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This essay will demo the application of Transactional Analysis ( TA ) and Gestalt Counselling ( GC ) to a client. and will see what possible results could be achieved.
For the intent of this essay I will be utilizing a current client. so to conceal his individuality he will be called Mr. A. Mr. A is a immature male who is presently holding troubles in being able to partake in long term relationships with females. He finds it hard to perpetrate because he is afraid of acquiring injury. He hence merely kip with many different adult females maintaining his emotions at bay. Mr. A nevertheless does desire to hold a relationship and “stop messing with misss. and handle them in the same manner that I want to be treated” . Mr. A says he has been hurt in the past by a female he was in love with. He idolised her in every manner and thought she was perfect. She left him with no account or ground and ne’er spoke to him once more. and Mr. A has non been able to travel on from this since.

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Transactional Analysis
TA is the theory of the personality and helps understand and explicate personal growing and personal alteration. It looks at the interaction between people and our internal interactions between our different egos. TA doctrine consists of three premises about people and life. •People are all right: All people have worth. This non related to their achievements. but merely accepting that I am me and you are you and we both have worth even if we do non wish what the other bash. •Everyone has the capacity to believe: All people ( par those who are badly encephalon damaged ) can believe. For that ground it is all our single duty to make up one’s mind what it is we want from life. Each individual will populate with what he or she decides. •People decide their ain fate. and these determinations can be changed: Peoples use schemes to assist them in life which were foremost used in their childhood.

These schemes were used as a manner for the kid to last and acquire what they want. nevertheless as a grown up these schemes may non work in the manner they used to. Associating in to this is besides the thought that no 1 or thing can do an single feel a certain manner. It is up to the individual if they choose to experience the manner their surrounding environment is coercing them to make so. We are ever responsible for our ain feelings and behaviors. but determinations that we do do can be changed. This means that all people can alter. They learn non to utilize defective schemes from childhood and interrupt the form. How non to give to outside force per unit areas and feel and act the manner they want to. We will besides briefly expression at some of the theory used in this essay. •Ego State theoretical account ( PAC )

These are assorted different provinces of “I” that have a flow of duologue between them related to our ideas. feelings. and behavior. “It is the manner in which we manifest a portion of our personality at any given clip. ” ( Stewart. I and Joines. V 1987 ) .

It is made of three parts the Parent. Adult. and Child. •The Parent ( P ) is a person’s ethical motives. These are traits that have been copied from parents or parental figures and can either be fostering and caring or commanding and critical depending on single experiences. •The grownup ( A ) is the portion of us that trades with the here and now and is cognizant of the present state of affairs. •The kid ( C ) is the portion that is replayed from our kid goon. It is the portion of us that feels. is originative and intimate or can be dying and scared or rebellious and defensive once more depending on single experiences.

•Life Scripts
This is a procedure that has taken topographic point during our childhood in which we create for our self’s a life narrative. It is the manner in which we give life a significance. and understand ourselves and the general outside universe. It determines our attitudes and beliefs in life. but is something that can be changed when made aware of the current book we are populating. Life books can either be winning ; carry throughing ends. losing or commonplace ; ne’er doing any large wins or losingss.

Using Transactional Analysis
The first topographic point to get down the application of TA to Mr. A’s instance would be to take the three premises and see how they fit. When believing about “people are ok” . does he experience like this about the miss who broke his bosom? What his is present ideas and feelings of other adult female? It is clear that when he was in love with her. he had put her in a place much higher than himself. doing him less valuable than her. Possibly she felt this hierarchical place that he had created in the relationship seting a batch of force per unit area on to her to be the perfect spouse he wants. Maybe she took advantage of Mr. A’s worship of her and used this to her advantage until she had. had plenty. This premise of “people are ok” can besides be used to look at the manner he is handling females in the present clip. That he is all right and is of worth and value and deserves to hold person love him. but besides that these misss around him besides are of worth and value and merit love to.

He should non believe that these adult females are beneath him because they are non every bit good as his ex. but that everyone is equal. “People can think” will give Mr. A the duty of make up one’s minding for himself what he wants from life. Merely he can take if he finds person to love. It is non up to the yesteryear. that surrounds him with uncertainty about acquiring injury. or the current females he surrounds himself with. but his ain pick to prosecute with one female at a clip and give himself and her a opportunity to seek. The “decision model” will assist Mr. A understand and realise that he can alter his behavior and achieve the things that he wants in life. By looking at the schemes he has been utilizing to assist him get by. we can make new 1s in topographic point of the old 1s and seek to assist him happen a new way. but merely he can make this alteration. Using the above can assist get down to convey to light Mr. A’s ain mentality on life and his current state of affairs. It can supply the beginnings of where work needs to be done utilizing the TA theory. but a deeper cognition is needed to understand where it is we’re get downing from.

