apes summer

During the fifteen minutes that I sat there in these three different places I heard many different sounds, saw various things and smelled tons of scents, some not so pleasant. All of theses places where similar but also very different. When I was in the National park I was able to hear animals, like the crunching of the leaves as squirrels scurried across them, the chirping of birds back in fourth to each other as if they where communicating, the frogs rabbeting, fly’s flying circles around my ear, I swear they where trying to annoy me on purpose. I saw trees with tons of green, veiny leaves, moist dirt, colorful flowers, and babbling creeks. This park was so green and peaceful. It was so quiet, all I could hear was nature. As I sat in my backyard not many things changed I still saw trees and streams but I also saw things like my dogs playing and then my old swing set swinging as the wind pushed it back and fourth. When I listened I didn’t hear as many subtle sounds but I heard a little bit more commotion. I heard my mom talking to my neighbors and cars driving by. Also the sound of the TV from inside, my dad making dinner, my brother pulling into the driveway. These things where much more lively than the park. But then I got to the Outdoor cafe called “Salt” in downtown Roswell where everything was much more chaotic. There was live music, horns honking, cars passing, people chattering, food being smoked, plates banging, silverware dropping, babies crying etc. it was so crazy and usually I wouldn’t have noticed all of the sound I would of usually just went on with the day but now that I was listening to every sound my ears where actually starting to hurt. And unlike the last two places where I smelled fresh air, I smelled all assortments of spices and gas from the cars. And where I once saw trees and dirt I know saw buildings and pavement

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