Brazilian slums and gangs


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This Brazilian film is a comprehensive illustration of assorted issues that become a portion of urban civilization in the development states. The major subject revolves around assorted issues for case: globalisation of the metropolis, lifting of offense rates and gang civilization, the jobs associated with public lodging and urban physical environments and so on. However, the undermentioned analysis is centered on merely two of these major issues foremost, the pack formation and offense civilization secondly ; the function of societal webs. This is done by researching the planning, design and environmental issues in the metropoliss of New York and Paris.

Movie Analysis

Through the usage of force, slayings and deceases, the film provides a deeper penetration into the planning issues that have occurred due to increasing drug civilization in the society. Crime is going a portion of slum countries in the urban metropoliss which are besides called as ghettos ( Vigil, 2002 ) . The film that these slums and ghettos are ask foring the civilization of offense which is peculiarly common among the immature 1s.

With respects to urban planning, New York and Paris are two wholly different civilizations in footings of denseness, people, population and the historical facets. Harmonizing to chapter 18 regarding clip and infinite, denseness and public infinite are of import factors to see while researching urban issues. Paris is older than New York and in some parts it has a great ratio of denseness. However, the entire country and urban population of New York is greater than Paris. In New York, out of 7690 square kilometres of urban country, about 6900 sq kilometer is located outside the nucleus which means that this metropolis had big fringe. On the other manus, the entire country of Paris is 2742 square kilometre and about 1900 is located outside the nucleus. This shows that both of these metropoliss have a turning proportion of slums or countries that are found in the peripheral part of the metropolis. This facet can be related straight to the urban planning issue pointed out by the film.

Furthermore, another point related to be aftering and development shown in the film is related to the being of societal webs. It refers to a set of societal constructions which is formed between different countries due to increased coaction between people and organisations of any country. The film has shown the development and integrating of societal webs of Brazil. The same construct can be applied to the two metropoliss selected for the intent of this paper i.e. New York and Paris. Both these metropoliss have developed near friendship in footings of the urban civilization, planning and the development of societal webs. This friendly relationship and close ties between the metropoliss are a positive factor because they tend to supply a strong sense of assurance to those who have non lived in a foreign land. For illustration: a individual migrates to the urban country of New York from Paris will non confront much trouble in settling over at that place because of some similarities in the urban planning environments and design of the metropoliss every bit good as because of the integrated societal webs formed between them.

The Brazilian film besides provides an apprehension into the interrelatednesss between people. Although it focusses on slum countries explicating how people interact with each other in these countries yet the same construct can be applied to New York and Paris chiefly because the urban scenes of these two metropoliss are designed in such a manner that people do non happen it complicated to go a portion of this new urban environment. This comparative interrelatednesss between the two metropoliss are besides related to the chapter 8 on metropoliss and civilisation.

These two metropoliss have a heavy urban vicinity and this facet besides relates straight to the Brazilian film because it shows how people live and interact in such vicinities and what impacts does it hold on the civilization, behaviour and attitudes of people. The geographic expedition of US history during the McCarthy epoch is a perfect illustration of this point which is besides called as atomic epoch as it was full of tensenesss due to the being of communism.

Apart from the analysis of urban differences between New York and Paris, assorted other factors that can be linked with the film are described below. Crime civilization and pack formation shown in Brazil can besides be applied to the slums and ghettos of the metropoliss that are being compared in this paper. However, these condemnable activities of packs do non spread out to wider countries so easy instead they remain restricted to those peculiar slum countries alternatively of spread outing to more advanced modern metropoliss in the planetary universe.

Furthermore, while watching the film, another of import facet that comes to mind is the civilization of “Acting Street” explained in chapter 13. This impression has been emphasized by assorted writers who believe that such sorts of masculine or manhood Acts of the Apostless performed by people in the streets of slums give rise to offense and drug civilization ( Heinonen, 2011 ) . This construct has besides been explained in the chapter “ghettos and barrios” . This Brazilian film is a clear indicant of this construct. It shows that slum male childs who are disadvantaged every bit good as segregated economically and socially be given to prosecute in such physical activities and opprobrious linguistic communication because they feel good by making so. It provides them with a sense of relaxation and authorization, at least within their ain countries ( Munck, 2005 ) .

Therefore, it can be said that the whole film is about a kind of societal crisis. It portrays societal divisions between people and explains how people struggle to get the better of those divisions. This is shown through serious struggles between the opposing packs in Brazil ( Filippi, 2009 ) . Apart from this, it besides highlights the planning and development issues in the urban countries, the design and characteristics of those countries every bit good as being of societal webs. The critical factor is the fact that this societal crisis is non merely found in Brazil instead it has become a portion of the planetary universe civilization. This is the ground why New York and Paris have been selected to exemplify this scenario. Therefore, the movie developed in a local scene is applicable universally.


Therefore, it can be concluded that by portraying the panic of Brazilian slums, the film has shown a existent image of of import societal issues that tend to destruct the societal cloth of our society. Drugs and offense are non found in merely one corner of the universe instead it is going more outstanding in all countries of the universe. The slum civilization needs to be transformed and awareness demands to be created among people in order to take societal divisions and to cut down the street offense and pack or drug civilization to a minimum degree. Furthermore, proper urban planning and design of environments every bit good as the constitution of societal webs can be a positive measure towards decrease of this offense civilization as shown by the comparing of New York and Paris.


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