Analysis The Case Of Lehman Brother Bankruptcy

In 1844, 23-year-old Henry Lehman, the boy of a cattle merchandiser, immigrated to the United States from Rimpar, Bavaria. He settled in Montgomery, Alabama, where he opened a dry-goods shop, “ H. Lehman ” . From this shop Lehman started the concern foundation and saw a mark to accomplish a high place in all over the figure one place in all over universe. In 1850 the house changed its name from “ H. Lehman ” to Lehman Brothers ” . This house sucessed in a really good place and put a chief mark to provied good concern formation. Lehman Brothers founded in 1850, is a planetary financial-services house. The house does concern in investing banking, equity and fixed-income gross revenues, research and trading, investing direction, private equity, and private banking. It is a primary trader in the U.S. Treasury securities market. The house ‘s world-wide central office are in New York City, with regional central offices in London and Tokyo, every bit good as offices located throughout the universe. In 2003 house entered into a colony with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and this house was the one of the 10 houses to come in into a colony. During the center of 2007 house faced hapless market status and subprime implicit in losingss.

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In an event, immense losingss accrued in lower-rated mortgage-backed securities throughout 2008. By this Lehman faced loss 73 % on the footing of the stock exchange public presentation. On September9, 2008 lehman found more loss 3 % to 4 % and by this Lehman made approximately loss public presentation dealing values. On Saturday September 13, 2008, Timothy F. Geithner, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York called a meeting on the hereafter of Lehman, which included the possibility of an exigency settlement of its assets.

Lehman reported that it had been in negotiations with Bank of America and Barclays for the company ‘s possible sale. However, both Barclays and Bank of America finally declined to buy the full company. After this meeting the house filed for bankruptcy under U.S. Laws. Sub-prime place loan mortgage crises that chiefly impact on the formation of losingss at least the loss in the U.S. and in Europe.

This bankruptcy became the biggest bankruptcy make fulling in history that the 4th largest US invest bank, faced bomber dainty mortgage crises. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, was a planetary financial-services house active prior to its bankruptcy and sale in 2008. The house did concern in investing banking, equity and fixed-income gross revenues research and trading, investing direction, private equity, and private banking.

It was a primary trader in the U.S. Treasury securities market. By doing the proviso of supplying the high public presentation of loan installations to their client Lehman thought good values but the Lehman did non cognizant about the loss and this becomes high crises.

Lehman Brother plus direction was continued to execute the high net income in portfolio and keep the proper banking dealing but by the doing the high percentile net income rating its maps becomes the loss due to the crises of low executing loan minutess.


The subprime mortgage crisis is an on-going existent estate crisis and fiscal crisis triggered by a dramatic rise in mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures in the United States, with major inauspicious effects for Bankss and fiscal markets around the Earth. The crisis, which has its roots in the shutting old ages of the twentieth century, became evident in 2007 and has exposed permeant failings in fiscal industry ordinance and the planetary fiscal system.

What happened?

The house wanted to put in the loan proposal and supply installations towards the stock exchange. Basically its investing banking and trading divisions were acquired and to invested in a loan Lehman money. But the bank CEO was cognizing the hazard about the investing of bank loan. But Lehman was forced and the company faced loss 94 % of its market value. In 2007 Lehman Brothers were responsible for doing the 50 % of the planetary gross.

There is mortgage crisis in United States due to worsen in monetary values of real-estates. As a consequence, lodging loans made by the bank to people with small support made these loans really hazardous, and when involvement rates were raised by these Bankss, these borrowers could no more repay Lehman. This led to immense losingss for Lehman.

It caused $ 60 billion loss in bad existent estate loans for Lehman Bros. One of the chief ground for its ruin was its hapless dealingss with top Bankss of United States. They refused to make concern with Lehman due to over-confidence of its CEO over the Lehman fiscal assets. And after large debt of $ 639 billion, when Lehman asked Barclays and Bank of America for acquisition, they merely rejected the offer.


US stock turned loss into $ 300 billion in market value.

Lehman lost house minutess up to 95 % .

