Brand Reconstruct of Cadbury

CADBURY ADS – BRAND RECONSTRUCT 1. Tagline – Kuch Khaas hai zindagi mein The advertisements with this tagline are: • The football advertisement with old men in it • The girl with mehendi on her hands • The cricket advertisement These advertisements show that Cadbury is eaten whenever there is something special happening in life. So if the person scores a century in cricket or the old men win the football match or when the girl is about to get married, she is shown to be celebrating that with a Cadbury. 2. Tagline – Kuch Meetha ho jaye

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The advertisement with this tagline involves Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. The positioning here is completely opposite to the one we discussed above. Here, it’s focusing on celebrating every small event/happiness in life with a Cadbury instead of waiting for just the big moments. 3. Tagline – Shubh Aarambh The advertisement with this tagline is that of the young boy and girl interaction at the bus stop. The advertisement plays on the old Indian value that before stepping out to doing any good and new task, Indians start their task by eating something sweet.

Here, Cadbury is positioned as a sweet beginning to any good activity that we are about to begin. 4. Tagline – Pehli Tareek The advertisement with this tagline plays on the importance of the first day of the month for every working Indian and his family. Here, Cadbury is positioned to be the special thing that people should definitely have when they are happy on receiving the salary just as they make other plans of going for movies, giving extra cash to kids etc. 5. Tagline – Pure Chocolate Pure Happiness

The advertisement with this tagline was focusing on the different varieties which Cadbury has to offer to its consumers. This positioning here is that every time your heart feels happy, its time to celebrate with a Cadbury. SUMMARY (BRAND RECONSTRUCT) Cadbury has slowly and gradually undergone a change in its positioning in the Indian Market as seen clearly from the ads. Initially, when it was newly introduced, it was positioned with the beats of “Kuch khaas hain zindagi mein”… that is it was positioned to denote that Cadbury makes life special and it is to be consumed whenever any big event occurs.

With the passage of time, as it gained acceptance with the consumer, it was positioned from being meant for ‘only special’ occasion to ‘every small happiness’. As Indians get their paychecks on 1st of every month which signals joy and extra happiness in life, Cadbury was positioned accordingly to celebrate that happiness. Later when many variants of Cadbury was introduced in the market, ad snippets showing different reason for celebration and happiness was used, symbolizing different variants to be consumed for different occasion/reasons of happiness.


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