Aseptic Technique Gowning, Gloving, Scrubbing

{draw:frame} Aseptic technique was developed by Joseph Lister in 1867. He used diluted phenol to cleanse surgical wounds and equipment. He also used carbolic acid aerosol to prevent harmful microorganisms from entering the surgical field or contaminating the patient. Aseptic technique includes hand washing, the use of sterile gloves, mask, and gowns, sterilization of surgical instruments and other equipment, and the use of disinfectants, including antiseptics. The definition of asepsis is: 1) freedom from infection 2) prevention of contact with microorganisms.

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The definition of aseptic is free from infection or septic material; called also sterile as stated in Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. The sterile gown is put on immediately after the surgical scrub. The purpose of the sterile gown is it is worn in order to permit the wearer to come within the sterile field and carryout sterile technique during an operative procedure. Approach the mayo stand immediately upon entering the operating room. Movements should be kept to a minimum so not to cause a draft; which will contaminate everything.

Place arms in the gown to the inside of the cuffs. Make sure not to let fingers come out of the cuffs. Then proceed to gloving. The gloving technique is done immediately after the gowning technique. The purpose is gloves are worn to complete the sterile dress in order that the one who wears them may handle sterile equipment. Approach the mayo stand again to open the gloves. Make sure to keep hands in the cuffs. Open the package of gloves. With the right hand lift the left glove up by the cuff in the glove. Put the thumb down and fingers pointing towards the body.

Take hold of the cuff of the glove and pull it out and over the hand and well over the cuff and sleeve making sure none of the cuff on the gown is showing. Repeat the same on the right hand. Now the turning gown has to be done to complete getting dressed for a case. The circulator will help with this. Distance must be watched to make sure the sterile person is not contaminated. The front of the sterile gown must face the sterile field the entire time. Place the end of the card in the circulators right hand and stand still. The circulator circles you and you then pull the string from the card and tie up the gown to secure it completely.


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