Book Store With A Cafe Included Marketing Essay

We have chosen a book shop with a coffeehouse included. We have chosen this as java stores and bookshops are popular in the metropolis. We have besides chosen Auckland City ‘s, Queen Street ( chief business district ) as our premier location. Since there are many environing concerns and universities, this seemed like the best location. Our mark market for our product/ service will be runing from the ages of 20 and over. We have these groups as our mark audiences because 20 to 25 twelvemonth olds are most likely to be university pupils. 25- 50 twelvemonth olds is the working group that we have besides targeted, this age group is most likely to gout for java while on interruptions. Our older mark market consists of ages 55 and onwards. This age group was chosen because many people have either left the work force or retired. Retired citizens receive the gold plus card which gives them the privilege to go free on public conveyance after 9 am. Many people in this age group tend to garner friends and travel out.

Market Analysis


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SUPPLIERAs we will be running a combined product/ service company, our distribution channels for both would be different. For the bookshop our distribution channel would be:



This would be the most appropriate distribution channel as books will be bought straight from the provider, which than will be sold on to the retail merchant ( Village Poets Cafe ) and so passed onto the consumers. A certain per centum of grade up will be added before sold on to the consumer.

Our java house distribution will be different as this will necessitate more than three channels. Merchandises for the java house can either be bought straight from the manufacturer or from the jobber who buys form the manufacturer. Coffee houses will by and large utilize both. So our distribution channel will dwell of three channels.









Demographic- our demographic scopes from age 20 to 55 asset. Our demographic market is so broad because of the combination of the bookshop and java shop. The 20 – 25 age groups are chiefly focused for the book shop. This is because of the environing third establishment. As this is a book shop and a java shop, pupils that visit java stores normally like to sit and hold a read. With both shops combined, pupils coming to purchase can besides be encouraged to purchase a book or letter paper. This manner income will be generated from both the shops. Other age group of this administration is chiefly focused on the java house. This is the best topographic point as people can merely read and loosen up.

Technology- engineerings have immense impacts in concerns. As many new engineerings have been developed, many occupations that needed human labors were replaced by machines. It is the sasme for books, as many application have been developed that makes it possible for readers to download and read books e.g. eReader and Kindle. This means that less people are purchasing fewer books. This besides means that book shops are non bring forthing as much income as they did. This is an abstacle for our book shop as we will hold to believe of ways to pull clients to come into our shop. Technology can be our biggest factor.

Politics- the lone political factor that will impact the java shop are the wellness and safety and nutrient safety step. We will hold to be able to acquire nutrient safety certifications in order to run the java house efficaciously. We will besides necessitate to hold effectual plague control measures in topographic point. If we fail to follow, the local council can punish and this will impact the concerns repute in the community.

Natural Forces- for the java store, the java beans would be imported from elsewhere. If non from another state than it would decidedly be bought from a jobber who may import beans from another state. E.g. Ethiopian Sidamo Fair Trade Coffee beans from If there was a inundation or drouth in Ethiopia, than this may intend that the beans will be unavailable for some clip and we may necessitate to happen options. Other natural forces that can impact the concern are temblors. As these are going common in New Zealand, we have to guarantee that the premises are insured. Earthquakes could do a batch of harm and may ensue in the premises being shut down for some clip. Income will be lost for that clip being.


Our chief merchandise of the shop will be java and books. But as we are comprehending java as our chief beginning of income, we will hold to make tonss of runing. We will lots of rivals at the location we are based on. Since we are located on Queenss street, our chief rivals for java will be Starbucks/ McDonald McCafe, and for books will be Whitcoulls. We will compare monetary values for java. Monetary values of books will besides be compared with the likes of Whitcoulls.




Internet – ( Books )


Lee Child narrative hoot. k- A Jack Reacher Novel for 18.48 and Where We Belong for 16.78

Amazon offers an easy tract for book lovers to purchase books online. These are easy dispatched. Village Poets Cafe will hold to hold publicities that would desire to do the clients come to the store and acquire the books.

Local Market- e.g. Whitcoulls

Whitcoulls are truly successful in New Zealand. They normally have inexpensive offers on books e.g. container sale.

To keep steady gross revenues we will hold to run on books with complimentary java possibly or purchase 2 books and acquire a java free.

Local Market – Starbucks and McDonalds ( McCafe )

Starbucks will be our chief rival. McCafe will besides be competitory as they are more convenient for people and normally offer publicities such as Free Muffins.

Established brands that return over will be a great manner to prove quality of java.