AIG retreated 42 % on support concerns.

Bank of America Corp slumped 14 % after holding to purchase Merrill Lynch & A ; Co. for $ 50 billion.

Europe and Asia stock hides.

Unable to manage the colony of the default restructuring events.

Less rating of the investing bank through anterior crises as to decelerate upto loss formation.

Restructuring of the default proviso of the stock exchange rating under the profitableness status.

For this ground, adulthood affairs when pricing the company ‘s debt and the deliverable duties will normally non merchandise at the same monetary value.

It is hence of import to explicitly pattern which duty is the cheapest-to-deliver.

The autumn of Lehman has besides had a strong consequence on little private investors such as bond holders and holders of alleged Minibonds.

In Germany structured merchandises frequently based on an index were sold largely to private investors, senior retired individuals, pupils and households.

Most of those now worthless derived functions were sold by the German arm of Citigroup, the German Citibank now owned by Credit Mutual.


Bad Luck, Acts of God, Circumstances Beyond Your Control: – Businesss frequently go bankrupt because they ca n’t retrieve from natural catastrophes like implosion therapy, or other events like a fire. If the concern does n’t hold adequate insurance, including concern break coverage, it might hold to give up.

Lack of Planing That Forgeting to Save For Emergencies: –

Many concerns fail because they have non planned for exigencies. They live near to the border with their hard currency flow, and so when a big measure comes due, they are in problem. So they borrow from themselves ( or their clients ) , or they delay paying measures, until the sweet sand verbena of debt is excessively large to retrieve from. Although it ‘s hard to make, holding some money saved to pay unexpected measures is necessary for concern endurance.

Poor Financial Decisions: –

Everyone makes errors, but in concern you ca n’t afford mistakes really frequently, peculiarly when it comes to fundss. Large companies frequently think they are immune to the basic Torahs of finance and the regulation that your assets must transcend your liabilities. Small concerns do n’t hold clip to retrieve from these mistakes ; they are like planes winging near to the land ; no border of mistake. Get good fiscal advice, from your board of managers or others, before you make critical concern determinations.


Fiscal establishments globally have recorded more than $ 500 billion of write-offs and recognition losingss as the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has spread to other markets.

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy because they failed to raise adequate capital to procure their debts. This is based on the two ground which are as follows: –


Lehman Brothers had monolithic exposure to belongings derived functions. These are investings that are tied to the value of belongingss such as places and mortgages. Due to the recent lodging clang ( the biggest portion of which is falling belongings values ) , the value of the investings that Lehman had fell significantly.


Lehman had a ton of what is called “ leveraged assets ” . Basically what happened ( the non-basic is for another inquiry ) is Lehman took their assets and took out loans secured by those assets ( for case, utilizing their on-hand hard currency as down payments on loans ) and so invested those loans in the aforesaid belongings derived functions. So, non merely did those investings lose value, but Lehman had to pay the involvement on the money they borrowed ( and later lost ) . In short, Lehman was a casualty of the recognition crunch due to exposure to bad debt.


Understand the grounds, led to the subprime crisis in the US and its impact on the fiscal establishments.

Analyze the forceful schemes that Lehman Brothers followed in the mortgage concern unit dealing.

The function of leading at Lehman Brothers behind the company ‘s rise and subsequent valuable prostration.

Based on the significance of hazard direction, the drawbacks of inordinate purchase.

Analyze the inventions in fiscal instruments and chiefly derived functions.

Analyze the punishment on deficiency of supervising on OTC derived functions and mortgage loaning mechanism in the US.

Argument on the function played by the US policy shapers under for following broad recognition driven, economic growing policy that finally led to the subprime crisis all over universe.


Lehman has retained a claims agent and which was accepted and enter all cogent evidence of claim. After registering a cogent evidence of claim, the counterparty will probably confront a drawn-out delay before it realizes of any payments. Lehman will hold an initial 120-day period to register a program of reorganisation and period may be extended to 18 months from the bankruptcy filing. Courts normally grant such extensions and as a consequence, based on the program of reorganisation and might non be filed until March 2010. Thereafter, there is a period of clip before, the bankruptcy tribunal can corroborate the program. After program verification and there is frequently a short hold before the program becomes effectual and based on even one time effectual, distributions on claims will by and large be sent merely in incremental sums over a figure of months used by the footing rating.




