Basic Structure introduction of wheat roller mill

The main base of wheat roller mill is casting structure which is designed for heavy duty. Other frames are welded and appropriately processed by high quality steel plates for eliminating mechanical stress. This special design guarantees absorption of milling vibrations and noise free operation.
1 The roller length: 500MM 600MM- Roller chill is made by centrifuged cast iron, dynamically balanced for a long working span.
2 Horizontal roller configuration, roller packs self-contained forces with servo-feeder for a perfectly grinding performance.
3 Air aspiration design for the roller gap reduces the temperature of the grinding roller.
4 Automatic operation system makes it possible to display or modify the parameter very simply.
5 All the roller mills can be central controlled (e.g. engaged/disengaged) through PLC system and in control room center.
We can supply the different designs with different cost to meet different buyer’s request. Wheat roller mill pressing force. Roll protection device for foreign objects. Our professional technology will provide turn-key solution for your industrial application. Complete set of wheat flour mills adopt various configuration modes for different choices. There is streamlined design, reasonable layout, and good performance. It can be installed on steel structure or in building. Two handwheels on each side for roll setting with position indicator. Pneumatically controlled, automatic engagement and disengagement of grinding and feeder rolls.
In general, the wheat roller mill is a very efficient equipment. As soon as the product is introduced to the glass inlet nozzle, because of generated stimulatory power, mill balls approach to each other, rollers for grains act as well and provides to be kept of the material in the same level; in case of being consumed of the product completely, mill balls part from each other by pushing power of air cylinder and the baffle for grains is completely…

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