Bend It Like Beckham Analysis Cultural Studies Essay

Since the 1950s Britain has gone through an intense period of accelerated societal and cultural passages. These alterations come from the consequences of the decomposition of the British Empire, the enlargement of the Commonwealth and the motion of people from assorted nationalities, linguistic communications and civilizations. These phenomena have supported the progressive globalisation of life and conceived a multiethnic and multicultural society, with a strong plurality of individualities and heritages.

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One of the most impulsive gestures for development through this stage has been the adult females ‘s motion. Their entry into the labour market and their increasing independency has brought cardinal alterations in their place in society and their dealingss with work forces. Similarly, the outgrowth of young person as an identifiable group with a really different life style to members of older coevalss, has contributed well to the altering societal and cultural profile of the state. The younger coevals has a more equality position of the function of adult females in society. The Hofstede analysis for Britain studies strong feelings towards individuality and maleness. On the other manus, the power distance and uncertainness turning away are ranked well low. Long-run orientation ranks the lowest.

This survey indicates possible alteration that Britain is willing to accomplish quickly with the new coevalss. Men and adult females mix freely, with independent relationships to one another. In the football nine misss are all really unfastened, they can acquire in touch with aliens really easy, undress without any shame. And Jess behaves on the contrary. The most graphic illustration of the British young person ‘s independency is the fact that parents ca n’t interfere in Jules ‘s private life, even when it deals with her sexual orientation. Harmonizing to Hall ‘s graduated table of degrees ‘ of civilizations, British civilization is a low degree context civilization because the messages are clear and the words carry most of the information in most communicating ( for illustration, when the manager sees that Jess has jobs with her parents because of football, he goes at that place and state them about his sentiment, without any rites, really straight ) . More interpersonal connexions of shorter continuance exist in Britain. Even taking football in this film seems to reflect the low degree context British civilization is sing. Football is one of the most rule and goal-oriented, purely defined and team playing games ( where each has its ain occupation ) .

Harmonizing to Hall ‘s cultural theories, British civilization seems to be the mix of the past-oriented and future-oriented civilizations. Old coevals is still seeking non to lose traditions, they are still really conservative but the younger people are much more future-oriented, as it is really obvious from “ Bend it like Beckham ” .

In decision, British civilization is decidedly an individualistic one, due to its high degree of single independency, ends and construct of individualism over group ends. Persons have cosmopolitan communicating and equal attitude to everyone, in the household and in mundane life where work forces and adult females enjoy equal rights. It ‘s besides a feminine civilization with several specific characteristics of male civilization. British civilization is a low degree context one where people play by external regulations, they have separation of clip, infinite, activities, relationships ; more interpersonal connexions of shorter continuance ; about everything is task-centered ( determination and activities focus around what needs to be done, division of duties ) and so on.

Indian civilization

India ‘s history has forged its civilization. Its peculiar geographics and the assimilation of imposts, traditions and thoughts from some of its neighbours have been determining the state, every bit good as keeping its antediluvian heritages, from the Indus Valley Civilization forth. India ‘s great diverseness of cultural patterns, linguistic communications, imposts, and traditions are illustrations of this alone blend over the past five millenary. The household plays an of import function in learning and conveying values and traditions. The regard for seniors is a major constituent in Indian civilization. They represent the familial drive force and base on balls on the Indian civilization within us. India is a high competition civilization with close connexions between people, less verbally explicit, more indirect verbal interaction, less written and formal communicating and more relationship focused.

The regard to one another is besides a strong pillar. Power Distance mark for India is synonymous with high degree of inequality of power and wealth within the society. This state of affairs is at some point accepted by the population as a cultural norm. In contrast, people tend to advance mutualist relationship with each other as collectivized civilizations do, by encompassing mutuality, household security, societal hierarchies, cooperation, and low degrees of competition.

Indian scores a long term orientation dimension, which is declarative of a perseverant and penurious civilization. It is besides oriented toward maleness, which reinforces a greater spread between values of work forces and adult females.

India tonss low towards the uncertainness turning away dimension, which indicates a civilization more unfastened to unstructured thoughts and state of affairss, every bit good as fewer regulations and ordinances towards.

