Analysis Of The Pakistan Cement Industry Finance Essay

Cement is one of major industries of Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in cement natural stuff. Presently many cement workss are runing in private sector. Pakistan Cement Industry has immense potency for export of cement to neighboring states like India, U.A.E, Afghanistan, Iraq & A ; Russian States. There has been a robust growing of cement demand seen both in domestic and exports market during the fiscal twelvemonth ended June 30, 2007. The industry achieved an overall growing of 32 % with domestic demand of cement increased by 24.95 % whereas the exports increased by 111.86 % . The overall growing achieved by many cement mills for the twelvemonth under reappraisal was 111.29 % consisting of domestic and export markets at 71.02 % and 335.12 % severally.

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Pakistan Financial Press: Quarterly Business diary, Muhammad Ali, December 2008. Issue 32, Page 4

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited ( ACPL ) is one of Pakistan ‘s prima cement Millss. Attock Cement Pakistan Limited ( ACPL ) was incorporated in 1981 as a populace limited company. The undertaking was a Pak-Saudi venture. It is a public limited company, listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange since June 2002. ACPL is portion of the Pharaon Group, which in add-on to investing in Cement industry has diversified bets in Pakistan chiefly in the Oil and Gas Sector. The undertaking is a Pak-Saudi joint venture and involved initial capital spending of around Rs1.5 billion with foreign exchange constituent of around US $ 45 million. This made it one of the largest endeavors in the private sector. Pharaon Commercial Investment Company Limited holds 84.06 % portion capital while the public holds 15.94 % portions. It is due to this strong direction backup that the company has shown a turning tendency in the past few old ages, despite deficiency of chances in the state for companies to boom. ACPL is the market leader in the Southern Market of Pakistan, commanding more than 30 % of the market portion

The company sells cement locally and internationally. It has been involved in legion undertakings such as Gwadar Port Housing Project and Pearl Continental in Gwadar ; KWSB Project III in Pipri and Gharo ; Forty-Man Water Park, Super Highway, KPT Project OP-II, Karachi and Creek City Housing Project, Karachi. ACPL was the first to export cinder to the UAE and Qatar and cement exports to Iraq. The cement sector of Pakistan witnessed a strong growing of 24.3 % in entire cement despatchs in FY08, which was 30.11m dozenss as compared to 24.22m dozenss in FY07. In FY08, the exports formed 25 % while local despatchs were 75 % of the entire gross revenues.

Attock Cement has benefited from the roar in the domestic building industry and immense cement deficit in the regional states. There was a lifting cement demand from the lodging and authorities sponsored development undertakings in Pakistan ensuing in a 6.5 % growing in the local despatchs.

However, the impressive growing of 142 % in cement exports in FY08 was the chief subscriber of growing in overall cement despatchs. The building activities in Afghanistan and UAE, every bit good as exports to other regional markets like Iraq, Kuwait and Sri Lanka increased the cement demand. The overall capacity use improved from 76 % to 95.89 % over the period of clip.

BPP-P2-Corporate Reporting-Chapter No:18-Performance Reporting-ACCA Text-2008/2009

Gross is the gross influx of economic benefits during the period originating in the class of the ordinary activities of an endeavor when those influxs result in additions in equity, other than additions associating to parts from equity spouses. ( Page 14 )

Frank wood- Business Accounting 2-8th Edition-Pearson Publishers ( UK ) -2007, Page 410

Profitableness steps indicate whether the company is executing satisfactorily. They are use amongst other things, to mensurate the public presentation of the direction, to place whether a company may be a worthwhile investing and to find a company ‘s public presentation relation to its rivals. These include Gross net income: Gross saless, Net net income after revenue enhancement: Gross saless and Return on Capital Employed

Accounting book ( The Basis For Business Decision ) by Meigs Meigs ‘ 9th edition McGraw Hill-2006, Page 237-238

The categorization Current Assets and Current Liabilities are particularly utile to short term creditors in measuring the immediate Debt paying ability, or Solvency, of the concern entity.

The relationship between current assets and current liabilities is more of import than the entire dollar sum in either class. Current liabilities must be paid in the close hereafter, and the money to pay these liabilities comes – in big portion – from transition of current assets into hard currency.

BPP ( 2008/09 ) , Business Analysis ( Paper P3 ) -Chapter No:2-Environmentals Issues & A ; Chapter No: Strategic capacity-ACCA Text ( page 108 )

The SWOT analysis combines the consequences of the environmental analysis and the internal assessment into one model for measuring the house ‘s current and future strategic tantrum, or deficiency of it, with the environment.

We examine the manner be which chances and menaces in the environment are detected and analyzed and the analyses of an organisation ‘s strategic capableness are its strengths and failings

BPP-P5-Advance Performance Management- Chapter 1: Introduction TO STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING- Topic:4-ACCA Text

The Macro-economic environment may be analyzed into six sections utilizing the PESTEL model. This analysis is normally based on interrupting it down into a smattering of major facets. PESTEL model is based on six sections Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and legal.

