Apple Essay

The followers are the processs used to do a disappearance ink utilizing the apple infusion. The following are the stuffs ; Q-tip. paper. apple juice and a Candle ( any beginning of heat will work. ex. lamp. Fe. oven ) . Get down by pouring a spot of the apple juice into a bowl. Use a q-tip. toothpick. or a paintbrush to compose your message on the paper. Let the paper dry exhaustively. This will take about an hr. To decrypt the message. you will necessitate to heat up the paper. The best manner to make this is with a taper. Keep the paper over the taper until the words become seeable. The words will go a brown colour as they are heated up.

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The consequence of my survey is that apple extract/juice can be used to do a disappearance ink.

Based from the day of the month gathered. the undermentioned decisions were drawn: It works because the apple juice oxidizes in the air. Heating it causes that procedure to rush up. The juice will turn brown on its ain in clip.

Chapter 1 Problem and Its Background

Introduction Apples are obtained from the medium sized tree belonging to the rosaceae household. Scientific name: Malus domestica. The apple tree is originated in the mineral rich mountain scopes of Kazakhstan. and is now being cultivated in many parts of the universe. Apple fruit contains good measures of vitamin-C and beta-carotene. Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant. Sliced apple turns brown on exposure to air due to transition in Fe signifier from ferric oxide to ferric oxide. Background of the Study

Juice extracted from the apple is used to do unseeable ink. Since apples oxidizes when exposed to air turning the colour of the juice on paper to brown. heating it up makes the procedure faster. Statement of the Problem/Objectives

Problem # 1: Can we use apple juice infusion as an unseeable ink? Alternate Hypothesis: Yes. we can utilize apple juice as an unseeable ink. Null Hypothesis: No. we can non utilize apple juice as an unseeable ink. Problem # 2: Is apple juice a better option than other stuffs? Alternate Hypothesis: Yes. apple juice is a better alternate. Null Hypothesis: No. other stuffs such as baking sodium carbonate or lemon juice is a better option. General Aims:

1. To be able to look into if apple juice can be used as an unseeable ink Specific Objectives: 1. To be able to utilize apple juice as an unseeable ink 2. To be able to cognize how fast the juice oxidizes which would do the concealed words seeable. Significance of the survey This survey aims to happen out if apple juice is a good beginning of unseeable ink compared to other fruit juices or stuffs. Scope and Limitation You need to pull out a batch of juice from the apple to be able to finish words on the paper compared to other stuffs which is readily available. Definition of Footings Apple – a fruit which is considered by everybody as delightful and healthy. Color may be ruddy or green. Invisible ink – an ink that is non seeable to the bare oculus.

Chapter II Review of Related Literature The universe as we know it began with the apple. Harmonizing to Genesis 3:6. Eve partook of the out fruit. gave it to Adam and their eyes were opened. This fruit of cognition is by and large represented by the apple. Were it non for Eve’s evildoing. world would ne’er hold been born. In the eyes of Christians. at least. our universe began with the apple.

Malus pumila. the Eden apple has been symbolic of many things throughout history. The genus name Malus comes from the Latin root “mal” which means bad or evil. In the Garden of Eden it represents wickedness and cognition. “…the apple of my eye” are the words used by Jehovah in the Old Testament of the Bible. to depict his favorite people. The ‘apple’ of the oculus is the student. the centre. God said he kept the kids of Israel in the apple of his oculus as a manner of stating to them that they were cardinal and favored. that he watched over them even in their tests.

Cuting an apple cross-wise will uncover more symbolism. The form revealed is a five-pointed star. This pentacle. though frequently mistaken for a demonic symbol. is really a Christian symbol which represents the expiation. This five pointed star is besides called the Star of Bethlehem. stand foring the star that appeared at the birth of Jesus Christ. The seeds within the star of the fruit represent the Resurrection and Immortality or Rebirth. as this is how the fruit continues its life. This one fruit symbolizes the Birth. Sin and Death of adult male. so the Birth of a Savior who will Expiate and Resurrect him to Immortality and Eternal Life.

This symbolism was carried though to several ancient heathen civilizations as good. The Scandinavians had their goddess. Iduna whose name meant ‘at-one-ness. ’ really near to the word ‘atonement. ’ Harmonizing to fable. she tended the apple groves at Asgard a land for the Immortals. To Asgard the other Gods went each dark to regenerate themselves. Their immortality depended on partaking of Iduna’s apples.

Like Asgard. Avalon was another topographic point for the Immortals. It was believed that Celtic heros like King Arthur didn’t dice but sailed through the mist to make Avalon. Avalon was the “Apple Island” . The name came from the Welsh word “afal” or apple.

The Irish fabulous heros were summoned to Emain Ablach. ( Emain of the Apple Trees ) or the Avalon equivalent. “Avallach” . This was done by an “other-worldly adult female who brings the hero a silvery-white blossomed apple subdivision from Emain…” Some believe these fables to be rooted in descriptions of druidic ceremonials.

In add-on to being a fruit rich in symbolism. there is much works traditional knowledge assigned to the apple. Apple boughs hung above the door frame of a house are said to bless the twosome that resides in this with added peace and love. Others have used the apple in a love enchantment that involves cutting the apple cross-wise and sharing it with the 1 that you love to increase the attractive force. In Danish folklore. nevertheless. apples are believed to shrivel around fornicators.

Many American kids have bobbed for apples on Halloween. This child’s game may hold originated from and Irish Tradition. “La mom nbhal. ” This was “the banquet of the apple gathering” which took topographic point on All Hallow Eve. There was a spicy cyder and toast drink in which apples were floated. “It was usual for each individual who partook of the spicy drink to take out an apple and eat it. wishing good fortune to the company. ”

In England on Christmas Eve. there one time was a popular usage called. “wassailing the grove trees. ” The husbandman with his household and workers would honour the most productive trees in the grove with cyder and hot bars while stating the following toast three times: Almost everyone has eaten an apple. but have you of all time asked the inquiry where do apple trees turn? The apple trees we know today originated from the a wild apple tree that was native to Central Asia. It can still be found turning in the cragged parts of Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan and China. Amazingly. this original apple tree is the ascendant of about every assortment of apples that are available today. but unluckily this species is non listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Most species of apples prefer a cool or temperate clime for optimum turning conditions. They tolerate cold conditions really good. but should be planted in full sunshine and off from any frost pockets ( the country where cold air settees ) . They require some maintaining. such as lacrimation and fertilizing. but are by and large easy to care for. There are some specially developed species that can digest hot and humid conditions. but most apples are still grown in ice chest parts. Many states now grow apples for commercial intents. China and the United States are the world’s top apple manufacturers. followed by Iran. Turkey. Russia. Italy and India which all produce over two million metric tons per twelvemonth. The universe production of apples now sits at merely under 60 five million metric tons. Within the United States over 60 % of entire production takes topographic point in Washington province where conditions for turning apples are ideal


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