Brand Audit On Hyflux Limited Marketing Essay

Hyflux is a planetary company that provides environmental solutions such as sea H2O desalinization, waste H2O purification and production of different types of H2O purifier.The company was established in the twelvemonth 1989 in Singapore and have established their market in several parts of Earth such as China, Singapore, India, south east Asia, MENA middle E and North Africa. It was one of the environmental solutions supplying company that was listed in Singapore stock exchange. It has 43 % of planetary market portion harmonizing to MF/UF- pretreatment in seawater desalinization.

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The ground that our group chooses Hyflux for trade name audit because the company has good established market in Singapore with its central office it will supply ample range to analyze the different facets of stigmatization of Hyflux through their communicating schemes. A trade name audit was conducted on Hyflux for a thorough scrutiny of trade name current place in an industry compared to its rivals and the scrutiny of its effectivity.

1 ) Analysis on the trade name Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats

2 ) Designation of trade name growing chances

3 ) Achievement through trade name repositioning and trade name extension

4 ) Recommendation and analysis on betterment of trade name equity, trade name placement, trade name direction.

Company Overview:

Hyflux ltd was established as hydro hem ( s ) pte by Olivia Lin, with past work experience where she came across the effluent intervention from their production procedure, with isseus like safety of H2O we consume, H2O scarceness and H2O pollution being about, was inspired to work out the universe ‘s jobs sing H2O, ensuing in Hyflux and its trade names. Get downing on a really little graduated table with merely 3 staffs and $ 20,000 working capital as a little H2O intervention company, Hyflux is now one of the universe ‘s fastest-growing technology-driven H2O solutions companies with cardinal markets which include Southeast Asia, China, India and the Middle East and North Africa part every bit good as Singapore and southeast Asia. With 2000 staffs worldwide, with turning net incomes and gross revenues over the last 8 old ages, being the first H2O intervention specializer trade name to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2001, a proved path record and ability to pull on comprehensive capablenesss across full value concatenation, the company and its trade names provide the most effectual and efficient environmental solutions to run into your demands. as trading company that sold H2O intervention system in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China. In January 2001 Hyflux became the first H2O intervention company to be listed on Singapore stock exchange. Today Hyflux is one of the taking sea H2O desalinization suppliers with operations and undertakings around the Earth. Hyflux is developing the universe largest saltwater contrary osmosis desalinization works in Algeria. Its membrane and material research Centre in Singapore is the largest research Centre in Asia outside Japan. Hyflux had won several awards that besides made the trade name image to increase. In 2006 it was awarded as best H2O company of the twelvemonth by planetary H2O intelligence that is in U.K. In 2010 Hyflux was awarded as the desalinization company of the twelvemonth. Frost and Sullivan accorded Hyflux as Asia Pacific H2O company of the twelvemonth for ( 2010 & A ; 2011 ) .

Brand Awareness, Recognition & A ; Recall

Initially from supplying H2O intervention through purchase of traditional membrane engineering from other companies, today Hyflux have moved to planing, fabricating and selling its ain membranes through intensive R & A ; D and is considered a taking regional participant in the H2O intervention industry and ranked by Forbes Global Magazine as the World ‘s 200 Best Small Company in 2002 and is recognized as one of the universe ‘s largest desalinization providers.

The H2O intervention workss consist of assorted sizes and maps, Kristal membranes being the leading path record in membrane based seawater desalinization workss. The fabrication installations and fiction workshops stand-alone membrane faculties and systems to the clients worldwide.

On carry oning the trade name stock list of Hyflux, the merchandises and the associated trade name elements, which are incorporated with proprietary and accredited engineerings, membranes were found:

Consumer Merchandises: The advanced ”air to H2O ” machine change overing wet to pure H2O, modern-day H2O filtration contraptions, besides portable out-of-door devices for escapade, exigency and military usage. With the full technology value concatenation procedure, Hyflux trade names are the spouse of pick for communities seeking incorporate solutions for their H2O resource direction demands.

Hyflux ‘s membranes and systems have been installed in more than 1,000 workss across 400 locations worldwide with its usage being to give significant benefits over conventional methods of filtration, with lower environmental impact in footings of footmark and chemical usage being the chief advantage


Hyflux is a company that provides solution for H2O their ticket H2O for new coevals. The major merchandises of Hyflux are,

1 ) Sea H2O desalinization

2 ) Waste H2O intervention

3 ) Water purifier production for families

4 ) Purifier that converts air to H2O

Hyflux have the figure of trade name portfolio under the trade name of Hyflux,

Hyflux membranes,

Hyflux consumer,

Hyflux H2O purifiers,

Hyflux systems.

Hyflux manages the relationship between all sub trade names and co trade names in a strategic manner to assistance in the development, care and sweetening of trade name edifice. They used it to develop directivity for the organisation and its trade name and explicate the trade name to the mark market and to company employees and advance all of its trade name in a interactive mode.

