Automobile and Swot Analysis Essay Sample

1. Introduction
This study is based on the company Mercedes Benz. and the chosen state is Singapore. The intent of the study is to carry on an environmental and marketing analysis of Mercedes Benz in Singapore. First. this study will province the company background. Following. it will province the state background. Third. it will province the SWOT analysis. Fourthly. it will province the PEST analysis. After that. it will province the selling scheme. new merchandise development. and in conclusion the decision. Company background

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Mercedes-Benz is a German auto company. some kind of transnational section from the German company Daimler AG. The company is used intended for high-class motor vehicles. coachs. motor manager. every bit good as vehicles. The peculiar trade name made an visual aspect in 1926 within Daimler-Benz yet history the beginnings to Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft’s 1901 Mercedes and to Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. which is normally viewed as the first auto. Mercedes-Benz’s motto is “Das Beste Oder nichts” ( English: “The best or nothing” ) . Mercedes-Benz is merely about the most normally known every bit good as set up auto makes in the universe. which is on the list of the world’s oldest auto company however around the universe today in 2014. possessing the first petrol-powered vehicle. State background

Singapore is an flush island state. positioned in Southeast Asia within the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The residents of Singapore delectation in one of the maximal criterions associated on Earth. with each capita GDP adequate to in which from the top international locations within American The European brotherhood. The peculiar economic system would depend intensely upon exports. and the state houses one of the busiest ports on Earth.

2. SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis is portion of strategic planning. The SWOT analysis helps organisations buttocks issues within and outside the organisation. The SWOT analysis. made up of an appraisal of strengths. failings. external chances and menaces from competition. provides an lineation for strategic decision-making

Table 1

From the tabular array above it is seen that strong trade name value measures that Mercedes is considered as a premium trade name. such as BMW. Porsche. Audi and etc. There is no exclusion that Mercedes will remain in premium section for a really long clip. Almost all the rich and old people prefer this peculiar auto trade name. Besides. this company has an advantage over their rivals as increasing production loanblend autos because of environmental friendly and åðó exact figure of stat mis driven. To bring forth high quality autos and hire good – educated employees makes production expensive. That is why Mercedes is interested in upper category people who are able to purchase such a auto. It makes the trade name attractive investing for people with high income ( upper category ) .

Plague analysis
Originally known as PEST Analysis. this is a macro environmental model used to understand the impact of the external factors on the organisation and is used as strategic analytical technique.

A PEST analysis is looks at how those external factors can impact a business’s activities and public presentation. and it can be used in combination with other tools. It helps to find an organization’s overall mentality for success.

Socio – Cultural
Interest rates
Fast – turning society
Modern engineering
Stable authorities jurisprudence system
High income degree
Diverseness of civilizations
WI-FI zones

Tax system
High power of the local currency
Assortment of linguistic communication civilizations
Automation of work
Law degree of corruptness
Low degree of economic freedom
( -2 )
Most of the people are in advanced age
Production of high quality medical equipment
Foreigners investing
Trade freedom
Prevalence of upper category
Investing in engineering
Table 2

From the tabular array above Lashkar-e-Taiba us take 3 features for treatment. First. high income of Singapore steps that Mercedes – Benz is one of the most suited trade names for upper category. It is considered. that Mercedes – Benz is a auto which is suited for old population. particularly for work forces. Therefore. this auto trade name has a precedence to take Singapore as a gross revenues leader in the grownup audience because of the prevalence of old population. Diversity of civilizations of the populations shows that every individual state has different apprehension of auto design. That is why this trade name can offers autos such as “family car” like Sedan ( C – category ) to “celebrity car” as Crossovers ( G – category ) with the newest and engineering to their clients.


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