The caput of the Indian ‘s household is male oriented, the male parent or hubby. We can see here male civilization, but besides with some elements of female civilization. The adult female in Indian civilization is a symbol of house. Jess ‘s female parent shows us how existent Indian married woman has to act, as female parent and homemaker. Her chief end is to give her girls all knowledge that she knows.

Communication manner

The Indian civilization is oriented toward Bolshevism and group ends. Their pillar is traditional house retention and the household. We can see that Jess has a immense sum of relations who truly are happy with her sister ‘s nuptials. We can see with Jess ‘ sister ‘s marrying the function and active engagement the household plays in Indian civilization.

We can see besides that the position is really of import for Indians. In the episode Jess ‘s manager comes to speak to her household about football preparations. Jess ‘s male parent was stating his attitude to football and to jobs that he had many old ages ago because of the football, at the same clip Jess interrupted him and tried to state some her ain sentiments, but it was prohibited because male parent is the caput of the household. So Jess ‘s female parent made the rebuke: “ It is your male parent, you ca n’t speak while your male parent is speaking. ” This minute shows us the regard and the importance of the position.

Attitude to other civilizations

Strong differences and reluctances exist between the Indian and other civilizations. Indians are conservative and do n’t try to blend culturally. Jess ‘ sister ‘s nuptials shows the Indian reluctance to include other civilization in their traditional ceremonial. Jess ‘s female parent teaches her girls to get married Indians sharing the same values, civilization and traditions. Jess will happen all along the film to germinate from those cultural patterns with her relationship with her manager.

British Asiatic Culture

In the old parts, we discussed two chief civilizations – English and Indian. Both of the civilizations have strong traditions and deep values which people are seeking to maintain alive today. It is non easy as everything is altering. But even harder it is for Jess who tries to honor her male parent Indian roots but at the same clip wants to be to the full accepted in the English society. This tendency is called the new British Asiatic coevals.

The term British Asian is used to denote a individual of South Asiatic lineage or beginning, who was born in or was an immigrant to the United Kingdom. Britain has a big Southern Asiatic population due to British India one time being the most thickly settled part of the former British Empire.

That is shown every bit good in the film where Jess parents want that she attends university and gets good instruction as physician. They have no jobs with seeing themselves as British. Chiefly they are non accepted as British from the point of old people from Britain. But at the same clip they say that they do non even want to be accepted. Their first linguistic communication is truly English. The most of import thing – they have been brought up at that place. In add-on, the immature people see their manner of life as different from life in India every bit good as from their parents. New British Asiatic coevals do non believe of gender individuality. That is besides the biggest issue in Bend it Like Beckham, where Jess is eager to play football. In India that is merely work forces “ occupation ” . Even though Indians might hold lived all their lives in Britain the differences are staying. High outlook of trueness to strong household is common subject among British Asians. It is seen as the biggest civilization differences between Asian and English values. Basically if you have grown up in England, there is no household unit which at the same clip is wholly different for Asiatic households where you reflect on your household. Individualism versus household values is a dichotomy hard to accommodate. If you are judged by who is your household or your household is judged by your actions, what do they make so, when they do non desire to go physicians, attorneies or merely desire to smoke weed ( really popular thing in UK ) . That is where the young person of British Asiatic battle. For some it even consequences in exclusion from the household structures because they refuse to accept Bolshevism force per unit area.

The other issue in British Asiatic society is matrimony. Still most of traditional households want arranged matrimonies and assessed that those arranged matrimonies are rather misconceived. An ordered matrimony is non a forced matrimony.

Religion is another British Asiatic issue. Even though they have grew up with really spiritual background the 2nd coevals is more quizzical and seeking. They are seeking to accommodate it by maintaining some of its values and foundations to a more modern attack.

Besides, the new lingual that Asiatic and English signifier should be seen non as a commixture of heritages, but as creative activity of a possible new heritage.

England is a multicultural society, non a battalion of civilizations populating together and individually from each other. This immature coevals is redefining their values and re-explaining what it is to be British. They are non British Asians. Not even British Caribbean or Caucasian. They are 2nd coevals and want to do their ain grade.

