British and French before 1750 to the Native Americans Essay Sample

The “discovery” by Columbus of the New World in 1492 was followed by the constitutions of European settlements with French ab initio in the North and down the Mississippi. The reaching of European colonists in the late 1500s-early 1600s in North America disrupted the Native American folk that had been populating peacefully there for centuries. The responses European colonists had to Native American folks reflected their ain cultural and economic point of views. As a consequence. the Native Americans’ lives changed drastically. The Gallic had developed peaceable. reciprocally good dealingss with Native Americans in the constitution of the Gallic pelt trade and culturally befriended them. On the other manus. the British tended to suppress Native Americans economically and culturally and denied their possible parts to assisting turning colonies in the New World. The Gallic were really nice with the Native Americans. particularly compared to how the British treated them. They did non react with any dictatorship. they helped them with their economic system and even with their enemies. They did non judge them in footings of faith and really accepted it really peacefully without any jobs.

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The Gallic enlisted Native Americans for trade and they so traded them with goods that the Native Americans appreciated like knives and beads. Without cognizing so. the Gallic by the way heightened the Native American economic system by merchandising with them. They did non make many colonies along wilderness and that was partly because the French did non hold many people. Peoples like Samuel Champlain and the Quebec settlement had shaped a really sociable relationship with the Native Americans. They were really pleasant to each other and they were unagitated both economically and culturally. The Gallic helped the Native Americans in contending off the Iroquois even though they were under menace themselves from them. The Gallic had a really reciprocally good relationship with Native Americans and it worked out good for both sides.

Wholly opposite from the Gallic. the British were non in the temper of holding any type of peaceable relationship with the Native Americans. They did non truly care at all for the Native Americans and they did their best at seeking to hold control over them. The British settlements moved due wests in hunt of more land. cutting trees down and uncluttering land for croping animate beings. When the British first came across the Native Americans. they about automatically sparked a war with them which was called the Anglo-indian War. The British were heartless against the Indians. If they were in despair of land. they would bust them to profit their ain economic system which is wholly different from the understanding between the Gallic and the Native Americans. The Virginia Company demanded war and the Southern settlements were invariably prosecuting Indians on frontier. An unjust fur trade established. Native Americans faced unjust monetary values offered by British bargainers. Religious society of friendss attempted to ease economic dealingss. Bought land from Indians and treated them reasonably. HV the reaching of Scots-Irish and other non-Quakers The British received cultural adjustment from Squanto and the Wampanoag and therefore Pocahontas and John Rolfe got married.

Soon diseases like variola. epidemic parotitiss. grippe. xanthous febrility. and rubeolas spread and killed 1000s of Indians. However shortly colonists arrived and pushed inland. The rickety “peace” was shortly destroyed as Native Americans were in the manner of the Southern colonies’ push due wests. So the Carolinas teamed up and raided Native American small towns. and caught and sold many Native Americans to slavery. Due to these foraies many folks were destroyed by 1720. The Pequot War between the Carolinas and the Native Americans started and Puritans began to see Native Americans with disdain. The British were by and large non benign as they attempted to fulfill their colonial demands. economically and culturally. though sacredly they had less zeal and therefore a deficiency of response. The Gallic by and large responded passively and openly as they in bend helped the Native Americans economically. culturally. and encouraged lightly in footings of faith. Though the Gallic had their ain benefit in head. compared to the British. they were Jesuss in the eyes of the Native Americans


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