-Brand You Case Study

Exercise 1 brand you I work hardneed a new employee needI know what I can and can’t dosearching for a cheap employee wantI am cheapsearching for me want Exercise 2 Apple A Their products look nicethey always work it’s a state of the art productand it’s very reliable Bthey made it personal in commercials by using things were we can identify ourselves in. They made sure that everything what they are telling is truth. they fulfilled the customer needs and creating a want for their products. hey have always a high aim for their products. Assignment: Magnum case study 1. Magnum ice is providing value to its customer by making new ice creams and by fulfilling the need to eat ice creams. Most times they satisfied their wants enough to make the customer loyal and to make them want to eat more magnums instead of other ice creams. Also magnum is always busy with making new ice creams so they are innovative on the ice cream market. 2. n general they fulfill the customer needs that much that the need to eat ice cream fast changes in the want to have a magnum. Also magnum got mostly loyal customers by doing market research make their product better. 3. the market of magnum is all ages but probably a little bit more on children because they are easily influence able. I think the market value of magnum is really big but I don’t think if they would disappear from the market I think somebody else will be in their place very fast like the duplicate of magnum mega. 4. he positioning of magnum ice is very high if you look to the other ice creams sold a big piece of the market is in the hands of magnum. Pleasure hunt my magnum At the start it was kind of fun to do so I think this is a really good way to advertise and especially for the youth because it’s a game so fun to play and it’s on Facebook. Also the interactive way to use other site’s and make them interactive is really cool to see. And you didn’t had the idea you were watching or reading an advertisement until the end were they came with their magnum temptation.

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