This attitude can be seen in the film where Jess is bright illustration of British Asiatic representative. She proves that at the terminal it is possible to do happy every portion of society and be happy herself. She and her British Asiatic friends show that they are making their ain civilization from accommodating their strong household values and affecting their new sides of English civilization. They are taking the most of import component they need from both of the civilizations.

The Movie

Genre and Structure

The movie combines different genres: athleticss film, Coming-of-Age, music cartridge holder, but chiefly British comedy and Bollywood movie. These alleged Bollywood movies follow the formal and substantial traditions. A cardinal issue is the saving of the tradition. The older household members embody the forces of tradition. As an of import event, there is frequently an opulent and glamouros wedding-scene. Music and dance in Bollywood movies push the emotions of the characters.

They are besides the moral censoring, because they help to mask the love scenes. The British comedy derives its wit from the surreality of mundane life and works with a batch of humor and speedy word duologues. Many supporters are coming from the working category and in-between category, discussed their mundane jobs in to a great extent story-line-orientated narratives. Bend it like Beckham juggling with both narrative: Thematically it refers to one of the authoritative Bollywood subjects, the struggle between tradition and modern universe. The nuptials in the film is the apogee depicted, but tantamount to the other extremum, the football concluding. This shows the movie tradition and modern life with the same weighting. Again, the parents embody the authoritative values, the male parent does, nevertheless, a transition and eventually supports the willingness of alteration of the girl.

The conquering of a male-domain

Football in Europe is the unchallenged leader athletics 1000000s of people are excited about. This is true at least for the male version. Although there are now more and more female participants, the adult females ‘s football is non in the same signifier and will be barely recognized. In the movie, this conservative attitude is represented by the female parents. Jules female parent is convinced that playing football diminishes the opportunities of their girl in the matrimony market. As there is a conversation between Jess and Jules, she even feared that the two are sapphic. Jess mother thinks that athleticss apparels are improper and would prefer that her girl larn how to fix Indian dishes. The female parents are seeking to halt their girls from playing football – symbolized in the release of Jess, who sees her female household members in the wall during a freekick.

Assorted Culture looking in the film

Jesminder Bhamra ( Parminder Nagra ) is deeply admirative of the professional accomplishments David Beckham exposes as a Manchester United star. “ Cipher can flex it like Beckham ” is a leitmotive motive. She takes every chance she can to play, normally in the park near her place in a London suburb, off from her parents ‘ watchful regard. They have other programs for her, that she ‘ll finish school, learn to fix a full Punjabi dinner, and get married a proper Indian suer.

This is the program already in topographic point for Jess ‘ older sister Pinky ( Archie Panjabi ) , who is engaged to get married within hebdomads. Pinky, nevertheless, is besides non adhering precisely to parental outlooks and pulling from her immediate environment. And, she has her ain secret: she and her boyfriend have been basking accustomed, if rushed, rendezvouss in his auto. The sisters agree non to state on one another ; it ‘s non a crisis they spend much clip discussing, but a everyday pattern, a manner to acquire along in a universe where outlooks and desires constantly struggle. They ‘ve grown up traversing cultural boundary lines on a day-to-day footing, and see such dialogues — and fraudulences — as nil particular. Their parents ca n’t understand, being from another clip and topographic point. And so, they take to bosom the advice offered by Jess ‘ best friend Tony ( Ameet Chana ) : “ What your parents do n’t cognize wo n’t ache them. ”

Lucky every bit good as resourceful, Jess does, of class, happen a manner to play, for the Hounslow Harriers, the misss ‘ aide of a local football nine. In the cabinet room, she finds herself schooling the white misss on what it means to be her: “ Indian misss are n’t supposed to play football, ” she explains. “ That ‘s a spot backwards, ” observes one of her teammates. Jess knows precisely what it is: “ It ‘s merely civilization, that ‘s all. ”

Jess ‘ pilotages of “ civilization ” take up most of the movie ‘s energy ( along with some jaunty football game collages ) . Bend It Like Beckham takes Jess ‘ position earnestly, handling her as a miss with a complicated experience, apprehensible aspirations, and mussy emotional responses to limitations that will be familiar, in assorted ways, to viewing audiences her age every bit good as those who remember what it was like to be that age. While the movie includes some standard issue appliances and happenstances, it besides puts them to good usage, an probe of the ways that outlooks and premises form experiences, peculiarly, misss ‘ experiences.