Brand placement:

Hyflux have a strategic attack to set up a competitory advantage over its rival entity within its competitory industry. Hyflux has achieved a competitory advantage that strengthens and places its concern within its environment.

The strategic generic scheme they used is a wide distinction scheme. The wide distinction scheme of Hyflux that makes a differentiated its merchandises and services to their clients in the industry to place themselves better than their challengers.

Hyflux has differentiated its merchandises and services from the get downing little H2O intervention company to now they one of the fastest engineering driven company by offering a assorted services like sea H2O desalinization, H2O recycling, waste H2O intervention and membrane bio reactor engineering and portable H2O intervention.

And besides Hyflux have renewable resources filtration concern like recycling and filtration of oils by their advanced membrane engineering in these applications.

Brand scheme:

The Hyflux scheme is focused to make better value to the stockholders by turning its concern to accomplish sustainable growing in net incomes. And puting in research and development to introduce and develop new engineering. Membrane engineering is the nucleus strength of the company.

Hyflux optimising its trust, support and capital construction through the three prong funding attack to construct a strong financials.

The nucleus concern scheme is differentiation leading for the merchandises and services.

Brand extension:

Hyflux have been extended its trade name name by presenting assorted new merchandises and services in their ain field of H2O intervention and membrane fabrication.

Hyflux have used expertness trade name extension, as they are already adept in the H2O intervention and membrane concern they have extended their concern into their expertness like H2O desalinization, H2O recycling and portable H2O intervention.

And Hyflux other perpendicular trade name extensions like renewable resources processing in the signifier recycling the oils and filtrating the oils, From the same perpendicular engineering used by them in the H2O recycling through membranes manufactured by them.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis enables the sellers of Hyflux to find the strength, failing, chances and menaces to the trade name.


Unpredictable alteration in currency market could roll up losingss for the company.

Intense competition:

Though Hyflux had established solid market in Singapore due to the contracts of the authorities but they face great hazard in other parts of the Earth particularly with the influx foreign companies in China.

Customer position:

Harmonizing to Aaker theoretical account trade name direction starts with developing trade name individuality, which is further divided into nucleus and drawn-out individuality elements.


Hyflux is the company that provides solution for pure H2O in Singapore and they take portion in authorities activity for change overing pure H2O from sea and sewerage, so this it creates an image within the clients that its merchandise that provides solution for H2O would be standard. It acts as an intangible plus to the trade name.

Brand equity:

The difference dimensions of trade name equity are as follows ;

Brand Awareness: ( Salience )

Hyflux has high trade name consciousness among the clients in Singapore. They recognition and callback of Hyflux is easy observed. Blue colour of Hyflux is easy recognized by Singapore clients. Hyflux had achieved this trade name consciousness through their advertizement their promotional Acts of the Apostless and with their public dealingss by carry oning and patronizing several events.

Brand Performance:

Harmonizing to the analysis on Hyflux trade name public presentation, complecting Keller and lehman theory.

The monetary value of Hyflux merchandises is elastic.

Their merchandises are besides available in premium costs.

Their net income supports on increasing twelvemonth by twelvemonth.

They have succeeded in trade name extension.

From the above factors it is clear that the trade name public presentation of Hyflux is truly really high.

Customer Feeling:

Customers are truly satisfied with the merchandises and services that Hyflux offers but they were non cognizant of the other different service of the merchandise that Hyflux offers. As they have authorities contracts for trade name bring forthing and providing pure H2O they have societal blessing.


Customers judge Hyflux for the company that provides solution for H2O purification. They consider Hyflux merchandises as merchandises with standard quality.


Singapore is a state that was dependent for H2O from other state. But after Hyflux invasion into Singapore market, the job for H2O has been wholly solved because they provide purified H2O through sea H2O desalinization and recycling of sewerage H2O. It has become outstanding.


Hyflux is good connected with clients both officially and casually through selling that has great impact and creates trueness of the clients towards their trade name. Their ticket “ pure H2O for everyone ” is one of the most impressive ticket that implicates the map and the quality they provide to the clients.

Brand placement:

Hyflux ensures that its trade name activity has a common purpose such as supplying environmental solutions, and it focused with the benefit of the client.

Brand placement of Hyflux is ensured by the undermentioned factors:

It has alone character that made them to acquire the contract with the authorities of Singapore to supply purified H2O to Singapore.

It has several other trade name extended merchandises instead than purification of H2O such as recycling used oil to pure oil with less chemicals and invention of purenesss that converts air to H2O which forms a niche market in Singapore.

It is appropriate to all major geographic locations and markets as pure H2O and recycling is really indispensable in Singapore.

Hyflux inverts immense sum of research and development ( R & A ; D ) for bring forthing advanced and new merchandises, and develops its operation and care.

