Analysis Of The Musical Grease Film Studies Essay

In this musical written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, it is 1959 and Rydell high is crowded with noncompliant, fun-loving pupils. In the center of this landscape, Sandy Dumbrowski arrives as the new miss in school. It turns out that over the summer she and Danny Zuko, leader of the Burger Palace Boys pack, have had a brief love matter. While Sandy tells her new schoolmates about the emotional engagement she had with Danny, he makes of narratives about the sexual side of their relationship. As the show progresses the childs at Rydell High have to cover with issues surprising to people who have a romanticized position of the 1950 ‘s ; love, gang force, adolescent gestation, and friendly relationship. In the terminal, Sandy and Danny work out their differences with each other and their friends and stop up together and happy.

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I saw this production at the JSU/McClellan Theatre in Anniston, Alabama. The phase in this theater is of the apron type. I think that overall, this is the perfect type of phase for this drama but the agreement of the theater was a small lacking for this production chiefly because of the seating challenges. There were three subdivisions of siting. The in-between subdivision was reasonably big and centered with the phase. There were two subdivisions on either side that hugged the wall. The subdivision on the far right was behind the orchestra. The orchestra cavity was non truly a cavity and was really on degree with the seating. Therefore, those people in the rows behind the orchestra had a really hard clip seeing over the instrumentalists and instruments ; particularly the harp that was used in this production. I know this because I was one of those luckless plenty to be sitting behind the aforesaid instrumentalists. I spent the drama with my caput tilted at an uneven angle seeking to see around them. What I did hold a good position of was the wing, phase left and unluckily I could see the histrions acquiring ready to do entrywaies and issues which ruined a small of the atmosphere. Had I been sitting in the centre subdivision and farther back I believe it would hold been much more gratifying.

This drama had elements of the realistic and the non-realistic. It dealt with really existent subjects such as adolescent gestation, intimidation, equal force per unit area, imbibing, and pack force. The non-realistic spots were evidently the musical Numberss. In existent life, we do non merely split into vocal because we broke up with a fellow or girlfriend or had a adolescent love affair. The sets of this drama were non what I would name realistic. They attempted pragmatism but it seemed as if the budget of the drama and the manner it had to be staged left them with no pick but leave it somewhat abstract. The sets were really basic and the auto set used for the “ Greased Lightning ” and ‘Alone at a Drive-In Movie ” Numberss was really cartoonish. The costumes in this drama attempted pragmatism but fell abruptly. In the dance scenes, the frocks looked like leftovers from a 1980 ‘s prom sale that had been re-cut in an effort to do them look like they were from the 1950ss. The vesture in the earlier scenes was a small spot better and closer to the true 1950ss spirit. The usage of props was done good. The histrions used existent props for the most portion, there was really small miming of actions.

This drama was a musical with elements of comedy. The comedy was largely verbal with elusive inflexions of tone. There were a few physical comedic elements largely used by the characters of Eugene Florczyk and Cha-Cha DiGregorio, who did an first-class occupation doing the audience laugh. The character of Jan played by Michelle Bain combined a few elements of physical with verbal comedy. Betty Rizzo, played by Judy Shealy was surprisingly amusing with her dry epigrams and really sarcastic bringing of Rizzo ‘s best lines. This drama was structured episodically.

This drama was really entertaining. There were a few elements of it that could be taken as societal messages such as the imbibing and defiance that resulted in a gestation panic for one of the characters. The dramatist and manager seemed to work in beautiful harmoniousness for this production. You could see that there was a batch of attempt put into the playing and the way. The missive from the artistic manager that was printed in the forepart of the plan gave a little sum of background. For person who was non familiar with the work it would hold helped them to possibly understand a small spot more of the motive behind the drama.

There were several stand out performing artists in this drama and besides a few letdowns. Hands down Judy Shealy ‘s portraiture of Betty Rizzo was the show thief. She gave the character existent life. From the wisecracking to the sad and scared she made you care about what happened to her. Her public presentation of “ There Are Worse Things I Could Make ” was one of the standouts of the drama. As I mentioned earlier the characters of Eugene and Cha-Cha played by Daniel King Jr. and Georgia Cook were fantastic. Both of these characters were really amusing and entertaining. Jacob Cummings Teen Angel was first-class. The Teen Angel scene is one that I rank among my least favourites and it normally bores me, but I found myself loving this portraiture. Cummings sang magnificently and impart a grade of wit to the function that was reviewing. Michelle Bain as Jan was another standout. She is a really good amusing actress and her affected speech pattern was really amusing. I was non nevertheless thrilled with Heather Garlick or Joshua Cody Hunt who played the functions of Danny and Sandy. These are the two chief characters and should transport the show. I found myself bored I am sad to state when they were on. Heathers public presentation as Sandy was wooden, one- dimensional and non at all credible. I found myself bored whenever she was on. Joshua Hunt as Danny was about as bad although when he was interacting with the Burger Palace Boys he seemed to reflect a little more.

The scenery was low budget and it was obvious. It did take away a small from the overall public presentation. It was about as if a high school had thrown the production together at the last minute every bit far as the scenery is concerned. The lighting was acceptable, but the set was first-class. They and the histrions worked together good and at that place seemed to be no lost cues and everything flowed seamlessly.

Overall, this was a really acceptable public presentation. The histrions were as a whole really good, with the exclusions noted above. The set and histrions worked cleanly together and were really gratifying. There was evidently a great trade of attempt put into the stage dancing of the dance scene and it came off really good. It was a merriment eventide and surely put a smiling on my face. I came off nostalgic for a clip I was non even alive to witness.

Production Detailss

Your name

Cassie Patterson

Name of production



Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

Producing organisation or theatre where you attended

Community Actors Studio Theatre

Date of public presentation

October 3, 2010

Style of public presentation ( realistic, non-realistic,


combination )

Structure of the drama ( climactic, episodic, ritualistic,


Etc. )

Form of the drama ( calamity, play, comedy, etc. )


Phase infinite ( apron, sphere, etc. )


Acting manners ( realistic, melodramatic, overdone,

Realistic, comedic

etc. )

Manner of scenic designs ( realistic, abstract, etc. )


Manner of costume designs ( phantasy, abstract, etc. )


Manner of illuming designs ( realistic, abstract, etc. )


Production Forces:


Kimberly Dobbs

Scenic Interior designer

Eric Key

Costume Designer

Hayley Long, Lolly Payne, Sara Semmes

Lighting Designer

Terri Sherrill

Phase Manager

Pat Tiller, Chrissy Patterson, Cierra Parker, Tristan Waid, Janet Harbor, Tim Doyle, Alexandre de Lavalette


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