Real Estate





The 158 twelvemonth old Lehman Brothers ‘ move to register for bankruptcy wiped off more than Rs2000 crore from the market rating of those Indian companies in which the US fiscal major made equity investings. Major stocks held through participatory notes issued by Lehman Brothers Investment Management, a SEBI- registered foreign institutional investor, saw their monetary values nosedive. Participatory notes are derivative instruments through which foreign investors that are non registered in India can merchandise on the Indian markets. In add-on to its equity retentions in listed companies, Lehman had besides invested in assorted undertakings of Indian companies, particularly in existent estate. In India, Lehman besides acquired BRICS Institutional Equities concern of research analysts and gross revenues and trading professionals and bought a 26 % interest in Edelweiss Capital Finance, a non banking fiscal company, late. The investing banking major has besides been involved in several Indian initial public offers.


The meltdown in US had a immense impact on Indian IT & A ; IT companies as a big ball of their grosss is from US. Thus, the crisis had decidedly delayed assorted new undertakings. Market beginnings revealed that the companies affected by the crisis such as Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch and AIG have been outsourcing work to Tata Consultancy Services & A ; Infosys. There was a direct impact on the grosss of this companies. As more & A ; more consolidation, acquisition & A ; amalgamations took topographic point in the US, the figure of companies in this infinite came down & A ; shrunk the addressable market for the Indian IT services companies. Consolidation besides led to consolidated IT resources & A ; decrease in IT disbursement, which had negative consequence on the IT companies. The lag besides had an impact on the hiring patterns of Indian IT services companies, who had to now concentrate on just-in-time hiring, instead than advanced hiring patterns like campus enlisting. Therefore, Lehman, every bit much as 60 % of the gross of India ‘s package houses comes from the planetary fiscal sector, so the radioactive dust of Lehman ‘s bankruptcy on India ‘s IT sector can be good imagined.

Real Estate

The prostration of Lehman Brothers and the bailout of Merrill Lynch, the planetary fiscal giants, affected Indian real property companies that were in the procedure of raising fresh financess. Many taking Realtors, already confronting a dearth of financess due to a lag or a rectification in monetary values, found it more hard to raise resources even at the undertaking degree. The Indian companies are non merely unable to raise fresh capital but they are besides happening it hard to sell the stock list of lodging stock as demand & A ; monetary values both have fallen.


ICICI Bank said that it might necessitate to do an extra proviso of $ 28 million ( Rs.188 crore ) on its exposure to bonds issued by Lehman. It had already made commissariats of $ 12 million on these bonds.


Indian IT major Wipro Technologies has expressed involvement in command for the Indian back office concern of Lehman. The belly-up investing banking house is expected to shut its confined unit in Mumbai by the terminal of this month. The unit ‘s 1200 employees, who work on equity research and analytics support for the amalgamations and acquisitions concern, have been asked to discontinue by September terminal. Unlike employees in Lehman ‘s investing banking concern who have been having antennas from domestic Bankss, employees in the confined BPO are improbable to happen alternate occupations rapidly because the IT and IT- enabled services industries have already begun retrenchment, owing to the planetary fiscal crisis.


The RBI had moved rapidly to better liquidness. Still there could be some impact on recognition handiness. That implies more expensive recognition ( even public sector Bankss are said to be raising money at 11.5 % , so that loaning rates will edge up to 16 % and higher ) .For companies looking to raise capital, the option of funding through fresh equity is non inexpensive, either, since stock ratings have suffered in the aftermath of the FII pull out.Capital has all of a sudden become more expensive. There is a hazard that undertakings underway will endure from holds and cost overproductions as cost of recognition shoots up. Real estate could be most affected sector.


