Are Athletes Paid to Much?

Are Professional Athletes paid too much? Healthcare workers save lives on a daily basis for sixty thousand dollars a year, while professional athletes receive millions of dollars merely to entertain. Athletes should be paid well because they must train harder physically than other people, they must work even when they are not working, and their chosen profession sometimes entails great physical risks. Society believes that once a person is athletic they automatically qualify to become a world class athlete.

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Firstly, to become a top sportsmen or women in a certain sport, you need to have that special something, that something that separates you from the rest, this is called talent. Majority of society believes that once a person is athletic they are automatically classified as an athlete. An athletic person is characterized by or an individual involved in a physical activity or exertion in an activity. The most important criteria is to be somewhat athletic but an athlete is a person possessing traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance, which is necessary for physical exercise, especially those performed in competitive contexts.

Many of these athletes have so many traits and abundance of that required talent that their abilities come naturally (Resnick, S. 2009). Athletes today receive large amounts of money for exploiting their talents and abilities and to play a sport in which they love and enjoy. Players have been known to make a lot of money, probably making more money then many of us ever will make. Society doesn’t actually realize what their jobs consist of and many spectators consider any sport a form of entertainment.

Any profession in the work place who obviously make less then these athletes do are the one’s that are going to be jealous and don’t see how an athlete justifies his salary amount. The only other reason that I can think of that why a person may complain that professional athletes are paid too much is because they wish they were the one playing in whatever sport they loved, but never put the time in to achieve that dream or had insufficient natural talent that is required. It all comes down to talent.

Either you have it or you don’t. All personal in the medical fields such as nurses, doctors, police officers and firefighters, save lives, sometimes while risking their own for a fraction of what sports stars make. Soldiers defend and protect the country, sometimes giving their lives. Teachers are entrusted with the country’s most precious resources, the nation’s children. “These superstars would not be where they are without their teachers,” said a leading educator. “Teachers lay the foundation for future success. “(Resnick, S. 009) All these people are going to all say the same thing, as how can a person who has such an instrumental effect or saves lives is paid less then someone whom is paid merely just to entertain. “It’s crazy that the people who teach our future congressmen and doctors make such a little amount of money,” (Woolford, S. 2009). “I just wish there was a way for teachers to get paid more. ” (Woolford, S. 2009). The average doctor will earn only a hundred thousand a year compared to that of an average basketball player who receives forty million dollars to that of an average pitcher who takes home a hundred million dollars (Woolford, S. 009). Professional athletes are making too much money in a society where salaries and wages are traditionally based on the value of ones work. In today’s society, one will be paid more if their job is more economically important (Resnick, S. 2009). Teaching is one of the most economically important occupations because our future economy relies on the education of its youth, yet teachers are paid much less than the average professional athlete. A history teacher at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S. C. tates that “I don’t mind that athletes get paid so much, I enjoy what I do and don’t do it for the money, even though it wouldn’t hurt to make more. ” (Woolford, S. 2009). However, it all resorts to the quantity factor. There is only a small percentage of the population that have that needed natural ability to become a professional athlete, where as there is an exponentially higher percentage of people with the learning capacity to become a teacher. The U. S President makes decisions that affect our economy and he only makes 250,000 dollars a year (Woolford, S. 2009).

Professional athletes do not play near as vital role in the economy but their salaries reflect otherwise. Think that the money given to the athletes could be used for more probable causes and the salary of just one high-profile athlete is enough money to feed the nation’s poor for a year or to provide a lot more housing and shelters for the homeless. However, there is more then just what these athletes are getting paid. There are huge contracts that are at stake, therefore athletes hold out longer to see whether or not theirs or any other franchise can offer them a better deal.

The whole principal of the game is being lost through this, but the team belongs to the franchise which needs to be run like a business in order to survive. The “business” that acquires the most money, has an obvious unfair advantage on its opponents. At this point the owners now are to blame and not the players. To counter-act the problem, the owner then will spend money to acquire the services of a top athlete who is going to make money for the franchise. If these multi-million business team owners are willing to give athletes these “outrageous” contracts, why shouldn’t they take the money and smile?

Wouldn’t you? It is not only the salaries they earn, although it does count a considerable amount of their income but they also earn various endorsements. Sponsorships are probably the most popular in the industry. A clothing brand that associates a top sports star to its clothing line will definitely increase the products awareness. Names like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are household words, and many young children grow up wanting to be just like their favorite athletes. These athletes put a considerable amount of time training, year in year out, exerting their bodies, trying to perfect their game.

The pressure at the highest level to perform is enormous, which mentally and physically slowly breaks down their bodies. Injuries are then brought on easier, and as they get older, the less competitive they become. Aside from the physical demands, athletes work long hours during their playing season, and they must travel constantly (Resnick, S. 2009). A top athlete’s career is not guaranteed for a life time, so they have to capitalize on as much as they can. It just takes one game, whether it being a really bad performance to a bad injury, this is their job, they will be jobless, with nothing to fall back.

An ideal society would be one that rewards success but we should not limit that success to those who we believe are unworthy of achieving it. As long as anyone who achieves their success, in a honest and honorable way we should not resent their success, but applaud it, because in the end it is that success that we all thrive for and if we do become successful, you would not want to be resented for that success. It takes extremely hard work to become a professional athlete, just as it does to truly succeed at anything in life. References: Woolford, Sean. “Professional Athletes Salaries a continuous matter of debate. The Hilltop 26/01/2007 2 Apr 2009 http://media. www. thehilltoponline. com/media/storage/paper590/news/2007/01/26/Sports/Professional. Athlete. Salaries. A. Continuous. Matter. Of. Debate-2680439. shtml Resnick, Stephen. “Are Professionals Athletes Really Overpaid? The Answer May Surprise You. ” Bleacher Report 28/03/2009 2 Apr 2009 http://bleacherreport. com/articles/146379-are-professionals-athletes-really-overpaid-the-answer-may-surprise-you “Show me the money! ” bNet 05/05/1997 2 Apr 2009 http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m0EPF/is_n26_v96/ai_19437488


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