While Jess ‘s interactions with her sister Pinky reveal a specific sisterlike form of struggle and conciliation, the primary agencies to acquire at Jess ‘ germinating consciousness is her friendly relationship with Harriers teammate Jules ( Keira Knightley ) . The misss have lots in common: Jules besides has parent issues: her crude male parent ( Frank Harper ) loves to kick the ball around with her in the backyard, but her fidgety female parent ( Juliet Stevenson ) frets that such activities are unladylike. And, like Jess, Jules looks frontward to a hereafter that includes football: Jules hopes to do it to university in the States, on a association football scholarship ; her sleeping room walls are plastered with images of Mia Hamm.

The misss develop a fast friendly relationship, through which the movie explores the differences in their several backgrounds, and most dexterously, the ways they navigate their parents ‘ instead typical frights — of other civilizations and altering times. Several crises emerge when Pinky ‘s future in-laws topographic point Jess and Jules on a street corner, exposing more fondness publically than is becoming: the nuptials is called off, Jules ‘ ma fears she ‘s a babe sapphic, and Jess ‘ parents ( believing short-haired Jules is male ) , think Jess is intimate with a white male child. Another issue arises refering Jess ‘ existent fondness for a white male child, the Harriers ‘ endearingly sensitive, Irish-born manager, Joe ( Jonathan Rhys-Meyers ) .

All of these struggles come to a caput in a colorful coda that crosscuts between a concluding football lucifer and Pinky ‘s traditional nuptials. The civilizations continue to collide, but in ways that are progressively antiphonal to one another.


In the movie the manufacturer mixes Indian and Western dad music. The Indian music accentuated the conservative or traditional countries of life, the western represent the New Age. When Jess and Jules are shopping for the first clip and holding a beer in a saloon, Mel C. sings “ Independence Day ” .

The trip to Hamburg is musically connected with the group Blondie “ Your hair looks beautiful. ” Indian music is indispensable in the Hindu jubilations, but besides when Jess is forced to make the kitchen work by her female parent, one can hear the Indian manner of music. During the parallel-creation of the nuptials and the concluding game, first Indian and later English music is used for those scenes. The goalkick and the enthusiastic viewing audiences are accompanied with a piece from Puccini ‘s opera “ Turandot ” background.

The film and the cultural facet all together

JessA? state of affairs based on her relationship to her household

Bend it like Beckham picks a subject, which is relevant for striplings, irrespective of their cultural context. It is about the creative activity of self-government and the ain constructs of life, independent from external outlooks, and therefore linked to inquiries of individuality and personal values. For Jess, that leads to a particular struggle, because her civilization traditionally admits less freedom. From a dramaturgical position, it allows to heighten the cosmopolitan struggle. Through the civilization motion the movie Tells about, the apprehension and tolerance for differences in other civilizations are encouraged. Apparently effortlessly the movie combines struggles, which are characterized by the close societal contact of cultural values and function theoretical accounts, which went through strong developments in European societies over the past decennaries.

Jess ‘ state of affairs harmonizing her hereafter and the realization of her life-concept

On the one manus, Jess embodies the whole quandary of the alleged 2nd coevals, as one can see in all European states in which the kids of emigres were born. They are linguistically and culturally much closer to the civilization of West. However they are still in contact with the original fatherland and the traditions of their parents ‘ coevals. For this coevals it is necessary to do pioneering work, to forestall biass on both sides, as Jess practiced in the film. Jess accepted the cultural values of her parents ‘ lives and besides the traditional spiritual marrying ceremonial of her sister Pinky. At the same clip, Jess asks for regard to her life style, but it is rather clear that her female parent can ne’er truly understand, what sort of life she is seeking to populate. Jess has reached the allowance to play football and the relationship with her manager Joe, is the following cultural barrier that she will necessitate to get the better of.


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