Analysis Of The President Of Ireland English Language Essay

Mary McAleese is the president of Ireland. She is the Irish Head of State. She was born Mary Lenaghan in June 1951 in Northern Ireland. She is the first president to come from Northern Ireland and she is the 2nd female president. She studied jurisprudence in Queen ‘s University and became the first female pro-vice Chancellor at Queen ‘s University in 1994. She was appointed professor of jurisprudence at Trinity College in Dublin in 1975. She married Martin McAleese in 1976 and has three kids. In 1979 she left Trinity College to make news media and broadcast medium. In 1987 she went back to jurisprudence and was appointed Director of the Institute of Professional Legal Studies. On the 11th November1997 Mary McAleese became the 8th president of Ireland.

Throughout this essay we will measure her function, intent and map as a President. The office of the president of Ireland was established by the Constitution of Ireland in 1937. The President ‘s official abode is AAµras an Uachtaran in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. The people of Ireland elect the president. The president has to be 35 old ages old or over and has to be nominated by either a lower limit of 20 Dail or Seanad members or by at least 4 local governments ( article 12.4.2 ) . The president takes an curse at her inaugural ceremonial held in St Patrick ‘s Hall in Dublin Castle. The president ‘s term of office is two old ages. President McAleese is in her 2nd term of office since the 11th November, 2004. The president can non keep another occupation and her wage can non go smaller.

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If the president Mary McAleese is absent, becomes incapacitated, resigns, is removed from office or fails to execute her maps, the Presidential Commission stairss in to execute the maps of the President. The Presidential Commission consists of the Chief Justice, The Ceann Comhairle, who is the president of the Dail and the Cathaoirleach the president of the Seanad. Any two members of the Presidential Commission can execute the maps of the president. The Presidential Commission often act alternatively of the president, when she is abroad. There are two grounds when the president can be removed from her office. If five Supreme Court Judges or more decide that the president has become “ for good incapacitated ” , her term will come to an terminal. She can besides be removed by either House of the Oireachtas for “ declared misbehavior ” , this might include a condemnable offense or a abuse of the president ‘s powers.


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