Brief Description Of Pricewaterhousecoopers Marketing Essay

PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC ) is a planetary web of 153 member houses ( partnerships ) each of which is an independent legal entity. PwC belongs to the professional services industry and provides confidence ( audit ) , revenue enhancement and advisory ( confer withing ) services to both public and private clients with the important bulk of our relationships are concern to concern. For the intent of this assignment, analysis will be performed on PwC Consulting who provide direction consulting to clients that enable them to better their public presentation.

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PwC Consulting ‘s vision is to be ‘a universe category direction confer withing pattern ‘ . While our value proposition is ‘exceptional people assisting concerns do exceeding things ‘ , research as portion of this assignment has unveiled 72 separate mission statements including the latest: devising permanent alteration happen. It is hence evident that our intent is ill-defined and selling scheme slightly ‘beige ‘ which is lending to our deficiency of distinction discussed subsequently in this paper.

PwC Consulting has a selling orientation which can be defined as where the accomplishment of the administrations ‘ ends are dependent on finding the demands and wants of mark markets and presenting the coveted satisfactions more efficaciously and expeditiously than rivals ( AGSM, 2010 ) . However, an option to this would be a Relationship Orientation which McKenna ( 1991 ) describes as where “ relationships are cardinal ( and signifier ) the footing of client pick and concern version ” . This is evidenced through PwC ‘s client relationship direction theoretical account which drives our advisers to hold conversations with clients ‘ to place their specific demands in order to presenting value-based solutions.

As described by Kotler et Al ( 2004 ) a merchandise is anything that can be offered to a market for attending, usage or ingestion that might fulfill a privation or demand. Using this definition to PwC Consulting would propose that our offer to the market is advice and cognition that our clients use to turn to their demands – normally issues impacting their public presentation, fight or growing aspirations. As a people-based service, the advice is provided by our advisers who could besides be argued to be ‘the merchandise ‘ . Four attributes that distinguish our service offering from a merchandise offering include that our service is intangible, inseparable by our clients, variable and perishable ( AGSM, 2010 ) . Advice nevertheless can come in assorted touchable signifiers such as studies.

Due to the intangible nature of our market offering, the function of the trade name is extremely of import in our selling scheme, particularly in winning work, with physical grounds, procedure, people and monetary value as portion of the 7Ps selling mix being important in how we communicate our expertness in managing complex concern issues and our path record in successful executing. Recent research by IDC found that while our trade name acknowledgment was high, the PwC trade name stood chiefly for PwC ‘s audit services which flagged that the market is n’t cognizant of PwC Consulting ‘s offering. Research besides found that the market was unable to distinguish PwC Consulting against our rivals which meant that from their position, PwC has no existent competitory advantage. In response, there has been important attempt to switch PwC Consulting ‘s trade name placement and better our trade name equity. First, the selling scheme has been to better and make a alone experience when clients work with our direction advisers. We have sought to accomplish this by developing our squads to set themselves in their clients ‘ places, portion and collaborate, put in relationships and concentrate on client value. The 2nd selling maneuver has been an internal and external trade name run ‘What would you like to alter? ‘ with the aim of seeking to make the clients of our clients so that we can larn penetrations from them for taking back to our clients in a manner that adds value to our relationships and places the house as holding a market offering beyond audit services.

Issue 2: 5Cs Analysis

a. Company

This C has been analysed through the below SWOT analysis:



Peoples – extremely skilled and experienced

Client – extended portfolio of ASX and planetary participants who continue to re-engage the house for repetition work

Repute as a house for quality and competency

Intellectual Property ( IP ) – Established and maintained IP and planetary idea leading

Global graduated table – capableness in about every dimension someplace in the house plus planetary links and chances for our people and clients

Lack of IT capableness

Less mature than established consulting houses

Small sensed distinction in client ‘s head against rivals

Bad at linking with other Asiapac PwC houses to portion chances

Lack of deepness of industry cognition

Lack of investing in local rival analysis compared to the PwC planetary house



Forecast Australian Consulting market growing of 9 % by 2013 ( CAGR ) .

