Analysis Of Indian And UK Retail Market Marketing Essay

Several authors ( Cox and Brittan 2004, Sathish and VenkatramaRaju 2010 ) define retailing as a procurance of different merchandises in big measures from a scope of/producers and their gross revenues in little batch for direct ingestion to the buyer. Although Cox and Brittan, 2004 revealed that retailing should be viewed broader alternatively of merely sale of goods to the consumer through retail store. For eg. They say that it is non merely sale of merchandise but usage of any service should be considered as retail dealing, like cutting of hair or dry cleansing. Although they argued that purchase of any concern or any industrial usage should non be considered as a retailing.

Analysis of Retailing sector

Harmonizing to McGoldrick ( 1995 ) as cited in Margaret Bruce, Christopher Moore, Grete Birtwistle retailing is chiefly concern with domestic market activity as it is preponderantly concerned within one peculiar part or state and as compared to other sector the growing and net income is low. On the other manus harmonizing to Margaret Bruce, Christopher Moore, Grete Birtwistle, retailing is the sector where it is really hard to fulfill to client and really inconsistent but yet rapid traveling and trade name led sector. To back up the above statement Margaret Bruce, Christopher Moore, Grete Birtwistle farther commented that by sing the present scenario there is an increasing figure of retail merchants who have become trade name internationally and are no longer restricted to a individual state or part. For illustration GAP, GUCCI, WAL-MART etc and they are taking full advantage to spread out their trade name image, merchandises ranges through the enlargement of extended planetary shop web.

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Harmonizing to Dawson ( 1994, 2007 ) as cited in Ms. Polly Chan, Dr. Carol A. Finnegan, Dr. Brenda Sternquist ( 2011 ) , during the last 40 old ages the retail sector has witnessed a high addition in foreign enlargements. For case, since 1993 retail sector is one of the largest sectors of economic system and by 2003, there were 14 retail companies who were in top 100 transactional companies ( TNCs ) . ( World Investment Report, 2005 ) Orna Ni-Chionna ( 1996 ) says that retail industry has changed drastically in last few decennaries from fragmented and unsophisticated to a extremely structured industry. For case many big retail merchants had no selling manager. This attitude is long gone. Now they have marketing sections, spend to a great extent on advertisement, and understand the importance to incorporate their overall selling programs. The desire for globalization and unfastened trade, more and more retail merchants are looking for planetary market, hence passing 1000000s of dollars to make out clients across the Earth. However, it is hard to last in planetary selling due to economic uncertainness and intense competition. ( Yoo-Kyoung Seock and Chen Lin, 2010 ) Harmonizing to yStats ( 2010 ) , China and India are the emerging markets and they are sing high growing in retail sector while the major markets like US and UK are witnessing diminution in retail disbursement due to recent devastation of wealth in recession.

Isobel Doole, Robin Lowe analysed the fact that although the retailing is one of the biggest subscriber to planetary economic system, even after that retailing construction or development varied across states or parts due to histories, geographics, political relations and chiefly civilization. Harmonizing to ( Kim et al. , 2002 ) as cited in ( Yoo-Kyoung Seock and Chen Lin, 2010 ) the company successful in one part or state might neglect to keep its place in another part due to the failure to understand the civilization of one state as certain values might be more of import for consumers of one state than another state. Therefore, it is really of import for a retailing company to understand cultural differences of consumers before come ining into international retailing. ( Kawabata and Rabolt, 1999 ; Lam, 2007 ) as cited in ( Yoo-Kyoung Seock and Chen Lin, 2010 ) says, the company which understands the cultural differences and consumer behavior in each mark market and develop selling schemes consequently will be able to win in different states.

