Banning Cellular Phones in School

Banning Cellular Phones in Schools Parents feel schools are no longer safe and feel reassured by giving their children cell phones, but do the pros outweigh the cons? In today’s society the use of cell phones is thought of as a necessity. Parents want to be in touch with their children at all times. Most parents trust the cell phone will be used as a communication tool. During school hours parents hope kids will use their cell phone in case of an emergency, yet, sometimes children misuse their cell phones. The following paragraphs are intended to show various pros and cons of banning cell phones in schools.

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One of the pros of banning cell phones in schools is children will have less distractions. Texting during instructional time, playing games on line, and reading emails are some of the few negative effects cell phones create for students in school. There would also be no cell phones going off due to students forgetting to shut them off. Another pro of banning cell phones in schools is, during an emergency the school would be able to apply their emergency plan without having misinformed parents gathering around the school causing more chaos.

One of the cons of banning cell phones in schools is children would have no readily available communication with their parents. As mentioned earlier, in today’s society it has become a necessity to carry a cell phone. Children have more after school activities and parents generally work longer hours. In conclusion, I feel the cell phone should be eliminated from schools. If a student needs a calculator, get a real calculator. If a friend is sick and needs notes, call them on the phone and talk to them.

If a coach is running behind in after school practice parents should stay and watch a little of their kids practice and if he is running early, then it is the coaches responsibility to stay and wait for the parents to arrive. Finally, I understand and I agree with the world moving forward technologically wise and having a cell phone could aid students, but in the classroom a cell phone is not needed. I believe the last thing the cell phone is used for by a student is for an emergency. ? References Mills-Faraudo , T. S. (2006, May 06). Cell phones banned in school. bnet, Retrieved January 24, 2010 from


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