End to recognition crunch ensuing increased demand for confer withing advice to help with new undertakings New service offering – outsource supplier given client ‘s demand to cut down costs

Greater usage of confederates for rival, client, industry and market penetrations

Federal election – reduced spend by the populace sector in consultancy disbursement pre-election

Battle by clients of external contractors alternatively of PwC advisers

Skills deficit – enlisting and keeping issues puting capableness and capacity at hazard

Further additions in the cost of borrowing

B. Customers

PwC Consulting clients are Australian administrations, the bulk of who are authorities bureaus, in private held or top ASX250 listed. As the demands of PwC ‘s clients vary, so to does their purchasing behavior although the purchase determination doing procedure still applies with job acknowledgment ( either by direction, executive squads or a board ) being the first portion of the procedure which finally consequences in our assignment. Public sector clients typically require a stamp and group determination doing procedure before presenting work whereas purchasing determinations within the private sector are more normally centralised to one ‘Decider ‘ ( Kotler at Al, 2001 ) influenced by an ‘Approver ‘ . A client ‘s behavior may besides change depending on the urgency of their concern demand. Typically, clients engage PwC ‘s services when they do n’t hold clip, the internal expertness or capacity to decide an issue.

Outside our cardinal marks ( addressed subsequently in issue 4 ) , PwC takes a reactive attack to merchandising and responds when approached by a client with a demand. As recognised by Shoebridge ( 1993 ) , “ the most influential beginnings of information during purchase determinations are old experience with the merchandise ( service ) ” . This is evidenced in our client ‘s behavior, particularly in times of crisis as they tend to name the persons within PwC whom they have a preexistent trust based relationship.

c. Confederates

PwC ‘s nucleus rule is of independency bounds the figure of formal confederations in topographic point to co-deliver work. By comparing nevertheless, PwC consulting has a mature theoretical account when is comes to partnering with providers to win work. Examples of out confederates include:

Analysts ( Kennedy, IDC and Gartner, AMR and Forrester ) – Analysts are an first-class beginning of penetration for us on industry and market tendencies, inventions and purchaser behaviors. By giving them insight into what we do and how we do it, we besides seek to act upon how they place us in their studies.

WilliamsLea – As a in writing design house, WilliamsLea collaborates with our gross revenues squads to develop document subjects and formats that deliver appropriate messaging. They besides play a function in keeping conformity with the houses trade name scheme.

External Coaches – To guarantee our suggesting squads are adequately prepared for pitches, external gross revenues managers are more commonly being engaged for up to a hebdomad to develop cardinal messages and to better the presentation accomplishments of the squad.

d. Rivals

PwC Consulting ‘s chief rivals in the consulting infinite are IBM, Deloitte, E & A ; Y, Accenture, Capgemini, McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. In general, bing rivals are get downing to broaden their service offerings e.g. niche scheme houses are going more involved within concern transmutation undertakings. Another recent menace to PwC ‘s consulting pattern is the permutation by clients of confer withing houses with independent contractors to cut down undertaking costs. Many of these contractors are frequently antique employees of confer withing houses therefore it is hard to distinguish ourselves.

e. Context

As with all administrations, PwC needs to accommodate to political, economical and macro-environmental factors which influence both our administration and those of our client ‘s. An illustration of this adaptation would be PwC ‘s offering during the planetary fiscal crisis whereby we developed a ‘Catalyst ‘ solution which involved working with our client ‘s senior direction squads to hasten the designation of cost decrease chances in their administrations through 3 twenty-four hours workshops.

A concluding important factor that impacts the consulting pattern is being portion of a larger house that delivers audit services. This constrains the client ‘s we are able to aim such as Westpac, CBA, IBM, Ford, and Rio Tinto and the services we can offer.

Issue 3: Roll uping about the 5Cs

In order to develop and implement successful selling schemes, the planetary house has a selling information system ( AGSM, 2010 ) that collects information on market analysis and rival intelligence and internal information. When it comes to roll uping information about clients wants we do this first by garnering information from our bing client base whereby client affair spouses meet with deciders, users and approvers ( Kotler et al, 2001 ) at least quarterly to inquire them about their demands and issues, our strengths and failings, and gather intelligence on who else the client is interacting with. A 2nd beginning of information is our client feedback plan, where clients are asked to supply feedback by depicting their experience with PwC. Through this procedure we identify chances for betterment every bit good as placing our high acting advisers. From July the plan will integrate the net booster mark rules.

