Brief History Of The Bhoodan Gramdan Movement History Essay

In 1951, the Third Annual Sarvodaya Conference was held at Shivarampali, a small town a few stat mis south of the metropolis of Hyderabad in South India. Vinoba left to go to the meeting and walked three hundred stat mis to Hyderabad. At that clip there was communist rebellion in telangana. This ground forces had tried to interrupt the land monopoly of the rich landlords by driving them out or killing them and administering their land.Vinoba thought that in future there was a competition between rules of Gandhi and Marx. In Hyderabad vinoba ‘s and other gandhians got their religion in non force tested.

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On April 11th 1951, the concluding twenty-four hours of conference, Vinoba said that he would tour the countries where communism was at extremum in telangana.

On April 18th 1951, was the twenty-four hours when Bhoodan motion started, when Vinoba entered Nalgonda territory, where Communist were in force. there he was confronted by local landless people and they gave him a warm response. Vinoba visited untouchables settlement and subsequently in twenty-four hours untouchables came to inquire him for 80 estates of land. Then Vinoba suggested that of authorities is non giving land so perchance villagers can assist each other. And so “ Vedre Ramachandra Reddy Bhoodhan ” , the local landlord promised to give hundred estates of land. This incident which was neither planned nor imagined was the really beginning of the Bhoodan motion and it made Vinoba bhave think that this method can be used to work out the biggest root of poorness in India that is land less people. The root of land monopoly, he reasoned, is greed. If greed can be removed from people ‘s head, it would take to stop of the development of hapless people. As he subsequently put it, “ We do non take at making mere Acts of the Apostless of kindness, but at making a Kingdom of Kindness. ” This motion subsequently on went to go more extremist plan and turned into small town gift or Gramdan motion. This motion was a portion of a comprehensive motion which led to the constitution of a Sarvodaya Society, both in India & A ; outside India. In the United States, major articles on Vinoba appeared in the New York Times, the New Yorker-Vinoba even appeared on the screen of Time.

Some argue that the land given as a gift is frequently hapless quality, waste, bouldery and uncultivatable. But its said that no land can be called useless. He used to state that more than the quality of the land, it should be seen that there is willingness among people to give their belongings for a societal cause.and that is the seeds of a mighty revolution. And the hapless quality land could be utilized for grazing lands, afforestation, the rehabilitation of displaced people.

The motion had its ups and downs. Vinoba went on to demand 50 million estates of land from whole of India for the landless people by 1957. And therefore a motion which was personal became a mass motion. But its ruin started in 1971 and it collapsed under its ain weight. And the land gift motion got changed into small town gift or “ gramdan ” . In gramdan major portion of small town was donated by bulk of villagers in favor of distribution of land every bit among all small town ‘s households. Meanwhile the land gift was still at that place but it was neglected.

The chief ground for the diminution was the fact that it was non popular in non -tribal countries.

There were other plans besides such as Sampattidan ( Wealth-gift ) , Shramdan ( Labour-gift ) , Jeevandan ( Life-long committedness to the motion by colleagues ) , Sadhandan ( gift for agricultural operations ) .There were inquiries as to why the sampattidan, for illustration, was non launched at the same clip as the bhoodan. As the Landless people having land due to bhoodan ca n’t work on it unless they have the needed stuffs. But acharya Jemaah Islamiyah said “ he knew it from the beginning, but he chose to follow the expression which says ‘attend yet to the root and all else will turn automatically. ‘ As everyone knows that cardinal job is land.

The motion non merely brought land to landless people but it besides helped in lighting involvement of people in Gandhian doctrine as educated people were overlooking those thoughts if non sing irrelevant.

Many people got moved by this motion among the prominent were Jayaprakash Narayan, a celebrated Marxist, and a Socialist. He was a large leader in political relations before and even after India ‘s independency. He came near to the motion and realized that it was a really good thought which had its footing on Gandhian philosophyand he devoted his life for sarvodaya society.

The motion was pulling non merely attending from Indian people but besides from alien. Louis Fischer, the celebrated American said: “ Gramdan is the most originative idea coming from the East in recent times ” . Hallam Tennyson, the grandson of the English poet, Alfred Tennyson, wrote a book, “ The Saint on the March ” in which he shared his experiences as he travelled with vinoba bhave in rural India. And American embassador to India Chester Bowles, said in his book, “ The dimensions of peace ” : “ We experienced in 1955, the Bhoodan Movement it is giving the message of Renaissance in India. It offers a radical option to communism, as it is founded on human self-respect ” .

The British Industrialist, Earnest Barder was so much impressed by the Bhoodan motion that he implemented the Gandhian construct and alloted 90 % portion of his company to his industrial workers. Arthur Koestler, in 1959 wrote in London Observer, that the Bhoodan Movement was showing itself as a replacement to the Nehruvian theoretical account of Western development.

To reason it can be said that even after holding its restrictions “ bhoodan motion ” was a glorious effort for soving land jobs thorough agencies of Gandhian doctrine. And it helped in building if socio-economic-political order of relevancy and significance.


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