Analysis of Indian and UK Retail Market

Harmonizing to Boyd and Bresser ( 2008 ) , the success of any retail company or company in any other sector is straight related to the timing of competitory actions and responses. The company which sees the new chances and take the appropriate stairss to discontinue the chance, hence first mover public presentation has been of significant involvement to direction bookmans ( Lieberman and Montgomery, 1988 ; Mitchell, 1989 ) , economic experts ( Reinganum, 1985 ; Hamilton and Slutsky, 1990 ) and selling ( Carpenter and Nakamoto, 1989 ; Krider and Weinberg, 1998 ) as they are considered superior and expected to execute better than their rivals. The invention in retail industry like section shop and warehouse nines in 1860 ‘s and 1870 ‘s to the warehouse nines of the 70 ‘s were cardinal subscribers in the success of retail industry. The ability to understand alterations in consumer behaviour/preferences and ability to capitalise emerging engineerings have changed the dimension of retail industry. ( Bates, 1989 )

For case, in China the retail market is chiefly dominated by the vicinity stores and local shops. Therefore, China is encouraging amalgamation and partnerships between local retail merchants to cut down cost and compete with international retail heavyweights like Wal-Mart and Carrefour to take control of one million millions dollar retail industry. As a consequence China ‘s largest retail merchant Shanghai Bailian has merged with 3rd largest retail merchant named Dalian Dashang to take gaining control whole China ‘s retail market in following few old ages. ( Doole and Lowe, 2008 )

Like China, India ‘s retail industry outside major tube metropoliss is dominated by local retail merchants. The retail merchants and investors are seeing great chances in new formats like section shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets and forte shops. As a consequence Western manner promenades are coming up in tubes and smaller metropoliss, which is altering the shopping experience of Indian clients. ( Sathish and VenkatramaRaju, 2010 ) The Indian retail industry can be divided into organized and unorganized market. The term organised refers to the market where trading activities are undertaken by accredited retail merchants who are registered with income revenue enhancement, sale revenue enhancement etc. ( The organised growing of Indian retail industry started in early 90 ‘s as it was dominated by the un-organised sector like low cost retail mercantile establishments near the residential countries and bulk of which includes kirana shops, paanwala shops and vegetable sellers. That period saw a deficiency of pick for clients due to miss of trade names available. The deficiency of resources like trained work force, stiff revenue enhancement Torahs and authorities ordinances hamper growing of retailing sector in India. ) It is really hard to acquire the exact size of Indian retail sector is it is extremely disconnected, nascent and extremely unorganized. Although it ca n’t be neglected that traditional format exists in all markets of the universe but the adulthood degree of market determines the dependance on the market i.e. traditional or modern. ( Pradhan, 2009 ) During the period of 2001-2006 the planetary retail sector has grown at a CAGR ( Compounded Annual Growth Rate ) of 7.77 % while Indian retail sector during the period of 2007-2009 has grown at a CAGR of 19.5 % . Therefore the chance for organized retail is huge in India as the organized sector is still in its nascent phase. To the surprise retailing is the largest industry in India. More than 10 % of India ‘s GDP comes from retailing and about 8 % of the employment ( Sathish and VenkatramaRaju, 2010 ) The BMI India Retail Report for the first-quarter of 2011 prognosiss that entire retail gross revenues will turn from US $ 392.63 billion in 2011 to US $ 674.37 billion by 2014. The Numberss of factors lending to India ‘s retail market are strong economic growing, population enlargement, brawny wage packages, high disposable income, and the rapid building of organized retail substructure. It is predicted that with the enlargement of center and upper category consumer base, there will besides be chances in India ‘s grade II and III metropoliss. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Although India is sing a roar in retail industry but there is a fright that entry of planetary concern giants in retail section could ensue in redundancy of unorganized retail and disruption of traditional economic construction. Indian revenue enhancement system still favours little retail concern, the rapid fluctuating monetary values due to economic factors, low border ; unpredictable handiness etc. might impact Indian retail industry in a negative manner. Therefore, a perfect concern theoretical account is needed for the Indian retail industry.