In the existent universe these factors are frequently inter-linked. Any individual environmental development can hold deductions for all six PESTEL facets. In peculiar, political, societal and economic personal businesss tend to be closely related.

Shane Johnson ( June 2005 ) How non to knap? Student Accountant, ACCA, UK

In order to guarantee your undertaking has the appropriate construction and that you have clear aims you should inquire yourself the undermentioned inquiries:

What is my research question/title of my undertaking?

What is the current literature on the topic and the underlying theory?

What methods will be used to garner information about the subject?

How will the analysis be carried out?

What decisions can be drawn from the analysis?

What are the cardinal elements that I should show to my wise man?

What have I learned from the procedure?

Each of these inquiries must be answered and set out clearly in the undertaking ( the last two inquiries relate to the Key Skills Statement )

Boris Popoff, Thomas Keith Cowan. Analysis and reading of fiscal statements / 3rd erectile dysfunction. Sydney: Butterworths, 1989.

Ratio analysis is used to measure relationships among fiscal statement points. The ratios are used to place tendencies over clip for one company or to compare two or more companies at one point in clip. Fiscal statement ratio analysis focuses on three cardinal facets of a concern: liquidness, profitableness, and solvency.

Krishna G. Palepu, Paul M. Healy Business analysis & A ; rating: utilizing fiscal statements / , Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western college Pub. , c1996.

Accounting criterions offers standard ways of acknowledging, mensurating and showing fiscal minutess. Any alteration in criterions will impact the coverage of an endeavor and its comparing of consequences over a figure of old ages. IASB Conceptual model recommends concerns to utilize historical cost of accounting. Where historical cost convention is used, plus ratings in the balance sheet could be misdirecting. Ratios based on this information will non be really utile for determination devising.

Dealtry, T.R. ( 1992 ) .A Dynamic SWOT Analysis. Dynamic SWOT Associates, Birmingham, UK

SWOT commences from pulling up a list of current company strengths, failings, chances and menaces. What frequently gets disregarded, though, is that in order to assist bring forth suited schemes for a certain period, SWOT needs to revise this original stock list to get at one that would reflect accurately enough the awaited company strengths, failings, chances and menaces for that period

Armstrong. M Management Processes and Functions, 1996, LondonA hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Peoples who use SWOT might reason that they have done an equal occupation of planning and ignore such reasonable things as specifying the house ‘s aims or calculatingA ROIA for surrogate schemes.

SWOT analysis is merely one method of classification and has its ain failings. For illustration, it may be given to carry companies to roll up lists instead than believe about what is really of import in accomplishing aims. It besides presents the resulting lists uncritically and without clear prioritization so that, for illustration, weak chances may look to equilibrate strong menaces. scheme


hypertext transfer protocol: // cusip=C586PDC00

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited ( ACPL ) was incorporated in 1981 as a populace limited company. The undertaking was a Pak-Saudi venture. The undertaking was completed and the works started commercial production on June 1, 1988. ACPL is portion of the Pharaon Group as the Pharaon Commercial Investment Company Limited has a entire interest of 84.06 % in ACPL. It has been listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange since June 2002 and the general public holds 15.94 % portions of the company.

Attock Cement introduced the pre-calcination/pre-heating dry procedure engineering in Pakistan. ACPL manufactures three types of cement: Ordinary Portland Cement which is used in general building, Sulphate Resistant Cement which is suited for building in sea or near coastal countries and Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement for monolithic buildings eg dikes and canals.

The company besides produces specially formulated mixes of cement to run into the different client demands. ACPL markets its cement under the trade name name ‘Falcon Cement. ‘ ACPL focal points to run into the Pakistani and international quality criterions and in 2002, it achieved the ISO 9001-2000 enfranchisement from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.

Elixir Securities, Karachi, Pakistan ; Research Report – ‘Players in the Cement Industry of Pakistan ‘ by Naseem Hassan, Page 6

Attock cement is one of the best manufacturers of ordinary Portland Cement/white Portland Cement in Pakistan. Ordinary Portland Cement is produced by powderizing cinder dwelling basically of hydraulic Ca silicate and incorporating one or more signifiers of Ca sulfate as an inter land add-on. Portland cement is used in combination with white sums to bring forth white concrete for prestige building undertakings and cosmetic work. White concrete normally takes the signifier of pre-cast facing panels, since it is uneconomic to utilize white cement for structural intents.