Estimates of impact have continued to mount. During April 2008, International Monetary Fund estimated that planetary losingss for fiscal establishments would near $ 1 trillion. One twelvemonth subsequently, the IMF estimated cumulative losingss of Bankss and other fiscal establishments globally would transcend $ 4 trillion. This is equal to U.S. $ 20,000 for each of 200,000,000 people.

Francis Fukuyama has argued that the crisis represents the terminal of the fiscal sector, which was increased the high rating of the losingss.

Economist Paul Krugman wrote in 2009: The prosperity of a few old ages ago, such as it was – net incomes were terrific, rewards non so much depended on a immense bubble in lodging, which replaced an earlier immense bubble in stocks. And since the lodging bubble is n’t coming back, the disbursement that sustained the economic system in the pre-crisis old ages is n’t coming back either. The U.S. economic system grew at a 1 % rate during the Bush old ages.

The current recognition crisis will come to an terminal when the overhang of stock lists of freshly built places is mostly liquidated, and place monetary value deflation comes to an terminal. That will stabilise the now-uncertain value of the place equity that acts as a buffer for all place mortgages, but most significantly for those held as collateral for residential mortgage-backed securities. Very big losingss will, no uncertainty, be taken as a effect of the crisis.

Fiscal deductions of bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers

Over 5,000 employees in the UK have already lost their occupations, while approximately 20,000 in the US might every bit good bury traveling back to their work Stationss. About 2,500 Lehman employees in India will besides shortly acquire the pink faux pas.

Wall Street has lost its glorification in universe concern. Three of the Street ‘s five major independent agents have disappeared. Now we have merely Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley left.

Large loss for Indian package companies.

Higher Recognition rates and adoption costs.

Slow down of US economic system and portion markets.


On 1 December 2008 through 31 March 2009, the peculiar 2nd study was emphasized on the fiscal information that involved the farther probe. This study should be read in concurrence with the first study of 22 December 2008. The bankruptcy of LBT is lawfully complex and has the usual cross-border facets. In this study the Bankruptcy Trustee represents the present province of personal businesss in a simplified mode in conformity with the guidelines for bankruptcy coverage applicable in the Netherlands.

On 27 March 2009 a new bill of exchange understanding was proposed by the Joint Administrators with conditions sing the handing over of the gathered records. This bill of exchange understanding, nevertheless, includes limitations for the usage of the administrative informations that are unacceptable to the Bankruptcy Trustee.


Economic activity affects corporate net incomes, investors expectation and finally security monetary values. With its keeping company under tribunal protection, Lehman, broker-dealer subordinates would be included in the filing and that its Neuberger Berman.

Lehman Asset Management units would go on to carry on concern as usual. Lehman said that it was still seeking to sell its broker-dealer operations and investing direction division which affects on the economic status.

The Indian banking sector, among the best regulated and did non handle in any of the surpluss committed, their much larger and more influential western economical footing dealing. Public ownership of a big portion of the banking system had ever been a good characteristic.

There is of import to cognize about proper rating of the high economic investors dealing. The crisis has begun to decelerate down the broader economic system as Bankss make, loans and consumers have begun cutting disbursement.

Many economic experts are now calculating that the economic system could steal into recession period and faced so many economical crises underachieving good public presentation.

Technical ASPECTS

In proficient facets the force of supply and demand are reflected in forms of monetary value and volume of trading and to analysis the prognosis keeping period output.

Lehman is far and off larger than Long-run Capital and the capital markets have grown up since that decennary ago. Lehman as bad, but non cognizant about the hazard related to the crises.

The hazardous portion is that many of the Bankss take parting in this unit of ammunition of dialogues have been severely faced by the same mortgage-related exposures that are blighting Lehman, and many are freeloading to raise capital for themselves.

The figure of issues shows the unequal rating of the market status of the public presentation based on the proficient status or methods.

Lehman were ever looking for purchasers, class since the sub-prime crisis began. They had invested to a great extent in subprime loaning and one time that sector it was merely a affair of clip before Lehman fell.