On the other manus, UK retailing market is the perfect illustration where retailing is most advanced in footings of soaking up, cleavage, capitalization and incorporation. Retailer ‘s schemes are really advanced and selling focused. ( Doole and Lowe, 2008 ) Harmonizing to UK Retail Futures 2011: Sector Summary, Datamonitor, as cited in, it is predicted that UK retail industry size will be increased by 15 % in the following 5 old ages and will be valued around ?312bn. The retail sector has tough clip in front as the operating cost and cost of recognition is expected to be high. The current economic conditions indicates that consumer disbursement will be slow down as involvement rates are lifting, consumer debt, rising prices, house monetary values and occupation insecurity are impacting consumer disbursement. The UK retail market was about ?265 billion, using over 3 million people, which is about 11 % of entire UK work force and generates about 8 % GDP for the UK economic system. (

Internationalization of Retailing Sector

This subdivision will seek figure out the topic of international retailing and discourse the complexnesss of operating in international markets where hazard and uncertainness are high.

Whenever a company plans to come in into international market it is of import for the company to understand the construct to international selling procedure and international environment in which it is traveling to run.

The outgrowth of unfastened economic system, globalisation and unabated growing of Internet has increased the mutuality and interconnectednesss of economic systems across the Earth. The international trade in ware has reached in millions, might be impossible to visualize the exact figures. The planetary population has reached 6.6 billion and harmonizing to United Nations it is expected to make 10 billion by 2050. Global wealth is increasing as demand is increasing, emerging richness of new high growing economic systems BRIC Nations ( Brazil, Russia, India and China ) . Increase in demand and emerging richness will ensue in intense competition among companies globally. The enlargement of young person population across the Earth and it accounts for more than 30 % of the entire planetary population. The companies understand the importance of internationalisation and to strategically place themselves they are consolidating themselves with amalgamations, acquisition and confederation to vie in the planetary sphere. For case, the Indian company Tata took Corus doing them one of the biggest manufacturers of Steel in the world. )

What is International Selling

Several authors have offered different suggestion on what the adherent of international market should look at. Harmonizing to Doole and Lowe ( 2004 ) , international selling involves the house in doing one or more selling mix determinations across national boundaries depending on the degree of engagement of company in international market place. Harmonizing to Cateora ( 1993 ) as cited in Bradley ( 2002 ) , international selling is the public presentation of concern activities that influence the flow of company ‘s goods and services to consumers or users in more than one state. Fifield and Lewis ( 1995 ) , are of the sentiment that the aim of seller is same in international selling and domestic selling although a small cognition and direction techniques are required in international selling depending on the international selling environment. Bradley ( 2002 ) say that international selling is a procedure where company provides merchandises and services to clients in international market by placing the demands and privation of clients in different market and civilizations and pass on information about the merchandises and services and present the merchandises and services internationally utilizing one or a combination of foreign entry manners.

The International Marketing Environment

The international selling environment is wholly different from the domestic selling environment. An international selling director needs cognition of multidimensionality and the complexness involves in international market. There are many environmental analysis theoretical account and one of them is PESTLE which is used to analyze the assorted facets and tendencies in international selling environment through political, economic, societal, technological, legal and environment factors.

Political Environment

Politicss is being considered as a major factor for many international concern determinations, particularly when the company has to see whether to put and how much to put to develop the market. An unstable political government means more hazard to foreign concerns. The sudden or gradual in authorities and its regulations and ordinances can earnestly impact concern schemes, both in footings of chances and menaces. For illustration the invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan bring market development chance for some but market desolation for others. The instability in Middle East and lifting menace of planetary terrorist act will raise the importance of supervising the political factors in international market in which they are runing. The new accession of members to the European Union will besides alter the policies of companies runing in the European market. Some of the most common ways of authorities intervention in concerns are limitations on investing, location of installations, pick of local spouses and per centum for ownership.

Economic Environment

Harmonizing to, economic environment defines the chance for international operations as it influences demand in figure of ways and its consequence on international market needs to understand from macro and micro degree. At macro degree the house demand to see certain points like client wants and demands, state ‘s economic policies, its growing prospective etc. At micro degree, it needs to see its capableness to fulfill client demand and its ability to vie with the bing rivals in the market. Harmonizing to Doole and Lowe, the house needs to hold apprehension of economic development both in regional degree and universe degree or country/market degree in footings of trade integrating. One of the challenges which every company faces is to develop a cohesive scheme which might be in footings of pricing, across the international market where degree of economic development varies state to state. For this Doole and Lowe ( 2004 ) has come with the thought that the company should split the economic systems into the developed, emerging and less developed economic systems and develop the selling scheme harmonizing to the economic system of the state.

