Are You a Tiger Mother or a Cat Father?

Are you a ‘Tiger Mother’ or a ‘Cat Father’? There has been a lot of discussion about whether the parental style of ’Tiger Mother’ or ‘Cat Father’ is more suitable for Hong Kong. In my points of views, the style of ‘Cat Father’ is more suitable. In this essay, I will discuss the problems and argue why students should wear uniforms. First and foremost the essence of education is to teach children how to be good people, not successful people. There are many cases show that successful people are not equal to good people, such as Chan Chunchuen, Yeung Kashin. 20 GMAT score is considered very high outside China but just average on the mainland. To be a successful person is hard, but be a good person is much more harder. The style of “Tiger Mother” may lead Hong Kong to a dull and homogenous society. Next, interest is the most important thing in learning; otherwise children will equate learning with unhappiness. Children deserve a joyful childhood and their interests should be freely developed. Children are not machines to achieve success, they are human just like their parents, having things they like to do.

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Children may become mediocrity following the unwanted road designed by their parents. Therefore parents should treat their children with respect, rather than imposing adult’s opinions on them. There are topmost masters in every profession, the key point is to give children plenty of space. Like Chang Zhidao, a “Cat Father” in Shanghai, he take a contrastingly tender approach in parenting other than “Tiger Mother”, his daughter still happily dances her way into Harvard University. Last but not least, the future of children should determine by them, but not parents.

I surely believe that children have their right to build up their future. Parents need to know that not every kid was born to be a scientist, a lawyer or a CEO, and that socializing, or playing sports, can bring benefits. Although they may go into wrong way or face many difficulties, but these are the life experiences of them and parents should not exploit them. The importance of parents is to provide love and care, support, good advices and redress the wrongs of children as to help them get into the right way.

Children are the ridgepole and beams of Hong Kong in the future, the style of “Tiger Mother” could only produce a successful person but not a good person, the future Hong Kong should build up by heartfelt people. Besides interest is the most important thing to children in learning and this can help in more effective learning. Children under plenty of space can grow up happily which can activate their possibilities. In the end, the road of children should determine by them and parents should stand by them and give them lots of care and support.


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