Customer Percepts

No formal measuring of client perceptual experiences has been undertaken as yet. We are intending to mensurate the perceptual experiences through the advertisements. However, it is expected that client response may be positive because of the convenience.

Market Share

Market portion is non yet considered at this phase.

Other Considerations

Observation and feedback will be used as tools to mensurate the market against the rivals. For e.g. pes traffic and gross revenues can be measured against rivals. Feedback from clients and finding the right monetary value for the products/ services can be used to put up pages on societal webs e.g. Facebook and besides News paper advertizements.


In the current stage of the concern, we are desiring to breakeven in the first few months. The net income borders will be really narrow. There will be tonss of over caputs to see e.g. equipment purchase, employees, preparation, packaging, utensils, resources, rent, and electricity.

Merchandise 1

Large Coffee

Merchandise 2


Merchandise 3


Retail Monetary value





Coffee Beans


Paper cups


Cargo Inwards











Entire Expenses per merchandise




Gross Net income per merchandise




Entire gross net income raw is 17.45. A jutting sale for one hebdomad is $ 2000.

180 cups of java ten 4.60 = $ 828

400 pieces of pastries x 3.00= $ 1200

100 books ten 29.99 = $ 29999 which peers to $ 5027.

Merchandise 1

Merchandise 2

Merchandise 3

Gross Net income




Market Gross saless




Entire Gross saless

$ 405

$ 720

$ 1340

Personal computer 1.2

a. ) Cultural Factors

-People ‘s positions of nature/technology – as engineering is spread outing it is coming up with thoughts that makes things available on fingertips e.g. Kindle book reader. This in many ways lessens the environmental factors.

– People ‘s positions of the organisation- we will hold to show that we as an administration are trust worthy. We will hold to follow and inquire for sentiments and suggestions to accurately supervise and mensurate sustainability and client perceptual experiences.

B. ) Ethical Factors

– We will be utilizing Fair Trade java beans every bit good as java cups that are reclaimable. We may besides promote clients to purchase java cups that are reclaimable. Reclaimable java cups can be made available in shop if we market it the right manner and do its benefits bold. Recycling marks need to be emphasized on the cups. Not recycling efficaciously can go an issue overtime, there forward best patterns will be put in topographic point from the start.

Personal computer 1.1 SWOT ANALYSIS

Strengths ( Internal )

Access to engineering and squads holding to necessary cognition

Knowledge of local market and geographics

Ability to plan the shop ourselves

Weakness ( Internal )

Very less cognition about the finance of the concern

Have to trust on pes traffic at the this phase

Having to utilize merely New Zealand providers

Opportunities ( External )

Tonss of new ways to market our merchandises and services e.g. Facebook pages

Making of more contacts with the providers locally


Tonss of rivals ( McDonalds, Starbucks, Whitcoulls )


New rivals


Suppliers non holding adequate stock or running out of stock

Part Two: Selling Aim

To acquire effectual selling run for Village Poets Cafe.

Some selling aims that we have decided on are radio advertizements, circulars and facebook page. These marketing runs have been chosen specifically because they are the most common ways of doing direct contact with possible clients.

Our steps of success will be taken when the shop has opened. We will carry on a small study or merely inquire clients how they heard about the shop.

To do the aim come-at-able, we will hold in topographic point a set budget fro disbursement on runs and utilize resources or chances that may hold been antecedently looked upon. With the mark market in topographic point we will work towards on how much the selling will be.

The end is to make an effectual selling run before the shop opens to acquire client traffic whether it be foot traffic or by other agencies. To happen out whether the chief aim had been achieved or non, will merely be known when shop has commenced concern.

Whether if the selling run has been achieved or non will be known when the shop opens but a clip frame that we have given for marketing the shop is at least 3 hebdomads.


Personal computer 1.3

Activities, Responsibilities, Timeliness and Resources






To make attractive circulars with publicities that would be oculus catching and possibly a glance of the shop. Flyer to be colorful and should be catchy

Zabeen/ Shaista

To be produced before the shop clears and be distributed prior to opening ( one hebdomad )

Laptop, Google, Promotional stuffs, Paper, Ink.

Radio gross revenues

To set up wireless Stationss that would be relevant to our audiences. Responsible for running adverts and scripting them. Necessitate to screen out the suited times e.g. forenoons


Two hebdomads before opening and two hebdomads after opening

Market/ geographic research

Target audiences

Materials e.g. information for advertisement


To set up a “ Village Poets Cafe ” page on facebook. Besides in charge for ongoing care of the page and updating with exposures and stations.


