Application Of Marketing Mix On The Segmented Product Marketing Essay

These elements in the selling mix are the control of the seller. Therefore marketing mix is set of governable elements in the custodies of the seller to utilize to accomplish desired marks, in other words marketing mix is used to act upon the purchaser in the mark market to make positive responces towards the sellers merchandise.

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4.1 merchandise scheme

The large mac is a Burger sold by MacDonald ‘s company. This Burger contains chicken, beef, cheese, onions and a little sause.the large mac is known as worldwide and it is known as the symbol of macdonlds.there are different sort of bigmac, such as The Mega Big Mac, double large mac, large large mac, themckienlymac, chicken large mac and beef large mac.

Merchandise attributes-


4.2 Distribution channel

Distribution involves all the activities that a seller does in order for the consumer to purchase the merchandise. Distributors handle all the activitiesfor the distribution and non cover with competitory merchandises. InMacDonald ‘s sell their goods to the terminal users.



Macdonald has drive thru service. It is a service which clients to buy merchandises without go forthing their vehicles, this service makes clients really comfy, when they buy their nutrients, and they use engineering such as on-line ordination and command systems.Bobbi-Kristina1.jpg

When channel choice MacDonald ‘s concern about the consumer purchasing behaviour, how are the rivals merchandises distributed? Type of the market and etc.

4.3 Pricing scheme

The monetary value is the sum of money, goods or services that must be offered to acquire a merchandise. Price is expresses in different footings. Monetary value of this large Mac is Rs.350/= in srilanka. And the large Mac repast is Rs.550/=.if the client needs excess cheese they will bear down another Rs.50/= more in Big Mac repast contains Gallic frice and a big drink. Big Mac has brought up a good image to MacDonald ‘s. Customer frequently equate monetary value with the quality.

4.4 Promotion Strategy

There are assorted ways that a seller can pass on with the consumer. These are called elements of the promotional mix. Ad, gross revenues publicities, and promotion. Direct selling are some publicity methods. The large Mac is besides promoted online every bit good as on telecasting and wireless, Facebook, YouTube and etc. They have used Mr. MacDonald as their publicity


4.5 Extended Marketing Mix Elementsextendedmarketingmix.jpg

Peoples, procedure and physical grounds were added to the selling mix to suit the services into selling.

4.5.1 Peoples

Marketing organisation trades with many interest holders. All of them are people. Suppliers, distributers, clients, rivals, authorities, governments and many other organisations. Their demands, values, attitudes are different. MacDonald ‘s has to place the client and handle them good to present the promise that he or she makes. Understand client outlooks ; understand client types, aid client to happen their demands, set up service criterions positive attitudes, managing ailments, listening accomplishments, telephone accomplishments, have to be developed in front line staff of the seller

4.5.2 Procedure

Procedure is the manner and means the selling activity is delivered. Efficient procedures have to be adopted in functioning clients. Order pickings, line uping and waiting clip, issue of estimations, completion of fixs and services, advising clients of service completion, mechanization and cybernation are facets that should be dealt in procedures. If procedures fail client dissatisfaction will look and it will take to loss of gross revenues and concern.

4.5.3 Physical Evidence

Physical grounds gives the consumer to mention to and to demo other people if necessary. Since service merchandises are normally intangible. In MacDonald ‘s touchable grounds of purchase has created through grosss, measures labels, Sons and other seeable grounds of trade name designation. Environment of service bringing in Mac Donald ‘s is really created.colours and staffs have their uniforms, really high installations, music and sound company web site and etc.

5.Segmentation for a new merchandise

As the selling manager ofMacDonald ‘s company, our program is to do an extraordinary repast for two different cleavages to srilanka MacDonald ‘s company. MacDonald ‘s gives their more attending to the people who eats chicken, so we have decided to do this wrap in veggies as MacDonald ‘s can catch the market really easy. Because MacDonald ‘s has targetd the client who are vegetables and non-veggies



Application of marketing mix on the metameric merchandise.

Merchandise Scheme

Cleavage 01 ( non-veggie )

Cleavage 02 ( vegetable )

This wrap contains BBQ poulet, cheese and ruddy chou, this mixture is wrapped in a Nan roti.The repast is known as Mac wrap repast

Veggie wrap contains fried mushrooms, cheese and ruddy chou, this is besides covered with a Nan roti,

Pricing scheme

Cleavage 01 ( non-veggie )

Cleavage 02 ( vegetable )

Monetary value should be low-cost to the mark market. This is extremely desirable merchandise for macdonlds.for the monetary value MacDonald ‘s has decided to sell this wrap for Rs.350/= and with the Gallic french friess and coca Cola it is 570/=

MacDonald ‘s has decided to sell their new merchandise at a lower monetary value.

The merchandise will be sold at a monetary value of Rs.370/= , for the people who will hold merely the wrap. The 1 who buys the repast it will be Rs.490/=

Topographic point Strategy

Cleavage 01 ( non-veggie )

Cleavage 02 ( vegetable )

This merchandise will be available in all MacDonald ‘s in srilanka.The client can easy purchase this new merchandise from the MacDonald ‘s company.

This merchandise will be in all the MacDonald ‘s in srilakna


Promotion scheme

Cleavage 01 ( non-veggie )

Cleavage 02 ( vegetable )

This megahertz wrap is a new merchandise to MacDonald ‘s company. When presenting this merchandise MacDonald has decided to give an excess box of Mac lily-livered nuggets during the publicity period. And

Promote on telecasting and face book.

Passing cusps to clients.

When Introducing this merchandise to vegetarian people. And they will advance this merchandise by giving a home base of poached veggies alternatively of lily-livered nuggets. This would be a healthy repast for the clients.




Aspects that MacDonald Company has to see when selling the merchandise in a B2B context.


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