Sing rival intelligence, PwC Consulting Australia does non put in dedicated rival analysis and alternatively relies on analyst studies and purchases outputs from the PwC planetary Analyst Relationship based in New York. This squad holds entree rights to the cardinal analyst houses leting us to bespeak telephone question calls with the analysts where we are able to bespeak a general update or inquire for the analyst to reply specific inquiries.

Recognizing the importance of industry cognition, in order to run into the house ‘s aim of holding a differentiated market place, the house have appointed senior spouses as sector leaders across all industries – for illustration, Financial Services, Retail & A ; Consumer, Mining, Healthcare, etc. Each has spouse cardinal public presentation indexs associated with mensurating their public presentation in keeping the houses deepness of industry cognition for sharing with the staff and clients.

While PwC beginnings much information from through bing relationships with clients and analysts, the weakest nexus in PwC ‘s aggregation of information is the function of confederates as in the absence any of formal confederations, this is an chance that the house could deduce more value from. The lone exclusion to this nevertheless is the conferences that sellers frequently invite us to go to where they demonstrate their latest engineering but besides frequently have guest talkers from industry.

Issue 4: Cleavage, Targeting and Positioning scheme

As a consequence of the economic downswing experienced in 2009 and with aspirations to duplicate the current the pattern ‘s gross by 2013, PwC Consulting has late adopted a spell to market theoretical account focused on client issues and histories. This scheme reflects cleavage, aiming and place rules as follows:

Segmentation – All Australian based administrations have been clustered into three sections, referred to internally as ‘horizons ‘ . The sections are based on one-year gross of the clients to the confer withing pattern ( i.e. $ 10-15m, $ 3-10m, $ 1-3m ) and intended to drive the sum of clip that we invest in winning and presenting battles to clients in these sections. The sections are besides intended to drive PwC Consulting ‘s concentrated selling mix for illustration, yearly we release our 3 Outlook publications ( Retail & A ; Consumer, Media & A ; Entertainment and Financial Services ) each of which includes a launch event where we invite clients and chances from industry to a breakfast to hear our positions and to place ourselves as industry thought leaders.

Targeting – Within each section, specific clients have been identified to be targeted based on being ‘homogenous within ( AGSM, 2010 ) based on their gross potency to the house, issues they will prosecute us on, and the strength of our bing relationships with them. The choice of marks aligns with the industries that the broader PwC house wishes to prosecute, viz. Financial Services, Government, Health and Energy & A ; Resources, plus strategic histories e.g. Telstra, Wesfarmers and Vodafone. Choice of these industries has been based on their awaited growing in Australia over the following 5 old ages based on economic prognosiss. I believe that this aiming attack is successful given that markets are demassifying ( AGSM, 2010 ) and our clients want to experience that we are offering alone solutions to their issues which will drive their competitory advantage and in bend place us as being different to our rivals. The lone hazard to this STP scheme nevertheless is if we excessively narrowly section the market which will drive our selling costs up – something that PwC Consulting UK has late experienced by switching their focal point from 5 to 14 industry sections.

Positioning – In July 2009, PwC globally committee IDC to execute a competitory positing and sizing reappraisal of the planetary concern confer withing market. While the reappraisal valued the entire market at $ 2.09bn, IDC besides identified PwC Consulting Australia to hold 11.6 % market portion, 2nd to Deloitte at 12.1 % based on IDC ‘s 2008 rival portion analysis. A farther determination was that there was small sensed distinction in clients ‘ heads between PwC and our rivals and that non all clients considered PwC as a supplier beyond audit and revenue enhancement services. As a consequence, important investing has been made over the last 12 months on strategic selling enterprises both with bing clients and the market to shift PwC and do it ‘stand out ‘ . The perceptual map/positioning map shows where PwC was identified to be and the chance unfastened to PwC Consulting which we are trusting to gain

through selling tactics including internal preparation to bettering how our advisers interact and work with clients supplemented with a trade name run ( What would you Like to alter? ) which is seeking to place

the pattern as holding universe category capablenesss and market leading.