They had hoped that the US authorities would bail them out the manner that they had done for the lodging houses Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But the authorities could non be expected to coup d’etat Lehman merely for the immense sum of debt that it had accumulated.


This is based to analysis the securities. To gauge the portion value of the company after the procedure of amalgamation is possibly, beyond the range of an ordinary investor. While believing to include such portions in the portfolio, one must take the advice of a fiscal adviser, because the issues involved are many and complicated. Such minutess carry with it the full liabilities accrued by that concern, over its yesteryear and the hazard that the company is likely to confront in the unsure commercial environment. The charges come after Lehman received blessing in June to examine whether Barclays got “ excessively good of a trade ” when it bought Lehman ‘s securities firm concern, as the British bank was able to rapidly book a $ 4.2 billion addition on its $ 1.75 billion purchase.


Tax cuts are the first measure that a authorities contending recessive tendencies or a fully fledged recession proposes to make.

The authorities besides hikes its disbursement to make more occupations and hike the fabrication and services sectors and to shore up up the economic system.

The authorities besides takes stairss to assist the private sector come out of the crisis.

Initial estimations of the cost of the Treasury bailout proposed by the Bush Administration ‘s draft statute law were in the scope of $ 700 billion to $ 1 trillion U.S. dollars.

President George W. Bush asked Congress on September 20, 2008 for the authorization to pass every bit much as $ 700 billion to buy troubled mortgage assets and incorporate the fiscal crisis.


A lag in the US economic system is bad intelligence for India.

Indian companies have major outsourcing trades from the US.

India ‘s exports to the US have besides grown well over the old ages.

Indian companies with large tickets trades in the US are seeing their net income borders shriveling.

More people have sold the portions in the Indian portion market than they bought in the recent hebdomads. This has added to the autumn of Sensex to take down points.

One danger interim is of a dip in the employment market. There is already anecdotal grounds of this in the IT and fiscal sectors, and studies of quiet downsizing in many other Fieldss as companies cut costs. More than the downsizing itself, which may non affect big Numberss, what this implies is a important bead in new hiring and that will alter the skin color of the occupation market.

Many companies has laid off their staffs, the figure of tourers inflow to India has come down, companies have cut down compensations and fringe benefits etc, authorities and other private companies are loath in get downing new ventures and get downing new undertakings etc. Undertakings that are midway to completion, or companies that are stuck with hard currency flow issues on concerns that are yet to make breakeven, will run out of hard currency.

One of the casualties this clip could be existent estate, where edifice undertakings are half-done all over the state and in this tight liquidness state of affairs developers find it hard to raise fundss. If done sanely, it would forestall a sudden tightening of liquidness, and besides non let the recognition market to overshoot by taking involvement rates up excessively high.


This could be a 100 % payout liquidness failure This could be a 100 % payout liquidness failure bankruptcy, and neglecting that, could be one bankruptcy, and neglecting that, could be one in which common stock stockholders, in which common stock stockholders, preferable stock stockholders, and possibly preferable stock stockholders, and possibly subordinated debitors bear the brunt of the subordinated debitors bear the brunt of the impact, while general creditors are held impact, while general creditors are held harmless or about, if the company adopts a program that Indeed, if the company adopts a program that holds harmless all preferred and general holds harmless all preferred and general unbarred creditors, and all secured unbarred creditors, and all secured creditors, so merely the holders of creditors, so merely the holders of subordinated debt would hold any right to subordinated debt would hold any right to object.

Global Impact

Lehman ‘s bankruptcy was expected to do some depreciation in the monetary value of commercial existent estate. The chance for Lehman ‘s $ 4.3 billion in mortgage securities acquiring liquidated sparked a selloff in the commercial mortgage-backed securities ( CMBS ) market. Extra force per unit area to sell securities in commercial existent estate is feared as Lehman gets closer to neutralizing its assets. Apartment-building investors are besides expected to experience force per unit area to sell as Lehman unloads its debt and equity pieces of the $ 22 billion purchase of Arch rock, the third-largest United States Real Estate Investment Trust ( REIT ) . Arch rock ‘s nucleus concern is the ownership and direction of residential flat edifices in major metropolitan countries of the United States. Jeffrey Specter, a real-estate analyst at UBS said that in markets with flat edifices that compete with Arch rock, “ there is no inquiry that if you need to sell assets, you will seek to acquire in front ” of the Lehman selloff, adding “ Every twenty-four hours that goes by there will be more force per unit area on pricing. ”


