Analyzing Joan Crawford Through Three Movies Film Studies Essay

Analyzing the Star through 3 of Their Films- Joan Crawford, Joan Crawford is a hard-working, strong-willed, talented, capturing, specialized, graceful, amusing, hideous, confident, self-indulgent and a strong adult female. Everything about her was capturing furthermore her enthusiasm and involvements were so appealing.

Joan Crawford moved from being a soundless star to an astonishing cantonment queen furthermore her movie calling of 45 old ages are the substance of a Gatsby-esque fabrication of endurance and reinvention. Concurrently glorious, tragic, brassy, and hype-filled, her history is the very personification of the existent version of the American Dream ( David, 24 ) .

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Rationally, Joan Crawford could non hold made it at the beginning. Joan Crawford was ignored and abused at school and at place. She started her amusement calling with shocking Midwest dance-hall public presentations for going salesmen. After she graduated to a chorus-girl topographic point in a show inside New York City, Joan Crawford still had to work after-hours inside nines to gain hard currency. Her first movie experiment was a floating-point operation.

Despite the challenges, Crawford managed to do an astoundingly strong and wide-ranging organic structure of work for over 45 old ages, inside a calling that often reflected both her times and the manner of the industry: inside the 1920s she was the representation of the lively nevertheless soulful flapper ; within the 1930s, she personified a Depression-era province ‘s hopes with her word pictures of both feisty working misss every bit good as glamourous society misss ; during the post-war 1940s, her occupation was darker, as she indulged into both noir every bit good as domestic play ; within the 1950s, among a smattering of austere play, her work often took a campy bend, a manner that hastened with her Grand Guignol epoch of the 1960s moreover has possibly attained its post-modern absurdist extremum with the long-run cult or campfavorite rank of Mommie Dearest.

Joan Crawford can be seen as an early paradigm of the modern adult females within an age of altering functions for adult females. She is really beautiful by nature and has continued to be really near to her household despite the fact that she is populating in the glamour capitol of the Earth. She is contented in and with her personal organic structure. She does non face convention to be a rebellion ; she merely neglects those ordinances that are non relevant to her. She is talented and successful inside a hard profession. Crawford ‘s wrote her book, My Way of Life, which was published by Simon and Schuster in 1971 uncovering issues refering training, exercising, closet, and even nutrient storage. She was so caring since she adopted four kids. Despite her large bosom, she was every bit good stood for good ethical motives since she disinherited her two oldest kids and offered them nil in her last will.

The Star

Stars are really of import since they act out characteristics of life that affair to the society ; furthermore performing artists can be stars one time what they act out issues that satisfy people. Just like Joan Crawford a star public presentation is non merely based on life on movie nevertheless her life as a famous person. Consequently the image of a star is multifaceted, layering as it does the histrion in a refined production which is a movie every bit good as the public image of the star as an entity. Furthermore these are layered over the confidential or existent individual that at all times exists underneath and supply the character a stableness that is credible. A portion from complexness there is besides the facet of clip. Different characteristics prevail at different times within a star ‘s calling ( David, 12 ) .

Aristotle alleged that calamity must be refering epic figures, persons whose lives were of import, whose attitudes and finding of facts were of monumental value. The movie audience might hold taken this a measure to an advanced degree. Intentionally or non, we know that it is an histrion who performs in the portion we watch ; as a consequence, we transfer our claims from the character to the actress or the histrion. The audience expects them to be particular, bigger than life ; the audience wants to cognize everything sing their life so that they can acknowledge and link with the state of affairss of their personal lives on the other manus, the audience wants them to be different from them to boot. Stars so are required to hold a cosmopolitan entreaty ; conversely, at the same time they must be distinguishable and identifiable as persons. This is because it is as persons responding to the state of affairss of life that the audience identify with and esteem the star. It is besides the quality of individualism that is different for every star.


Inside her book, My Way of Life, Joan Crawford says that her personality is the force behind the throne, her character that gives her common sense every bit good as the strength to get the better of the unsmooth times. Furthermore she says that her character is a gift from her female parent since her male parent left when she was immature. Taking into history her background, it is easy to detect why she chose and was winning in her functions refering household ties ; she had a brother since her sister died at a stamp age. Their household was extra-ordinary but they were really close back uping each other where possible ( David, 29 ) .

