Beautiful Boy and Tweak Essay

Reading two different histories of the narrative of a drug nut allows much room for comparing between the two. In the instance of David and Nic Sheff’s books. I was surprised at how much similarity there was between the two ; they agreed on most points and there was no dramatic discontinuity in their narratives. There is. nevertheless. a important difference in the positions from which the two are told. Naturally. Nic. as the nut boy. takes on a more egoistic position. In David’s book it is clear that Nic’s dependence is the one cardinal driving force in their household life. particularly in David’s day-to-day life. In Nic’s book. nevertheless. his relationship with his male parent and the remainder of his household is merely one of the several focal points of the book ; Nic is besides preoccupied with girlfriends. friends. and his patron.

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David Sheff’s book is a really self-reflecting history. He is invariably analysing the yesteryear. the determinations he’s made with Nic. and seting it all together in a despairing effort to happen replies to his son’s ruin. He struggles with a changeless mental struggle: “What did I make incorrectly? ” His preoccupation with Nic became an dependence in itself. and the obsessional concern and emphasis took a enormous toll. to the point where he suffered from a monolithic bleeding. David’s position of the patterned advance of Nic’s dependence reflects the Social Learning Theories and Psychoanalytical accounts of American drug usage. At first. David views the oncoming of Nic’s dependence as a cause of some childhood lifestyle factors he lived through ( such as the divorce ) .

Subsequently on. nevertheless. David realizes that there are 1000s of adolescents who are reeled into the dark universe of drugs and do non needfully come from traumatic backgrounds ; that these two things are non ever straight linked. They are merely reinforced by others. normally drug-using friends. regardless of how they were raised. Ronald Akers built on this thought of operant conditioning by indicating out that drug-using behaviour is reinforced socially more than physiologically. This is precisely what happened to Nic as he surrounded himself more and more with friends and girlfriends who induced his dependence. Equally apparent as it may hold seemed. it took David a piece to switch his focal point from reflecting on the yesteryear to what was rapidly doing Nic’s state of affairs worse.

Nic. on the other manus. is non really psychoanalytic about his dependence. David has hope for his boy. while Nic has really small hope for himself. While stating his narrative. David is seeking to detect and unveil what led to all of this wretchedness in his household. He longs to happen replies and causings for all of it. Nic. on the other manus. doesn’t focal point on the “why. ” Although he has minutes where he confesses he ne’er thought he would turn out this manner. he doesn’t pass much clip brooding on what led him to his dependence. Alternatively. Nic merely tells his narrative and focuses on the really close hereafter. This is typical of an addict’s outlook. Each twenty-four hours is so diffident and unstable that they can’t manage to be after more than one or two yearss in front. The deeper he sinks into his dependence. the more surprised he is to happen that he wakes up alive each twenty-four hours.

Rather than contend it. Nic accepts the fact that he is a hardcore nut and that his life will ne’er be the same. It took his male parent a much longer clip to recognize this and to the full accept it. I was truly shocked at how honorable Nic is throughout the whole book while stating his narrative. He admits that his parents are coercing him to travel into a intervention centre and that he has “fucked everything up beyond fix. ” Most nuts make themselves seem like the victim and go forth out a batch of information about their bad wonts. Nic openly portions everything. even his darkest minutes of poisoning and self-destructive depression. He looks for ways to back up the high demands of his druggie life style and makes the necessary damagess. even if it means stealing from his ain household while they are urgently seeking to assist him.

Nic’s selfishness. nevertheless. turns into feelings of deep guilt toward the terminal on the book when he is on the route to recovery and with his two parents. When his head clears up. he realizes how severely he has torn everyone apart. particularly his ma and pa. These emotional realisations are portion of his recovery. David. nevertheless. experiences the exact antonym. At the early phases of his son’s dependence. he dedicated all his clip and energy to the affair. to the point where he forgot about his ain wellness and felicity. As Nic’s dependence progressed. David shifted focal point to himself and stopped haunting over everything that had to make with his son’s dependence. David’s route to recovery meant about the exact antonym of Nic’s: giving more clip and energy to himself instead than taking others into primary consideration.

David Sheff tells his family’s narrative from the really early happy yearss and takes his readers all the manner through Nic’s descent into his darkest minutes. while Tweak Begins with Nic already deep into his dependence. Nic Sheff’s Tweak is the dark counterpoint to Beautiful Boy. The senior writer’s grief-filled memoir freshnesss dimly like a distant planet of desperation. while the son’s history of the same events Burnss like an angry Mars.


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