Baotou small oil press equipment performance characteristics and method of operation

Small press equipment performance characteristics and methods of operation:
1. Before use, you must read the manual, are familiar with the performance characteristics and method of operation of the machine.
2. Before power, must conduct a comprehensive inspection, not loose fasteners, handles flexible rotation, rotation of the pulley by hand, each part should be normal operation, no abnormal sound, followed by filling 30 # oil in reducer.
3. Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjustment screw (adjustment handle is rotated counterclockwise, the cake space narrowing, adjustment handle clockwise, the gap widened cake) so squeezed tight against the cone snail pie cone ring, then unscrew the adjustment screw clockwise (spin out 3-5 laps), then tighten the nut, ready to boot.
4 machines connected three-phase four-wire power supply, the power is turned on, the spindle should rotate counterclockwise, regardless of any situation, the machine must have a good grounding device, or can not boot.5 Adjust temperature control unit (2) to the desired temperature press 120 ? -200 ? (based on oil may be) open to host the heating switch heating position, the machine heated up, then the green light on the temperature controller the red light is off, when the machine temperature rise to a set temperature, and the temperature of the red light green light put out, the machine is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature, low winter temperatures, the heat switch open to host all the heating position so that the oil pan temperature, easy oil left.
6. Press the button on the main motor, (the master switch is open to positive position) host began operation should rotate counter-clockwise direction.
7. After the installation of new oil press mill juice 4-8 hours, method is to use the material has been drained of oil cake is fed from the hopper slowly, repeatedly pressed back, so virgin bore polishing, remember not to start grinding virgin feed directly into the…

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