closer than the other characters. Their defect and foreseeable terminal normally makes the audience feel commiseration. empathy. understanding. and/or compassion for the character. Although sometimes the narrative told through the character ; giving the narrative an undependable point of view. Watching the events. the audience can easy see where everything has gone incorrect. though it might non be so easy seen by the characters.

Brutus can easy be as one of the tragic heroes in the drama Julius Caesar. Although Brutus was non merely one time a loyal friend of Caesar’s. but he was besides one of the plotters that murdered him. A big part of the narrative was contributed to exemplify how conflicted Brutus was in doing his determination to fall in the plotters in their secret plan to slay Caesar or non. If Brutus was non for Brutus. they may hold non been able to follow out their program. This illustration is one of many in which Brutus is shown to take the side coercing him most.

Brutus’s tragic defect is most likely his naivete . He easy trusts Cassius and the other plotters. Brutus agrees to fall in the battle against the edifice of a Roman Empire. believing they are making so for the good of Rome and to maintain it a republic. But genuinely Cassius and the others are fundamentally merely covetous of Caesar. They are afraid of being ruled by Caesar and that he will hold excessively much power.

Naive as Brutus’s determination was to believe them. he kept on making so. It was non until closer to the terminal of the drama did he get down doing the determinations for himself. By this clip. it was already excessively late for Brutus. He started reasoning back with Cassius for his motivations when fixing for war. By that clip. Octavius and Antony were constructing up their forces on their place district. Besides one time Cassius gave up after being falsely reported to. Brutus had no had no pick but to take the honest manner out.

Brutus should hold thought more about what his partners’ motives were and less on whether his ain were right. His inabilities to detect other’s purposes and merely merely follow what they want him to make take him consecutive to his decease. Blindly following Cassius. who manipulated Brutus and made him experience as if he were doing the determinations. left many dead and the destiny of Rome unchanged.


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