White Portland cement is besides used in combination with inorganic pigments to bring forth brilliantly colored concretes and howitzers. Ordinary cement, when used with pigments, produces colourss that may be attractive, but are slightly dull. With white cement, bright reds, yellows and leafy vegetables can be readily produced. Blue concrete can besides be made, at some disbursal. The pigments may be added at the concrete sociable. Alternatively, to vouch quotable colour, some makers supply ready-blended coloured cements, utilizing white cement as a base. The whiteness of WOPC is measured as the powdered stuff holding a coefficient of reflection value ( “ L value ” ) in surplus of 85 % .

hypertext transfer protocol: //


Attock Cement Pakistan Limited ( ACPL ) is a public limited company, listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange since June 2002. Main concern of the company is fabricating and gross revenues of cement. ACPL, is portion of the Pharaon Group, which in add-on to investing in cement industry has diversified bets in Pakistan chiefly in the oil and gas sector, power and existent estate sector.

Corporate Profile

ACPL is a member of Pharaon Group of Companies runing in Pakistan. ACPL ‘s undertaking was conceived in 1981. The undertaking is a Pak-Saudi venture and has involved an initial capital spending of around Rs.1.5 billion with a foreign exchange constituent of around US $ 45 million. ACPL ‘s fabrication works is located in Tehsil Hub, District Lasbela, Balauchistan, at a distance of about 45 kilometres north west of Karachi. ACPL has attained ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000 enfranchisements from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance ( LRQA ) in 2002 and 2006. ACPL is doing significant part to the state ‘s economic system and deposited over Rs.2,646 million ( US $ 31.5 million ) in the signifier of Excise Duty, Gross saless Tax, Royalty and Income Tax during the twelvemonth 2008-2009.

The Plant ‘s original capacity was 2000 TPD of Clinker and it was the first works in the state to be based on the latest Suspension, PRE-HEATER/PRE-CALCINATION, dry procedure engineering which consequences in significant nest eggs in fuel and energy costs besides balanced works operations.

Omer Hamza, 2008 Business Press Pakistan -Increasing demand of Cement in Iraq-December 2008, Volume 5, Page.16

Current design capacity for the Iraqi cement industry is estimated at some

16.9 million metric tons per annum, in 2004, , with a farther 2.6 million metric tons in the Northern part administered by the Kurdish Regional Government ( KRG ) . However existent current production in the non-KRG country is estimated at some 2.5 million metric tons in 2004, or less, dependent upon beginning, and possibly some 3 million metric tons in 2005.

This domestic supply is supplemented with imports that reached 5 million metric tons in 2005, and will possible transcend that for 2006, when full returns are included in the trade statistics.

Per capita ingestion in Iraq is diversely estimated by Cembureau for illustration in 1999 at some 165 Kg falling to some 161 Kg in 2005. This study indicates possibly some 185 Kg, nevertheless this compares, in regional footings with Iran with an estimated ingestion of 459 Kg per capita and Egypt with 405 kilograms per caput. Regional states, which were in a developmental Reconstruction phase are the Lebanon with a per capita ( all figures 2005, unless otherwise stated ) of 930 kilograms and states with important edifice programmes, Kuwait 1,224, Libya 973 and Oman 929.

The overall position of the domestic industry reflects the economic restraints apparent in the economic system as a whole through two Gulf wars and the long period of imposed countenances. Whereas as the industry was being developed and expanded through the 1970, s and 1980 ‘s, and became a net exporter, within a decennary the industry was efficaciously destroyed. Issues now refering the industry are deficiency of consistent beginnings of power and fuel, old engineering, deficiency of service and care.

To go a regional force once more the industry needs important investing.

This investing is presently being encourage, in the 15 governorates of Iraq through an ambitious licensing programme of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, promulgated in 2005, to promote 20 licencees to put in new cement workss in the state. It is extremely anticipated the demand of cement in the state will increase which will besides take increased imports.

All Pakistan Cement Mills Association-APCMA Data/ Statistics ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Business Recorder-Daily News Paper-Cement Sector, Article by Ahmed Usman-2008

Actual Web page: Mirza Rohail B, ( 2008 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

The operating capacity of cement in 1991 was 7 million dozenss, which increased to go 18 million dozenss by 2005-06 and by terminal of 2007 rose to above 37 million tones, and presently the production cpapacity is 44.07 million metric tons.

Cement production capacity in the North is 35.18 million dozenss ( 80 per centum ) while in the South it is merely 8.89 million dozenss ( 20 per centum ) .

The cement makers in 2007-08 added above eight million dozenss to the capacity and the entire production was expected to transcend 45 million dozenss by the terminal of 2010. It may ensue in a supply oversupply of seven million dozenss in 2009 and 2010.