Mr. A has already disclosed that when he meets up with these adult females that he has found in a saloon or a nine. that right from the start he has no purpose of being serious with them. so why does he take these adult females? Using the ego-state theoretical account we can see that possibly Mr. A is in a negative/ rebellious kid province when he approaches these adult females. Choosing adult females. who display features that to him connote. are non married woman stuff. “not the type of adult female I’d of all time take place to run into the household. ” This manner he is able to acquire his physical demands met without going excessively attached. because it is made easy by his critical parent who makes judgement to go forth. A scheme Mr. A has learnt possibly from a past experience to assist him acquire a portion of what he wants. So Mr. A possibly feels he is protecting himself. by acting in this form. He merely takes a portion of what he wants ( in this instance the physical facets ) and denies himself any emotional connexion. but why does this go on in this manner? Why non merely insulate himself off from adult females wholly?

The one adult female who he feels he merely of all time truly loved met his parent’s outlooks. This meant that his parental province could do a positive judgement over the relationship and give her a positive value. He had found a spouse that fitted his critical parents internally and externally accommodating to their regulations and delighting them. Possibly this is why to him she was so perfect. However she broke his bosom. and Mr. A was hurt profoundly. He had adapted to his parents demands and found what was thought to be the perfect adult female. but still ended up unhappy and his parent’s dissapointed. Now Mr. A rebels against what his parents want for him as all this achieved was grief. He wants to hold a relationship. but doesn’t because he says he is scared. but by non settling down. and by kiping with adult females that he knows his parents would abstain from he besides rebels against them. and claims a mini indirect signifier of retaliation on them.

He followed their regulations and outlooks and got hurt. so now he “protect myself” whilst aching them back. Mr. A’s life book seems to for the minute really commonplace. He makes no large wins or losingss by taking no major hazards. This of class was non the instance when he was with his ex. because before they broke up he likely felt like he was populating out a winning life book. But the thought that he adored so much may demo that he ever thought it excessively good to be true possibly? His life book was evidently influenced by his parents. but as explained within the premises all actions taken are decisional by him. Not merely is of import to look at Mr. A now in the present context and how is past got him at that place. but where it is he plans ( perchance unconsciously ) to be in the hereafter. and what his life book pay off is?

Gestalt Counselling
The chief focal point of GC is to look at the clients present. It has no focal point on the yesteryear or hereafter. It takes the client as a whole. and focuses around their here and now. It helps them go cognizant of how they are sing their present minute. steering them towards holding a direct emotional apprehension of how they feel. GC believes that people are proactive and can make up one’s mind their ain responses to the universe. They can go cognizant of these responses. and are capable of pick. doing them responsible for their ain behavior. GC besides believes that all people are neither basically good nor bad. The healthy rhythm of Gestalt formation and devastation ( See Appendix A ) is a manner of demoing a healthy uninterrupted flow of experience. It is an indispensable tool within the Gestalt theory. used to understand the diverse theoretical accounts facilitated when looking at healthy and dysfunctional behavior. “Unfinished business” is a nucleus thought when sing clients dysfunctional behavior.

It focuses on where and how energy becomes blocked or interrupted around the rhythm. This means the events experiences and the rhythm are left unfinished. go forthing the individual incomplete in some physical or mental manner. Persons use many different techniques to assist get by and keep them self in the present clip in respects to these past incomplete events. These can be referred to as boundary perturbations. and are arrested developments within the yesteryear or a point within the rhythm which hinders a healthy efficient ego. It includes actions which self-regulate behavior and includes defensive maps. The chief breaks to reach are. Confluence. Introjections. Projection. Retroflection. Egotism. Deflections and Desensitisation ( Perls 1969b ) ( See Appendix B ) . •Desensitisation is when the single avoids experiencing apart of their environment. by pretermiting. thining or ignoring what they are experiencing. •Deflection means to turn away from a individual and avoid holding a rich and graphic connexion with them.

It keeps out the engagement of any emotions or feelings around the thing being talked about. •Introjection is a mechanism where people unknowing return in to themselves all that their civilization and environing Tells them to. It is an credence of other beliefs with no critical thought about it. It causes a deficiency of ego ordinance in respects to their ain demands and wants. •Projection puts in to the outer environment what a individual does non desire to see within them self. and attributes it normally on to another individual. race or group. It basically is a tool used to avoid duty and set us in a place where we are unable to alter. •Retroflection can be split in to two parts. The first being the person does to them self what they want to make to another individual or with another.