Issue 5: PwC ‘s Marketing Scheme

Based on my apprehension of selling from the EMBA plan to day of the month, I would rate PwC Consulting ‘s selling scheme as ‘developing ‘ . In finishing this assignment I identified that this twelvemonth will be the first twelvemonth in which we will hold a selling program and external run. I believe that PwC ‘s selling orientation is appropriate given that success for our administration requires client focal point to be at Centre of everything we do. Recent market research has suggested that the perceptual experience of our clients experience of working with us is uniform but that they associate the word ‘relationships ‘ with PwC Consulting which farther supports our selling orientation.

As a planetary house, I believe that PwC is good at monitoring, roll uping and analyzing informations related to the 5C ‘s, particularly with respects to market and industry analysis every bit good as rival intelligence. Locally nevertheless, I feel that PwC are non leveraging the most of chances to roll up and analyze informations on the 5C ‘s. For illustration, we have late hired people from rivals but non approached them to inquire if they would be willing to portion penetrations into what selling strategies our rivals are taking in footings of market growing. Similarly, I work with legion clients during the class of a twelvemonth but am ne’er acquire asked to portion my acquisitions as to what strategies the clients are prosecuting. Finally, in the absence of formal confederations we merely tend to name on confederates to carry through functions related to client specific battles as opposed to the concern development of our ain administration and in bend theirs.

With respects to monitoring and analyzing information about PwC Consulting ‘s selling scheme, I feel that there is immense room for betterment. The first alteration I would urge is based on the rules of an incorporate selling communications program and that all interactions are marketing tactics in themselves. For this ground I would guarantee that all ranks of our staff are made to the full cognizant of our selling scheme as opposed to it being something merely shared with our Spouses and Directors which has traditionally been the instance. Further, even before proclaiming the selling scheme, I would prosecute the pattern in it ‘s development so that they can portion their penetrations into what they learn from being out daily at client sites, from holding friends in viing houses and supplying their positions particularly with respects to perceptual function and placement chances.

Given PwC ‘s selling orientation, this is executed through relationships which are leveraged off the PwC trade name. The relationships which are developed by spouses are instrumental in winning work with clients. I believe nevertheless that sometimes the strength of our trade name confuses clients about our offering confirmed by recent market research which found the word PricewaterhouseCoopers to be ‘Auditing ‘ . However, it is non lone clients who have this misperception but our ain staff every bit good as I frequently hear staff from the revenue enhancement and audit patterns say “ I was n’t cognizant we did that ” which concerns me as their misinterpretation is likely to besides be lending to their clients deficiency of cognition of our services. I recognise nevertheless that important attempt and investing in the recent ‘What would you like to alter? ‘ trade name run is directed at turn toing this misconstruing both internally and externally in order to shift PwC Consulting as a existent direction confer withing rival in the market topographic point.

While attempt has been expended into placing sections and mark clients for PwC Consulting to concentrate on, I believe the scheme ‘s effectivity is threatened by deficiency of conformity. For illustration, in times when the pattern is behind budget I have witnessed spouses and managers frequently actively prosecute all chances that present themselves irrespective of whether the client is ‘on scheme ‘ or non. Further, I question the existent analysis that is behind the choice of sections and clients as I have experienced that clients that are portion of our gross revenues grapevine at the clip of yearly holding the Segments and mark are frequently named as ‘priorities ‘ as opposed to truly run intoing the standard for inclusion in a section. I besides believe that the exclusion of consumer merchandises and retail as a targeted section is an mistake given the service nature of the Australian economic system and estimated by IBIS to turn by 12 % over the following 5 old ages. In shutting, a concluding failing of our STP scheme that I will reflect on is that we struggle in being able to joint to the client what being a ‘priority ‘ agencies i.e. what they can anticipate and will see as a consequence of being portion of skyline 1 or 2. As a direction adviser I feel that all my clients receive the same high degree of service regardless of whether they have been segmented by senior direction as a precedence mark or a client we are entirely reactive to.


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