Lehman ‘s London Unit Sees Claims of $ 100 Billion Against Bankrupt Parent

Administrators at Lehman Brothers ‘ London office, the largest operation of the failed investing bank outside the United States, will be doing claims of every bit much as $ 100 billion in the bankruptcy proceedings of the parent bank in New York, harmonizing to intelligence studies.

A important figure of claims arise as a consequence of warrants issued by the parent company to its subordinates globally, ” PwC told intelligence bureaus. “ These claims are exceptionally complex and we anticipate a big sum of farther work in covering with these claims

Lehman Bankruptcy Examiner Probing Repayment of Fed Loans

The court-appointed tester in the Lehman Brother bankruptcy instance may be puting the phase for a battle against City Hall as he investigates the Federal Reserve for acquiring its Lehman loans repaid in full in front of the bankruptcy filing, go forthing other creditors to roll up dimes on the dollar. The charge records show the tribunal tester researching what are called penchant claims against the Fed. The bankruptcy codification provides that any claim on a company ‘s assets made within 90 yearss of a bankruptcy filing should be portion of the bankruptcy estate to be shared among all creditors, so that one creditor is non preferred at the disbursal of the others.


It is non clear whether a fire-sale of Lehman ‘s It is non clear whether a fire-sale of Lehman ‘s assets will be equal to pay off its creditors. Assetss will be equal to pay off its creditors. Besides, apprehensivenesss of other Bankss run intoing besides, apprehensivenesss of other Bankss run intoing Lehman ‘s destiny will maintain inter-bank loaners on Lehman ‘s destiny will maintain inter-bank loaners on border. This could take to a immense squeezing on inter-edge. This could take to a immense squeezing on inter-bank liquidness and trigger another turn of bank liquidness and trigger another turn of turbulency in recognition markets. Finally, the Lehman turbulency in recognition markets. Finally, the Lehman episode has ramped up the degree of risk-aversion episode has ramped up the degree of risk-aversion in the planetary fiscal system. in the planetary fiscal system.

The manner to last this crisis is to pessimism. The manner to last this crisis is to remain focused on the basicss. From a stay focused on the basicss. From a cardinal position, India ‘s fiscal system cardinal position, India ‘s fiscal system has a batch traveling for it. Indian Bankss have no direct has a batch traveling for it. Indian Bankss have no direct exposure to G-7 mortgage markets and their exposure to G-7 mortgage markets and their indirect exposure is minuscular comparative to the size indirect exposure is minuscular comparative to the size of their balance sheet.

Fiscal crises are terrorizing when underlying economic basicss are out of line with established theory, taking to split of undue. It is the duty of the powers that be to convey sense to the market. Every fiscal crisis is different, but they do all terminal. The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch ‘s acquisition by Bank of America is yet another phase in the patterned advance of the fiscal crisis that had its roots in the US sub-prime mortgage market. The initial phase of the crisis took a toll on direct mortgage loaners like Countrywide Financial. In a subsequent phase, sureties of mortgage-backed securities like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae came under onslaught. This culminated in their traveling into US authorities, a few hebdomads ago before the bankruptcy was really filed. Lehman ‘s death marks the phase where Bankss with indirect but big exposures to the US mortgage market, chiefly through derivative instruments, bear the brunt. This is non needfully the concluding phase and the worst is possibly non over. A cardinal characteristic of this crisis that started in the center of 2007 has been the deficiency of lucidity on both the nature and figure of fiscal establishments that have indirect exposure to subprime assets, every bit good as, cross-product jobs affecting motion from subprime to premier mortgages with concluding spillover into derived functions, structured merchandises and counterparty hazards.


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