Blind Side Analysis Essay Sample

On the surface. the cinematic play. The Blind Side ( Hancock. 2009 ) . tells the narrative of Michael Oher’s ascent from meager need to professional football celebrity. The way he followed along his upward journey was long and backbreaking. Ultimately. his brush and eventual life with the Touhy household. allowed stableness. support. and encouragement into his upbringing. The Touhy’s enabled him to develop his ain internal aspiration and visualise his ain successful hereafter. The disparity between Michael’s societal and cultural background and that of the Touhy household he became a member of. provided an challenging background to analyze temper. personality. and behavioural subjects in the context of the film. In order to to the full understand and objectively interpret Michael Oher’s character throughout the movie. one must foremost get down by understanding the cause-and-effect relationship that composes Michael’s overall temperament. Upon the background of societal and cultural jobs. and through hard experiences during his childhood and formative old ages. a shadiness of negative environmental conditions was evident early on in Michael’s life.

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The cheerless environmental conditions environing Michael from an early age had a immense influence on his overall temper and invariably dominated much of his melancholy emotional province. As Michael continued to digest his childhood. the intensifying consequence of his milieus and disheartenment was further engrained in his regular idea procedure and general personality traits. At the point in Michael’s life where The Blind Side begins. Michael’s personality. and the adversity that crafted his core-identity. hold contributed mostly to his overall mentality. attitude. and behaviour. By understanding the consecutive cause and consequence of brushs over the class of Michael Oher’s life. it is possible to supply deeper analysis of him as an person. every bit good as the development of his relationship with the Touhy household. Leigh Anne Touhy and her household foremost discovered Michael Oher as he crossed the street in forepart of their auto on a cold rainy dark. At that minute. the predating lives and experiences of Michael and the Touhy household could non hold been in greater contrast.

From an early age. negative influences and instability were present in Michael’s environment. In a unsmooth Memphis. Tennessee vicinity. Michael’s life began in poorness. surrounded by bedraggled edifices and offense. Similar to his blue vicinity. Michael’s state of affairs at place besides caused him great hurt. Michael’s male parent was absent. and finally died from an evident self-destruction. In add-on. his exposure to his mother’s drug dependence was ineluctable. When governments forcibly removed him from this decayed domestic environment. he became separated from his brother and was left merely to scuffle through legion surrogate places. finally set downing on a friend’s sofa. Environmental influences on Michael Oher’s overall hopeless temper and emotional affect are undeniable. The ageless negativeness in his life contributed further to his emotional province and augmented his feelings of isolation. self-dependence. and insecurity.

Michael’s early isolation from his original household fostered his sense of self-dependence. which was imperative for day-to-day endurance. For illustration. Michael was resourceful plenty to happen impermanent shelter at his friend Steven’s house and even found a manner to wash the apparels on his dorsum without disbursement any money. He relied merely upon himself to supply basic elements of endurance. and was typically forced to do without. Michael’s environment besides led to heightened insecurities in about all facets of his life. His feelings of insufficiency and stray life style clearly surfaced when he began school at the Wingate Christian School. At his new school. he rapidly learned. non merely was he uncomfortable because of obvious societal and cultural disparities on the surface. but his lacking academic abilities besides separated him even further from his new milieus.

When Leigh Anne Touhy decided to take Michael Oher in on a cold. showery dark. she did non to the full comprehend the emotional disparity between Michael’s yesteryear and that of her household. As the Touhy’s warmed up to their new house guest. and Michael became somewhat more acclimated to his new environment. the Touhy’s began to recognize the niceties of Michael’s personality had deep emotional roots. and were mostly affected by his tough childhood. Leigh Anne did non instantly prise into Michael’s yesteryear. In her direct. yet caring. attack. Leigh Anne attempted to assist Michael experience comfy within the household construction. Initially. Michael was discerning about the positive emotional status of the Touhy household. He did non cognize how to react to the family’s warm and welcoming attack.

Until this point. many elements of Michael’s personality were formed by his ain experiences. The heat of the Touhy house was a blunt contrast from his history in a cold and ignored environment. It is this apposition that allows the newfound positiveness of Michael’s temper to act upon his personality and assist him to accommodate to his new environment. Leigh Anne’s dedication to Michael’s athletic and academic successes at school was proof to Michael that there was facets of his yesteryear that did non use in his present scenario. Most of import was the difference between Leigh Anne’s maternal attack and that of Michael’s biological female parent. Thus. Michael learned he did non hold to be as restrained and reserved with the Touhy household. as he was when they foremost met. As Michael experienced their echt kind-heartedness. he felt a greater sense of trueness and belonging. With the support and love of his new household. Michael’s hopeless temper and insecurities were bit by bit replaced with a newfound pride and assurance. both on and off the football field.

Michael’s personality traits saw serious and significant betterment from his antecedently accepted norms of a negative and destructive yesteryear. The progressive alterations which transformed his emotional and rational procedure. were repeatedly exhibited in his physical behaviour. The protective inherent aptitudes rooted in Michael’s personality. non merely served him on the football field. but besides influenced his behaviour when he saved the life of immature SJ Touhy in a auto accident. The old unhappiness and isolation he physically displayed through his introspective wonts and depressed organic structure linguistic communication. gave manner to more unworried and optimistic behavioural inclinations. For the first clip. Michael stopped to detect beauty in inside informations of his every twenty-four hours life. such as the colourful balloons he saw dispersed in the sky.

Michael’s Oher’s life did non hold a perfect start. His childhood was crafted by adversity and he was greatly affected by negative milieus early on. Oher’s opportunity brush with the Touhy household allowed him to passage from defeated and homeless to a life-time of love and belonging. Michael’s ensuing gratitude and trueness. combined with a structured athletic and academic environment. helped him to change by reversal the harm created by his original environment. and finally better his temper. so personality. and eventually impact his behaviour.


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