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The machine-controlled Teller machine ( ATM ) is a machine that acts as a Teller in an establishment by having and publishing money to and from the ATM history holder or user. The growing and development of at ATMs was non merely due to. but instead as a consequence of general planetary concentration in the technological revolution. This came due to challenges of multiple majority of day-to-day complex information that arise from bing troubles like ; increase in competition. addition in customer’s demand for both services proviso every bit good as efficiency. enlargement due to increase in demand and all the likes merely to call a few.

The ATM system used by micro fiscal establishments today is an familial system from banking system hence brought in efficiency in different micro fiscal establishments in footings of velocity. informations processing and storage. Therefore. it brought in tremendous betterment in line uping in establishments in usage of the ATMs. Despite all the virtues of ATMs. clients still conveying up complains on the demerits of the system such as ; dislocation of ATMs. long waiting lines at the ATM service point. keeping of clients cards. In this visible radiation. this research entails to happen out why all these calls after all the goods incurred in the system. 1. 1 Background of the survey.

1. 1. 1 Historical background.

The history of micro fiscal establishments can be trace as far back as the 1880s when the theoretician Lysander Spooner was composing over the benefits of from little credits to enterprisers and husbandmans as a manner of acquiring people out of poorness. Today. the usage of the look ‘’micro financing’’ has its root in the 1970s when organisatons were sarting and determining the modern industry. At that clip. many microfinance ini tiatives introduced many new inventions into the sector. Many entreprises began experimenting with lending to the under served people. The chief ground why micro funding is been traced back to the 1970s is that. the programme could demo that people can be relied on to pay their loans and that it’s possible to supply funding services to hapless people through market based endeavors without subsidies.


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