Harriet Craig is a Columbia Pictures movie having Joan Crawford produced in 1950. Neurotic stickler Harriet Craig acted by Joan Crawford makes life intolerable for everyone around her, peculiarly her hubby Walter acted by Wendell Corey. Equally shortly as it became apparent that her hubby will have a work undertaking that will acquire in the manner of her position quo, she disrupts the programs and even manages in maintaining his best buddy Billy Birkmire acted by Allyn Joslyn outside the house. When Harriet Craig immature cousin Clare hooks up with Wes Miller, Harriet every bit good ends to the love affair. In the long tally, her hubby additions indicants of his married woman ‘s existent personality. He breaks one of her darling household ownerships, a cherished Ming vase, and wantonnesss Harriet Craig with her one true love which was her perfect house ( Lawrence, 9 ) .

In Harriet Craig, Joan Crawford brings out the subject of matrimony and selfishness in American civilization where there are specific persons who merely thwart everyone around them. This can be through awful employers, intolerable and selfish partners who merely think about themselves and atrocious friends. In America civilization divorce and separation rates are on the rise because of selfish characters like Joan Crawford in Harriet Craig.

Johnny Guitar is a Republic Pictures Western film1954 having Joan Crawford, Mercedes McCambridge, Sterling Hayden and Scott Brady.Vienna has constructed a barroom on the outer portion of town ; moreover she hopes to set up her ain town every bit shortly as the railway is completed, despite the fact that the townspeople wants her out of town. When four strong work forces delay a stagecoach and slaying a adult male the town disposal, supervised led by Emma Small, approaches the barroom to take four of Vienna ‘s familiarities, the Dancin ‘ Kid every bit good as his work forces. Vienna acted by Joan Crawford stands strong against all of them, and is supported by the presence of an old friend of hers called Johnny Guitar, who is nil like what he appears to be ( Nicholas, Joan, Sterling and Mercedes, 15 ) .

Johnny Guitar is a politically anti-McCarthy, which is at one time poetic and irrational. Johnny Guitar can be watched viewed and enjoyed on different ranks. Ray ‘s unsimilarity of modern issues with the background of the Western genre makes Johnny Guitar peculiarly interesting. Conversely, the narrative is about Joan Crawford a adult female who struggles to protect her belongings every bit good as her liberty, which will go on to be imminently of import when the railway passes all the manner through her land.

In Johnny Guitar Joan Crawford brings out the function of a strong adult female who fights to protect her belongings. In American civilization, adult females are fighting so difficult to achieve places antecedently occupied by work forces. Joan Crawford has a vision, aspiration and she is really strong.

Goodbye, My Fancy is a Warner Bros. movie starring Robert Young, Frank Lovejoy and Joan Crawford, in a light narrative refering a adult female and her old fire, it was produced in 1951.

Based on Goodbye, My Fancy by Fay Kanin, this comedy play is about a successful congressman ‘s emotional journey back to her alma mater. The United States representative Agatha Reed acted by Joan Crawford goes back to her alma mater to acquire an honorary grade. When Joan Crawford, Agatha Reed is presented an honorary grade at her old college, she is enforced to retrieve the cause of her ejection. Approximately 20 old ages before, Agatha had an matter with one of her professors called Dr. James Merrill. After her issue, Dr. James Merrill bit by bit rose through the ranks, in the long tally going the president of the college. Regardless of holding left under unpleasant fortunes, Joan Crawford is excited to see Dr. James Merrill and hopes to resuscitate their relationship. In the interim, newspaper journalist Matt Cole, non merely goes after Agatha to her old university, but he every bit good proposes matrimony unsuccessfully. Unfortunately for him, the alumnus ‘s attending is set tightly towards her old fire. Conversely, one time Matt and Agatha work together in a passionate effort to revise the school ‘s out-of-date set of classs, she recognizes who she truly loves.

In Goodbye, My Fancy, Joan Crawford brings out ideological concerns and different sociological factors present in the American civilization. In the present twenty-four hours, the rate of professor- pupil relationship is on the addition. She shows this by moving as the pupil who was expelled because of holding a relationship with her professor ( Fay, 7 ) .

In decision, Joan Crawford is really successful as an actress ; this is seen in her astonishing work of over 45 old ages. She has had adversity in her full life and sit it out, toiled through it, non given in. she is really independent despite being loved. She matured with manner and courteousness and great reluctance. Joan Crawford has the kernel of the winning adventuress: no affair the adversities, she survives unhurt with her sense of wit indoors good working order.

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