Social/Cultural Environment

The societal and cultural factors play a really of import function in international selling environment. The differences in societal values, faith and civilization all affect consumer purchasing behavior. If company want to set up itself as a planetary trade name so it needs to understand before spread outing to foreign markets. For illustration, the General Motors faced job when it launched its much awaited trade name auto “ Nova ” in Spain as “ no Virginia ” in Spanish agencies “ no spell ” . ( Doole and Lowe )

Technological Environment

Promotion in engineering has changed the planetary dimensions. The universe is shriveling as information is power. The impact of engineering can be seen in all facets of the selling pattern. The ability to garner informations of rivals, market and economic system has revolutionised the international selling. For illustration the industry want to cognize the monetary value of java beans, the individual want to cognize the portion monetary value of peculiar company or development of any new merchandise or services. The cyberspace has brought the immense chances for the medium and little graduated table industries as they can make globally and vie with large companies on the same platform.

Legal Environment

It is of import for a house to understand the legal environment in each of its market as legal systems vary both in content and reading. The company has non merely edge with the Torahs of the place state but besides by the turning organic structures of international jurisprudence. These Torahs constitute the regulations of the game for concern activity.


Harmonizing to Mintel 2010, the people of UK are really negative about the consequence, as they assumed the possibility of a hung parliament, as the new authorities initial program are to cut on disbursement, as a consequence people are passing less with the fright that the revenue enhancements will lift further. With the addition of VAT in 2011 the people are going more witting about there disbursement.


Harmonizing to Mintel, June 2010, recession did non hold much of an impact on the people of UK as over half of the population did non cut back on their disbursement in 2009. Although, it was noticed that 4 out of 10 people spent less during the recession but they did non precisely halt purchasing apparels. As a consequence of recession, a displacement in tendency was seen as people started purchasing more during the gross revenues and from manner discount houses.

Harmonizing to IBEF, Pantaloon places itself both on “ Value ” and “ lifestyle and luxury section ” . Concentrating chiefly on value section, Pantaloon can easy do a raid in the UK market as after recession the tendency has shifted more towards discounted merchandises as Pantaloon market itself in that section.


Harmonizing to Mintel 2010, out of 1848 people aged 15+ male % of lower Spenders is 14 % while for misss it is 21 % , whereas 12 % of male are higher Spenders while 13 % of female are high Spenders. While 67 % of male and 55 % are unchanged while 8 % for male and 11 % of male and adult females lie in the economical subdivision.


A displacement in the form in the usage of eco-friendly merchandises by the consumers has been seen in the recent old ages. The UK consumers are going more cognizant of the usage of green options than regular merchandises. However, it is hard for the consumers to cognize how a T-shirt has been made i.e. if it has been made from organic or conventional cotton or with harmful bleached material. For this intent this purpose a figure of labels have been introduced which the makers must run into before they can claim that there merchandise is environmental friendly and free from any dye or harmful toxins. For this purpose planetary eco-labels and enfranchisement from the dirt association must be acquired by makers to name their merchandises eco-friendly.

On the other manus the usage of cyberspace has increased as harmonizing to a study released by Mintel, February, 2010, 70 % of the population in UK use the cyberspace. Furthermore, people with internet entree 90 % of the respondents said that they bought one or the other thing last twelvemonth despite the recession. Most of the cyberspace purchasers come from the age group of 25-45 while childs from the age group of 18-25 said that they prefer traveling to shop instead than purchasing online.

Opportunity and Challenges in International Market

To thrive in the universe of uncertainnesss where every minute is disputing, competition from rivals, emerging new forces and dangers, unanticipated influences from abroad, it is compulsory for the house to fix itself for every state of affairs and develop active responses.