They internalise what it is they want to make externally and turn it back on them self. The 2nd is making to yourself what you want to hold done to you. I. e. giving oneself the comfort that they wanted from their parents or spouse. •Egotism is a mechanism that prevents a individual from sing a state of affairs. They step out of their ain life and speak about it like an perceiver. They will ne’er experience the full satisfaction of life and feeling within a minute. because they are excessively involved within them self during the procedure. • Confluence is a bleary differentiation between the ego and another. Two persons become merged in respects to their values. judgement and attitudes burying their differences. It is a tool used to assist get by with feelings of solitariness and separation. Unending unifying leads to a loss of ego.

Using Gestalt Reding
Mr. A needs to go cognizant of his personal issues. and how they relate in to his feelings of being unable to hold a relationship. By going cognizant and whole. he can get down to hold a much healthier and better apprehension of romantic relationships. Mr. A besides needs to understand that there is no instant joy. instant consciousness. or instant remedy. The growing procedure takes clip. and he must be willing to make some ego challenging and painful work to go to the full cognizant in each minute. Kimball ( 2007 ) says the end for Gestalt Therapy is to “unlock the subconscious beliefs. desires. and forms of associating to each other. ” By making this Mr. A will larn healthier communicating. . how to acquire his existent demands met. rebuilding of trust and common regard. Mr. A genuinely needs to understand himself unlock his ain beliefs. desires. forms and demands within himself before he can truly associate to others.

The beginning point for using GC would be excessively determine as to where Mr. A finds himself get downing from. His unfinished concern is his unsatisfactory yesteryear relationship. but why did this go on? Kimball ( 2007 ) stated that struggle occurs because persons mirror each other’s unfinished concern. “projecting their ain personal issues onto their spouse. This normally continues on until most twosomes break up” . like Mr. A. So if Mr. A and his ex were non cognizant of their ain personal issues. they would of projected them onto each other. As it is merely Mr. A being dealt with it is merely his issues that can be looked at and understood. but this may give penetration in to the other. Fow ( 1998 ) says that in GC “emphasis is placed on the person. Each spouse is treated as an person with picks. which are better informed when the partner’s position is understood without undue defensive burden. ” This means that Mr. A should try to understand his ex and any future spouse without any defensiveness. He should see all the grounds his ex did go forth and seek and understand.

He could besides believe about how all the adult female he has been with since feel about him. A good exercising that could be used with Mr. A to assist accomplish this would be the empty chair technique. Mr. A would be able to convey his past struggle of his ex go forthing him in to the present and re-experience those feelings. Alternatively of merely speaking to me about how it felt when she left. he would sit opposite an empty chair and conceive of her sitting at that place. and speak to her about how it feels. This manner his feelings around what happened could be in complete consciousness. Mr. A could so travel frontward with this and topographic point himself in her chair and attempt and embody her emotions and feelings and attempt and derive an different position on what happened and why. He may be able to give himself some elucidation and would enable him to experience some empathy towards her alternatively of choler and hatred. Mr. A could be in a boundary perturbation where his interactions are fixed and stiff. as the victim and he is caught in a ritual playing out of this function.

Prior experiences of falling in love got him ache. and by reiterating the old form and responses of merely kiping with adult female he has no existent involvement in protects him. This means any chances for alteration in these relationships is limited and pointless. if he truly does desire to alter and be in a relationship. Mr. A needs to be encouraged in to doing contact with adult females that is meaningful. The end of increasing meaningful contact is to see making out and to acknowledge or rediscover how it feels to do contact and experience human. Mr. A can see a coming together of a fresh apprehension. and shared thoughts and ideas about feelings. sentiments and life. He can guarantee that he has made good contact by look intoing that he is understood the other and frailty versa. This should promote Mr. A to alter his behavior form. move on his unfinished rhythm and get down a new experience.

Due to the word count I feel that both theories were merely covered briefly. and many other techniques and facets have been over looked. For illustration within TA a deeper apprehension of the self-importance provinces was over looked and how they transact with each other and the minutess between persons within their self-importance provinces. As for GC a more in depth expression at the healthy rhythm of Gestalt formation and devastation. and the links between the boundary perturbations would convey about a better apprehension of the mechanisms Mr. A is utilizing to get by. Both theories have been widely used and have a good success rate. but personally I would prefer to utilize TA. I found it easier to understand and associate to. I have a penchant for the psychodynamic attack. and could see the similarities between both. In respects to Mr. A I feel that both theories would hold a positive impact on Mr. A. Though they are both different attacks they both focus on taking duty for one’s ain actions and being in control of their ain life.

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