Page to be established and up and running by the gap of the store.


Laptop and digital camera.

Communication Plan

As a medium based administration, we have a communicating program that shapes our administration. The communicating program is for our internal and external stockholders. Our values determine our communicating program. Our values are:

Honesty – our motivations should be honest. Our clients and staff will be treated with candidly and work must be done with honestness.

Respect – be respectful towards clients and staff. By making things with regard, concern moralss will go stronger.

Stakeholder Materiality

To prosecute with the stakeholders, we as an administration demand to understand what resources are of import for them. For most stakeholders, money is the biggest factor and trust on that as it is their support every bit good as ours. Some of our stakeholders are:

Customers- clients should have value for their money. In return we provide them with java that is rich and offers value for money. E.g. big cappuccinos for $ 3.60. We would besides emphasize on clients conveying in their ain cups as a program for advancing good environmental patterns.

Suppliers- demand to be paid on clip. This helps to make a relationship that can be common subsequently on. Using with the legislative regulations and constituents and paying rent on clip. Use the substructure and the installations available on site on a regular basis.

Community- devising certain that we besides promote on environmental factors and recycle and throw off refuse suitably and maintain the concern clean and tidy at all times.


Some hazards that Village Poet Cafe may confront are hapless conditions, struggle with providers, staff deficits.






Poor conditions




Business possibly really decelerate on some showery yearss, on rare instances. Can hold showery twenty-four hours publicities e.g. purchase a book and acquire a cup of java free.

Conflict with providers ( Books and other wise )




Can be riotous if measures are non paid on clip. Ensure to pay measures on clip and construct trust over clip.

Staff deficits




Have adequate staff to cover all displacements. Besides employ pupils on portion clip / insouciant footing who are trusty.


Since we are utilizing circulars, wireless and facebook as our intended ways of advertisement, the best manner to maintain informations acquisitions is to enter day-to-day gross revenues. Besides get the clients to give feedback on a signifier which could province them to state us where they heard about Village Poets Cafe. Ailments and regards can besides be used to enter feedback.

Market Placement

Village Poets Cafe is a cafe with a bookshop which is non common in the New Zealand market. Village Poets Cafe wants to supply the best service to its clients in footings of supplying the best java and a topographic point for the clients to loosen up and wind off.

Rivals such as starbucks, McDonalds, Whitcoulls are good known trade names around the Earth, but they do n’t supply the benefits of purchasing a book and fetching clip out to purchase java as good and loosen up at the same clip.

Village Poets Cafe are to do certain and emphasise on this benefit of the shop. We are to besides underscore on the Fair Trade Coffee beans that are to be used and reclaimable java cups.

Market MIX

At Village Poets Cafe we will concentrate on the 4P ‘s

Product- our focal point is on java and books under one roof. Our focal point is on why clients should come to us. It provides them with the benefit of being able to purchase a book or magazine and loosen uping afterwards with java. The advantage for our clients will be that they will besides be able to sit and read at that place. Peoples will come in for either on of the merchandises. It is likely that at least java possibly purchased.

Pricing- our monetary value for a standard java is 4.60 which allows us to do a net income of $ 2.25. this monetary value us sensible when compared with our rivals. Monetary values off books will differ and possibly the same monetary values in some instances. Using strategies such as trueness cards can be ready to hand as it can be another manner of advancing our shop.

Promotion- our products/ services are marketed utilizing circulars, wireless and facebook pages. Since we are a new concern get downing up, we will be working on pulling clients locally foremost. We will besides be running publicities on purchasing 5 cups of java and acquire the 6th free. Besides be running loyalty card strategies where a client can acquire 10 % after their 3rd purchase on the books. Market bonds can be made stronger when truly interacting with clients and presenting with what they want.

Place- as we are located on Queen Street, we wo n’t be concentrating on making out to new markets. We will be concentrating on acquiring established in the current market. By 2013, we may look at spread outing out of Queen Street.


Quality java will be an built-in portion for Village Poets cafe. We are guaranting that our java will be of Fair Trade and of top quality. We want to give clients, value for their money. Quality controls will be our focal point and regular client feedbacks will assist us maintain on path.


Evaluation procedures and standards are embedded in the aims.

Measure 7 ( PC3.2 )

Other selling activity and possible synergisms

Internal synergisms

With Village Poets Cafe, inter synergisms are really limited.

External synergisms

We would necessitate to prosecute with spouses e.g. Fair Trade traders to make a more environmental environment.


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