Analyzing The House On Mango Street English Literature Essay

Every miss dreams to be beautiful one twenty-four hours. No affair how immature she is, she will eventually understand her beauty and her gender. When the miss finds that out, she will use her gender somehow to prosecute what she wants. In Sandra Cisneross The House on Mango Street, misss in those yearss are non every bit free as we nowadays. Furthermore, their lives are suffering. Some of these misss are beaten often and some of these misss are restricted from what they want to make. Although they try really difficult to command their ain lives, their lives are still controlled by the work forces around them. Its like their fates, decided when they were born. When these misss become old plenty, they find out about their gender. They find out that they can utilize their genders to get away from their current lives. They want to get away from the limitations and force. Sexuality seems provide a way for adult females to get away from their blue powerless lives and prosecute their ain dreams ; nevertheless, gender doesnt conveying power and freedom, but danger and limitation, which make adult females trapped in the house, left entirely, and treated violently.

Siting by the window and cachexia lives are non the merely awful things with gender. Sexuality doesnt give adult females the power and freedom they want, but restricts their actions, and leads to violent actions. The character, Sally, to the full illustrates this state of affairs. Sally is a really beautiful miss. She knows everything about manner. She wears make up and short skirts. She leans against the schoolyard fencing entirely with her eyes closed as if on one was watching. ( 82 ) All the male childs are attracted by her and chitchat about her. However, her beauty is seen to be a danger and a menace to her male parent. Therefore, her father doesnt allow her out of house except for school. He thinks Sally is traveling to run away like his sister who made the household ashamed. ( 92 ) Besides Sally has to travel back place right after school, her male parent beats her harshly. Once, Sallys male parent sees Sally is speaking to a male child, he forgets Sally is his girl ( 93 ) and beats her between the buckle and the belt. ( 93 ) Because of this hurt, Sally can non go to school following twenty-four hours. Then, Sally starts to make a batch of sexual actions merely to bury her male parent and the violent household. In a party, several male childs steal Sallys keys. They tell Sally that she cant acquire the keys back unless she kisses all the male childs and Sally pretended to be huffy at first but she said yes. ( 96 ) Then, they go behind the auto. Sally is playing the small game with the male childs. She knows that her beauty attracts these male childs. Furthermore, she knows that she will be the also-ran in the game. However, she is willing to take these sexual actions to seek an flight from her suffering day-to-day life, even if she can merely bury about her calamity for merely one second.

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Sexuality sometimes brings misss out of a violent household and lets them own what they want, but it will so throw them into a coop where they are still restricted, and treated like prisoners. Sally marries to an old salesman, who takes her to another province at last. Sally says she likes being married because now she gets to purchase her ain things when her hubby gives her money. ( 101 ) . She should be happy because she eventually gets off from her male parent who ever beats her up. However, the new life isnt every bit fantastic as people expected. Her hubby beats her every bit good when he is angry. In add-on, he doesnt allow her speak on the telephone, and he doesnt allow her look out the window. And he doesnt like her friends, so nobody gets to see her unless he is working. ( 102 ) How sorrowful it is! She is non allowed to reach her friends and she doesnt even have the chance to look out of the window and dream about her life as other adult females in the book do. Furthermore, she is even afraid to travel outdoors without her hubbies permission. She looks at all the things they own: the towels and the wassailer, the dismay clock and the curtains. She like looking at walls, at how neatly their corners run into, the linoleum roses on the floor, the ceiling smooth as marrying bar. ( 102 ) Merely as it says in the book, at this point, Sally does have a batch of things, but all these stuffs she ain replace her freedom wholly. She is trapped in the matrimony, in the nuptials bar.

Sex seems so charming that every small girl attempts to prosecute, but it leads to serious danger. Esperanza is a resolved miss who merely wants to acquire out of Mango Street. Make up and fashionable apparels are a true appeal to a miss who is turning into a immature adult female. When she meets Sally, Esperanza admires Sally. Esperanza wants to be Sallys friend and tries a new life style with manner, beauty and sex. At that clip, Esperanza wants to be the adult female in the film who drives the work forces brainsick and laughs them all off. ( 89 ) However, the danger comes in secret as she becomes cognizant of her gender. When she gets her first occupation, she doesnt know whether to stand or sit during working and she is afraid to eat with other people. Then, a adult male talks to her and becomes friend with her. Although Esperanza attracts the adult male and receives aid, it is non a good thing. The adult male says that it is his birthday and asks Esperanza to snog him. When Esperanza decides to snog him on the cheeks, the adult male grabbed her face with both custodies and kissed her difficult on the oral cavity and didnt Lashkar-e-Taiba travel. ( 55 ) This is non the lone danger gender brought to Esperanza. Later, when Esperanza is waiting for Sally, she is rapped by a group of male childs. For a small miss, who merely becomes cognizant of her gender and still woolgather about how this freshly found hoarded wealth would convey her a good life, these sexual assaults are important. These unhappy experiences may be with Esperanza everlastingly.

Some other times, gender merely doesnt conveying anything, which left misss in their blue lives. Marin is another miss in this book. She is a dreamer. She dreams that if you ever acquire to look beautiful and acquire to have on nice apparels, you can run into person in the metro who might get married you and take you live in a large house far off. ( 26 ) She knows how to demo her gender to the male childs, and makes the male childs see her. In the eventides, she ever takes the wireless out and dances on the street. Marin is beautiful, but her gender doesnt bring any luck to her. She is ever the one under the street visible radiation, dancing by herself, waiting for a auto to drop, a star to fall, person to alter her life. ( 27 )

Sexuality ever plays a major function in womens lives. Most of the clip, people think gender is propitious. It gives adult females assurance so that adult females can acquire the occupations they want. Sexuality besides emphasizes adult females beauty, which can provides them good hubbies. However, non a batch of adult females are lucky plenty to have these lucks. Because of societal background or household background, the gender of adult females in certain societies, such as the 1 in The House on Mango Street, is tied up with independency. These adult females are obsessed with the limitations and force at place. They hope that gender can assist them acquire out of the predicament, and given them a free and happy life. However, what the gender truly provides is a gaol. All the good images about the matrimony and the new life are merely a mirage.


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