Hyflux merchandises are sustainable as their merchandises are of great quality and they keep on upgrading or develop new merchandises that signify a particular added value in footings of environmental and societal benefit for the client which in bend enables them to distinguish from rivals.

Hyflux is the lone H2O solution was tabled in Singapore stock exchange for their gross.

Touch Points:

Merchandise and pricing:

Hyflux merchandises are manufactured and customised by its ain, instead non giving bomber contracts to fabricate its merchandises. To keep the quality of the merchandises and to command the natural stuffs. And the merchandises are manufactured under the criterions and enfranchisement from assorted organisations for better confidence. And to keep the hygiene as its concerned largely with the H2O.

In the event of in house fabrication of membranes and its merchandises leads to monetary value the merchandises and services in really competitively lower than the rivals


Hyflux logo conveys the intended significance and is identifies the trade name with the topic of public involvement. The logo significance to the reader on placing the stigmatization message in the manner where the words entirely could non convey.

There are several ways in which the clients come in contact with the merchandises of Hyflux.

The most of import interaction channels for Hyflux are through advertisement and publicity web site, societal media, gross revenues squad, electronic mail, trade shows and in shop.

They have good established a proper communicating channels to cognize the benefits of trade name and do people that different types of merchandises are produced and sold by Hyflux trade name.

“ Water for new coevals ” is the ticket that is used by Hyflux trade name and they keep up with those words with consistent development of new merchandises that delivers the given message.

Hyflux had created positive experience at each point of interaction with the mark audience.

Hyflux had besides development schemes like giving clients with merchandises of great quality and schemes to keep all their touch point.



Kristal Polymer Hollow Fibre Membrane: Bing an award winning membrane with one of the seven ultrafiltration membrane merchandise in the universe to have the NSF grade of blessing making, has applications in the intervention of aqua-based industrial waste watercourses, H2O purification, seawater finish pre-treatment and effluent recycling.

InoCep Ceramic Hollow Fibre Membrane: Award winning one once more, Ideal for H2O and waste intervention, work outing separation constrictions in industries such as chemical processing, nutrient and drink and bio pharmacueticals which is designed to defy high temperatures and force per unit areas, utmost pH conditions and high solids content.

Hyflux ‘s FerroCep: Can defy elevated temperatures and force per unit areas, concentrated dissolvers and utmost pH conditions which is ideal for managing hard industrial watercourses.

Hyflux Advanced Membrane System: used to retrieve basal oil from used oil. Diring the recycling of used oil into highgrade commercial base oil, it well reduces energy ingestion.

Brand portfolio:

Hyflux provides the all services of consumers from H2O to renewable. Like membrane fabrication, procedure technology, H2O purifiers for families and to the industries, recycling of oils etc…

Brand touch points:

Target market:

The mark market of Hyflux is classified harmonizing to its concern divisions,


As Hyflux is in the concern of H2O desalinization and assorted H2O recycling workss in Singapore and assorted states like China, UAE, Algeria, India etc. The major mark clients are authorities in these concerns.


Hyflux targets the industries for its wastewater processing, H2O recycling, oil filtration and recycling utilizing the membranes manufactured by the Hyflux. And besides makes the imbibing H2O purification systems for industries.


Hyflux is in the concern of fabricating the H2O sublimating systems for the family usages to sublimating imbibing H2O. Chiefly in Singapore and Malaysia.


In Singapore Hyflux operates in two sections:

Psychographic cleavage:

Hyflux had segmented their trade name based on the life manner of the persons based on the life manner of the persons. All the merchandises that are produced by Hyflux produce environmental solutions.

In add-on Hyflux operates in two sections, Municipal and Industrial.

Based on demands:

Hyflux had segmented productions and distributions based on the client demands.

Municipal section:

Hyflux supplies scope of H2O and fluid intervention solutions to municipalities and authorities including commissioning operation and care of a scope of H2O intervention and liquid separation works.

Industrial cleavage:

It is used in liquid cleavage application for the fabrication sectors such as pharmaceutics related industry, bio-technology, nutrient processing, petrochemical and oil related industries.


Global presence:

Hyflux has a broad spread planetary presence on the field of planetary environment solutions which by itself will make a strong trade name image.

A Disciplined pioneer:

Hyflux is a disciplined pioneer. The company efficaciously manages its invention clip in bring forthing consistence with latest engineering for the production and H2O purification. Engagement in operation and care provides Hyflux an inducement to minimise life rhythm cost.

Increase in gross and net income:

Hyflux recorded gross of S $ 482 million ended December FY2011. Which was a lessening of 12 % as compared to old financial twelvemonth 2010? This was experienced due to market displacement in gross part from Middle East and North African market due to tail-end of building work on two mega desalinization undertakings in Algeria. This increased the trade name image of the organisation and paved a manner to busy 43 % of planetary desalinization systems.