The house should be able to see the hereafter so that it can do program consequently. To thrive new ways of making concern demand to be find out, new schemes need to be envisioned and new programs need to be made.

To obtain and to retain the leading, economically, politically and morally one has to accommodate itself to the altering environment, need to execute consistent and respond with the invention, procedure betterments and creativeness. The globalisation of concern activities has increased chance for the concerns. By spread outing its concern the company can reassign the cognition across the Earth and can derive competitory advantage over its rivals. Market impregnation can be avoided by invention and by rejuvenating merchandise life rhythms in other states. Now it is easy to reassign workss from one state to another and providers can be found across the Earth.

International selling non merely gives chance to the companies but besides enables consumers from all over the universe to hold greater assortments, lower monetary values, better pick for merchandises to better their life style and comfort. There are excessively many chances for the retail merchants but they need to research carefully before taking the concluding determinations. They need to maintain their oculus unfastened and need to be cognizant of the planetary developments and need to understand their capablenesss and raise their criterions to prolong and set in the planetary competition.

The common error which many executives do is that they believe that foreign clients are like domestic clients and it lead to miss of consumer acceptableness, inefficiency and corporate failure. It has been noticed that many directors do n’t prefer to take part in planetary market as they think that it is the large transnational companies who are traveling to take the maximal market portion and net income. It can be true to some extent that the large participants ‘ dramas active function in international selling but smaller houses are the chief drive force of economic system. For case, 50 % of the export for Germany is created by smaller houses and 97 % of US exporters are smaller and medium sized endeavors.

In the epoch of globalisation it is impossible for any company to stay in isolation, they need to acknowledge the importance of international selling. They have to be a portion of international selling volitionally or unwillingly. The houses which do non take part in universe trade are relegated to respond and non ready for the unforgiving competition from abroad. ( Michael R.Czinkota and ILKKA A.RONKAINEN, 2004 )

There are many entry manner theories which are relevant and need to be considered by the houses while make up one’s minding for internationalization. Harmonizing to Yao Lu, Elena E. Karpova and Ann Marie Fiore ( 2011 ) , retail merchants can choose from a assortment of entry manners when come ining a foreign market, such as export of their merchandises, engagement in franchising understandings, engagement in joint ventures ( JV ) and operational confederations, or constitution of entirely owned subordinates ( WOS ) . A retail merchant may utilize more than one entry manner type for its operations in different states.

Gripsrud and Benito ( 2005 ) argued that manner retail merchants rely to a great extent on the attraction of the foreign market as a moneymaking concern chance and on the easiness of carry oning concern in the state, which suggests that entry manner pick depends on market-related factors such as competition, and factors related to a foreign state ‘s political and economic stableness ( Maharajh and Heitmeyer, 2005 ) . In add-on, operational features of international manner retail merchants such as company size and available fiscal and human resources play a function in the entry manner pick ( Jernigan and Easterling, 1990 ; Picot-Coupey, 2006 ) .

Transaction cost Theory

Harmonizing to Palenzuela and Bobillo ( 1999 ) , this theory concentrates on understating the dealing cost related with making concern across the boundary line like information hunt cost and chance cost associated with making concern internationally. The chance cost is, where entrant has less power and the entrant spouse take the advantage of the concern entrant like utilizing entrant strong assets such as engineering and trade name and utilize it for developing its ain concern. ( Madhoka, 1997 ) Harmonizing to Brouthers et Al. ( 2000 ) to forestall itself from the chance cost the entrant are likely prefer to utilize the entry modes with high degree of control like WOS ( Wholly owned subordinate ) . Harmonizing to this theory the house should see this theory before come ining international market so that the dealing cost and resource committedness should be minimize while operating in foreign market. For illustration, set uping a WOS will cut down the dealing cost by take downing chance cost. On the other manus Chen and Mujtaba ( 2007 ) knock this theory by stating that Transaction cost theory ca n’t be non implement everyplace every bit high cost bureaucratic disbursals associated with pull offing a WOS can surpassed the salvaging from dealing cost, so in that instance the lower control entry manner is a better option for the company like opening franchises in the foreign market.

