Aspects Of Alexander Dumas Life English Literature Essay

Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie, otherwise known as Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24th 1802. He was a fecund author who hailed from France and his well deserved celebrity is attributed to his history-inspired novels, which have propelled him to the place of one of the Gallic authors whose plants have enjoyed extended reading worldwide. His novels include ‘The Three Musketeers ‘ , The Vicomte de Bragelonne ‘ , ‘Twenty Old ages After ‘ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo ‘ . He was besides a distinguished letter writer and a esteemed dramatist. ( Gorman 2 ) .

The events in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo ‘ revolve around the life of the novel ‘s main supporter. Edmond Dantes, who at the age of 19, appears to hold a bright hereafter in front of him. At the same minute that he is about to be honored with the captaincy of a ship, he has a stable battle with the beautiful, every bit immature and good hearted Mercedes, and as if this is non adequate luck for one adult male, he is besides really magnetic and about everyone who knows him likes and admires him. However, Dantes ‘ lucks change for the worst at banquet merely before his nuptials when he is taken captive for charges of lese majesty. Although he is an guiltless adult male, he has fallen victim to an luxuriant secret plan hatched by his so called friends ; Danglars, who is a crewman merely like Dante ‘s is covetous of his publicity, and Fernand, who is seeing ruddy after he lost Mercedes to Dantes.

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The two enlist the aid of Villefort, a prosecuting officer good known for his corrupt ways, to ease the imprisonment of Dantes in the most unafraid prison reserved for political captives ; the Ch & A ; acirc ; teau d’If. Even though the ground for Dante ‘s imprisonment is non made clear, even to him, he is locked behind bars for 14 old ages.

However, with the flowering of the secret plan, it becomes evident that lady fortune ne’er stopped smiling at Dante, because it is during his drawn-out prison term that he gets to cognize and construct a close relationship with Abb & A ; eacute ; Faria. It is intriguing that Faria has been engaged in the ghastly work of delving a tunnel that he hoped would take him to freedom, but he alternatively ends up in Dante ‘s cell. Abb & A ; eacute ; imparts his extended cognition to Dante, and even reveals to him the whereabouts of a secret hoarded wealth, which has remained buried on an Island in the Mediterranean ocean known as Monte Cristo. Dante is able to procure his freedom when Abb & A ; eacute ; dies and he switches the cadaver with himself and swims to freedom when he is tossed into the sea by the prison guards. He proceeds to retrieve the concealed hoarded wealth and so ship on one of the most extensively planned and absolutely executed retaliation missions recorded in authorship. He takes out all those who engineered his ruin and at the terminal of his mission, he allows himself to fall in love with Hayd & A ; eacute ; vitamin E, an endearing lady who is every bit every bit beautiful as Merc & A ; eacute ; vitamin D & A ; egrave ; s, therefore reconstructing every facet of his life that his enemies took off.

The novel is steadfastly rooted in history, with a major it of the chief secret plan points vibrating with political events that occurred during the life of Alexander Dumas. Napoleon Bonaparte, the chief figure in the political history of France, enjoys apparent esteem in Duma ‘s plants, and this is most apparent in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo ‘ . The function that he plays in the novel is so apparent that he inarguably deserves the acknowledgment as the novel ‘s unseeable and yet most outstanding characters. Duma ‘s male parent ; Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, was a general in Napoleon ‘s ground forces, and the esteem that the younger Duma had for Napoleon appears non to hold been affected by the autumn out between his male parent and Napoleon which led his household to poorness, with his male parent holding been denied the wage due to ex-officers. ( Hemmings 14 ) .

The fresh unfolds with Edmond Dantes happening Napoleon in expatriate in the Elba Island. Napoleon had been compelled to renounce his throne in 1814 after an at hand military licking and an increasing figure of enemies had dogged his reign. The novel is set one twelvemonth subsequently. This is besides the clip that Napoleon deserted Elba, embarked on a secret seafaring expedition to France and ejected the royal military personnels from the metropolis of Paris, therefore taking over power. This was in March 1815. It is in fact the information about Napoleon ‘s taking over power once more that provides the grounds for Dant & A ; egrave ; s imprisonment, as it is found in the signifier of a missive that he was to convey to Paris.

Dumas himself was one dramatic and gallant character who had a passion for foreign escapades, love personal businesss and munificent life. His love personal businesss with two different kept womans are good known. Dante is of similar character and appears as the larger than life character who is besides a contemplation of Duma ‘s existent life. He is the hero in Duma ‘s romantic novel and therefore brings to life the action, gallantry, love and escapade that qualify his ain life.


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