CNBC- Business News Channel-Cement Sector Documentary-2008

Television mention

Pakistan Television Channel- 2009- Business Insight of Pakistan-Talk show

Television mention

Ministry of Finanace-2009-Pakistan ‘s Macroeconomic Policy-Shaukat Tareen ( Minister of Finance ) -Pakistan ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ? p=129 )

the World Bank has complimented Pakistan Government and Advisor to PM on Finance Mr. Shaukat Tarin, saying that the graduated table of the giver pledges made on April 17 is a signal of respect for the tough steps the economic squad, led by Shaukat Tarin, has taken in the past few months. We now need to concentrate on a scope of critical development issues including wellness, instruction, accomplishments edifice and societal mobilisation every bit good as of import substructure to underpin future growing. In a universe crowded with jobs, Pakistan has won an of import committedness to this large docket. “ The international community rallied to back up Pakistan ‘s economic plan with more than US $ 5 billion in support designed to run into its immediate demands and protect outgos on safety cyberspace and human development enterprises critical for hapless people. The sum exceeded initial outlooks.

Ministry of Health-2009-Educating the Citizens of Pakistan on Environment ( Minister of Health ) -Pakistan ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

I am pleased to direct this message on the juncture of the World Health Day being celebrated today. The subject selected for the twenty-four hours “ Save lives – Brand infirmaries safe in exigencies ” is of import every bit good as seasonably in the aftermath of the increasing exigency state of affairss. Safe infirmaries during the exigencies can salvage a batch of lives.

We have gone through the injury wrought by the temblor in 2005 that wreaked mayhem in Northern parts ofA Pakistan. Although the response from the wellness system every bit good as civil society was praised all over the universe, there is no denying of the fact that we could hold saved more lives if we were to the full prepared to confront such a immense calamity. This World Health Day is a aftermath up call to states of the universe to be to the full prepared for all signifiers of exigencies. What we need is a speedy response by the wellness constitutions to any exigency state of affairss. Are we prepared for this – if non allow us do our infirmaries safe and ready to confront any exigencies.

State Bank of Pakistan-Data/ Statistics-2008/2009 ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

SBP Report

DAWN Daily News Paper-Cement Sector-Article by Ali Hafiz – 2008

There are several radical groups within the state which continue to work against American and other Western and European involvements, therefore sing the high-ranking Pakistani authorities functionaries a major mark. These extremists and their protagonists have demonstrated acuteness and ability to assail countries where Foreigners are normally known to piece or see. Their actions largely consist of, but are non limited to, suicide bombardments, timed bombardments and progresss explosives. Such issues non merely hinder the development activities traveling on the state but are besides a menace to cement workss located in sensitive countries of NWFP and Punjab.

Economic Survey of Pakistan 08-09 ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

To extenuate the inauspicious effects of the assorted dazes to the economic system stemming from both exogenic every bit good as endogenous developments, the authorities has launched a wide-ranging societal safety cyberspace, which ab initio involves a hard currency transportation plan ( the Benazir Income Support Programme – BISP ) that will aim 7 million poorest families in the state. At the same clip, the authorities is spread outing the societal protection board to a much broader societal development platform that will include accomplishments development, wellness intercessions, employment via little plants plans, every bit good as a host of other policy steps. This is the largest and most ambitious societal development intercession in Pakistan ‘s history.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Peoples: Restoring the Character Ethic ” by Stephen R. Covey, Simon and Schuster, 1989 ( )

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University of California-the research question-2008 ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Your research inquiry is the most critical portion of your research proposal-it defines the proposal, it guides your statements and enquiry, and it provokes the involvements of the referee. If your inquiry does non work good, no affair how strong the remainder of the proposal, the proposal is improbable to be successful.

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Staley, Constance Courtney and Staley II, Robert Stephens ( 1992 ) . Communicating in concern and the professions: The inside universe. Belmont: Wadsworth Publishing Co. Page 247

Throughout your calling you will confront vexing state of affairss with higher-ups, subsidiaries, and peers.A Communicating interpersonally is a “ manner of life ” in organisations, as opposed to a focussed activity in which you engage from clip to clip, such as composing a missive or fixing a formal presentation.A Whatever else you do, you will be pass oning interpersonally, about nonstop.

Not merely is interpersonal communicating ineluctable, but besides your abilities in this country are of paramount importance.A Interpersonal accomplishments were ranked by forces decision makers as the most of import demand for successful occupation public presentation in a study ; another showed that 85 per centum of people fired lose their occupations because they lack human dealingss or interpersonal accomplishments

Bolton, Robert ( 1986 ) .A People skills.A New York: Simon & A ; Schuster, Inc.

Some of the advantages of improved interpersonal accomplishments are that you will be better at:

Quickly assessing and understanding face-to-face state of affairss

Puting specific and realistic aims for face-to-face brushs with people – you will profit from being clear in what you are taking at

Choosing and utilizing behaviours that complement the fortunes and are appropriate to the nonsubjective – therefore benefiting by holding an easier, and pleasant, means to accomplishing your aim and

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Neil Browne and Stuart Keeley. 2009. Asking the Right Questions-Article

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