Blurred lines

October 3, 2013
“Blurred Lines” Analysis
“Blurred Lines,” a song written and performed by recording artist Robin Thicke, is creating a bit of controversy both here in the United States and abroad. The song, a 2013 release, has reached the number one spot on the Billboard charts. United States recording artist T.I. and Pharrell provide back-up vocals. Many people believe that the true interpretation of lyrics of this song promote rape. This song really became controversial after the MTV Video Music Awards show. After Thicke, along with female recording artist, Miley Cyrus performed it on live television. Many universities and colleges began looking more closely at the song. In the United Kingdom, where “Blurred Lines” just set the 2013 record for sales, the song has been banned from university and college campuses.
“Blurred Lines” lyrics are about a girl who is portrayed in the song as a “good girl” that turns “bad”. In the “Blurred Lines” music video, it is has several sexual content. Even though the song has a great beat, the lyrics are what make it sound sexist. The same lyric, “I know you want it,” is repeated several times. It refers to having sex with the girl no matter what. The music video shows three girls wearing flesh tone thongs, dancing around Thicke as he sings the song. Thicke and the other men in the video are fully clothed. The women are dancing provocatively and are having a good time. However, that should not be an indication of whether they want to have sex or not.
The woman in the song is just a piece of meat and the men just want to take advantage of them. Thicke states that it was fun to degrade women because he has always respected them. When you teach, even in a song, to disrespect women, others are going to think that it is okay to do the same. This song is like a giving a person the right to commit rape. This is not even giving the woman any rights to what they want to say about having sex.
In my opinion, “Blurred…

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