Clustering of Company Units:

As the demand for pure H2O and recycling procedure supports on increasing, the company had looked to spread out its concern including those countries where it has an established presence. Hyflux has targeted constellating its unit so as to rule peculiar countries for environment solutions. A continued scheme of Hyflux for unit bunch and concentrate on a peculiar field made them to widen globally and capture an increasing portion of environment solutions.


Reliance on Asiatic Market:

presently Hyflux headquartered in Singapore about 70 % of its gross from Asiatic market. Even though the company is internationalized the company should be looking to get down their organisation globally and bring forth greater proportion of grosss from outside Asia. There is state of affairs that the degree of rivals might increase.


Addition in demand for pure H2O:

As there is demand for pure H2O globally and due to increase in population coupled with industrialisation and Urbanization. There is chance for Hyflux to widen their trade name image all over the Earth. Though their merchandises are good familiar in Asiatic market their undertakings and business of 43 % of planetary market in sea H2O desalinization acts as an added advantage.

New Merchandises:

Hyflux had expanded its procedure from production membrane filtration to house hold H2O purifier. They besides have started bring forthing membrane filters that helps to change over air to H2O for which the demand increases globally. They besides have started bring forthing filters that will assist to change over used oil to pure oil without any big chemicals.

MARKET Expansion:

Hyflux started widening from Singapore to several parts of Asia and MENA. Currently Hyflux is holding tie up with MITSUI in China to prosecute in China ‘s glowing H2O intervention and substructure concern.

1 ) Building of souk tleta desalinization works in Middle East and North Africa.

2 ) Salalah IWPP in owman which are at concluding of EPC

one of the universe ‘s largest membrane based sea H2O desalinization.

3 ) MAGATAA desalinization works Algeria. This is supported by the local authorities and allowed them to be financially supported by Bankss in Algeria.


The followers is the consequence of the research that we undertook.

Hyflux is a trade name that has flagship in Singapore for environmental solutions in different

They were good cognizant what map does Hyflux does.

Majority of individuals suggest that Hyflux merchandises are cost effectual and of best quality.

Most of them are satisfied with merchandises of Hyflux.

Peoples are really probably recommended the Hyflux merchandises to others.


From the study it is clear that people are cognizant of Hyflux merely for their H2O purification procedure but they are non cognizant of other services that the company offers,

Hyflux had occupied the major H2O purification undertakings in Singapore through membrane filters, but other merchandises of Hyflux such as family H2O purifier, membrane filtration of oil is non being familiar with the clients.

Rivals for Hyflux maintain on increasing for their bomber merchandises so the company has to develop schemes to get the better of their rivals by pricing scheme. Brand consciousness for little graduated table Hyflux merchandises is really less. The selling for little graduated table house hold H2O purifier and other type of purifier of Hyflux is non really effectual, so the company has to come up with strong selling program by implementing streamers on several topographic points such as MRT, HUBs etc. such that people can cognize that Hyflux besides merchandises those type of merchandises.

The Hyflux must supply free H2O purifier to schools and college to make trade name trueness and consciousness.

They must carry on several seminars in college on environmental solutions that Hyflux provides.


The market for recycling and H2O purification is immense in Singapore as the demand for H2O supports on increasing. Hyflux understood that the client penchant and demand is the key to growing in H2O industry. Fiscal distribution of merchandises utilizing proper supply concatenation is necessary to construct trade name trueness that Hyflux wholly implements in their organisation. As Hyflux is maintained all these histories it is the market leader in Singapore that provides solutions for environment


Which state are you from

a. Singapore

B. China

c. India

d. South East Asia

e. Europe

Make you utilize purified H2O

a. yes

b. no

3. Have you heard about any of the undermentioned H2O sublimating companies.

a. Hyflux

b. Kurita

c. Aquaguard

d. Kent to

e. Pureit

4. What comes when you hear the trade name Hyflux.

5. What are the merchandises and services have you heard on Hyflux

a. Air to H2O machine

B. Sea H2O desalinization

c. Waste H2O intervention

d. House hold H2O purifier

6. What is the chief factor that you prefer as benefit for hyflux

a. monetary value

b. quality

c. measure

d. advertizement

a. merely a & A ; B

b. merely a & A ; degree Celsiuss

c. merely b & A ; degree Celsiuss

d. all the above

7. Are you satisfied with our merchandises.

a. satisfied

b. extremely satisfied

c. dissatisfied

d. extremely dissatisfied

8. Make you acknowledge the Hyflux logo when you see it

Coloring material

9.A What hunt footings would you utilize in a hunt engine to happen a group like ours, or the type of activities that our group performs.

10.A If our new merchandise were available today, how probably would you be to urge it to others?

a. Highly likely

B. Very likely

c. Moderately likely

d. Slightly probably

e. Not at all likely


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