Bargaining Theory

Dickering Theory put emphasis on the political support while doing determination for internationalization. It says that the entry manner pick depends on the house bargaining capableness while negociating with the host authorities to derive entree to country where the company is interested and carry through its aim. ( Luo, 2001 ; Taylor et al. , 2000 ) Harmonizing to Palenzuela and Bobillo ( 1999 ) , the house should take the entry depends on its capableness and its bargaining power. For illustration, if the house is looking to come in a country where excessively many foreign houses are seeking chance, so entrant is left with small dickering power and settle with entry degree manner of lower control degree ( Taylor et al. , 2000 ) , so in that instance it is better for a entrant to come in in JV and utilize the strength of its spouse and increase its negociating power.

Internationalization Theory

This theory is of the position that foreign market entry is hazardous due to market uncertainnesss like political instability and cultural differences. It says that house should come in the state with lower degree of control as it requires limited resources and minimizes the hazard. It advices companies to get the experience in international market and so it should spread out from lower degree of control to high degree of control as it help the company to rule the market in long tally. ( Blomstermo et al.,2006 ) ( Yao Lu, Elena E. Karpova and Ann Marie Fiore )

A related unfavorable judgment of international theory has been made by Parry ( 1975 ) , in which he mentions and argues that internationalization theory ca n’t be a theory for Multinational Enterprises ( MNEs ) . He states that in certain instances licensing is a better pick than FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment ) and commented that Internationalisation theory does non take the Joint Venture in history. Rughman ( 1985b ) says that Parry has misinterpreted the theory since it ca n’t be proved that licensing is better than FDI as both are determined by the rule of Internationalisation either it is related to the topic of cost every bit good as benefit from such activities. He besides said that Joint Ventures are to the full consistent with internationalisation theory. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // id=J6uhghPBo_kC & A ; pg=PA30 & A ; dq=criticism+of+Internationalization+Theory & A ; hl=en & A ; ei=qliPTcj5OMaAhQeMxOS7Dg & A ; sa=X & A ; oi=book_result & A ; ct=result & A ; resnum=2 & A ; ved=0CC4Q6AEwAQ # v=onepage & A ; q & A ; f=false )

Resource Based Theory

The resource based theory is considered utile when the house has a alone aggregation of touchable and intangible resources which helps the company to run in cost effectual mode and contribute to the house ‘s competitory advantage. ( Sharma and Erramilli, 2004 )

Harmonizing to this theory the house choose that entry manner and degree of control where it can work its available resources or where it can bring forth resources in the foreign market to hold competitory advantage. For illustration the company holding sufficient resources to work the new market so high degree entry manner is preferred to heighten the possibility of maximal returns. On the other manus low degree entry manner is preferred when the company does non hold many touchable and intangible resources with it and it relies on spouse ‘s resources like capital, physical activities so that it can heighten house ‘s competitory advantage in new market.

The Theory of Comparative advantage

Harmonizing to Doole and Lowe ( 2004 ) , the foundation for international trade is chiefly based Ricardo ‘s theory of comparative advantage. This theory suggest that the chief ground behind any trade between states is that one is able to bring forth the merchandise a lower monetary value than it is produced elsewhere. For case the ground for ruling and success of Nipponese electrical and car companies in European and US markets was that they were able to bring forth the merchandise at much cheaper monetary value as compared to US and European manufacturers. Their scheme was based supplying better quality, dependability, better design in lower monetary values and which was made possible by far greater economic systems of graduated table and better fabrication engineering. They concentrate on bring forthing those merchandises where they can derive comparative advantage over their foreign rivals.

Now the inquiry arises how the comparative advantage can be achieved in such an intense planetary competition. Doole and Lowe ( 2009 ) have suggested some ways to accomplish comparative advantage.

Sustained period of investing: It helps the company to take down down the operating cost radically.

Lower labor cost: A house runing internationally can take advantage of lower labor cost by switching its fabrication works in one of the new industrialized economic systems ( NIEs ) like India, China. