Mid Term Essay
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Mid Term Essay
Anthropology is unique due to its concerning human nature which is broken down into four different subfields. The four major fields are Biological, Cultural, Linguistic and Archaeology anthropology all four fields have a very diverse approach to the study of humans. For example Cultural anthropologist are more focused on things like social and religious beliefs within the human species. While Biological (Physical) anthropologist are interested in the evolution of humans. Linguistic anthropologist study languages within the human’s species. And lastly Archaeology anthologists studies humans by fossil remains. While even though all four sub fields study the human with different approaches they all still use a scientific method in their researches to study human kind.
I’m a primate. You’re a primate everyone reading this is a primate. We hear humans are primates, but what does that mean that humans are ancestors to apes? No not exactly it just means that we share similar traits with primates such as apes and chimpanzees. According to the Smithsonian magazine “humans share more DNA with lemurs, monkeys, and apes than they do with any other mammals.” Carl Linnaeus was the first to classify humans with monkeys and apes in his 18th century taxonomic system. So now that we know that we similar apes what traits do we really share. Well first vision humans an apes can both see color. The ability to stand upright while humans always walk on 2 legs so can apes. Both humans an apes share the same diet we are both omnivorous meaning we eat both plants and meat. Communication and language is another trait that we share and also sociability both humans an apes love to spend a great deal of time socializing. While we share a few common things with apes human primates have a few things that make them unique as well. For example human’s feet and hands differ from apes while they have them as well as…


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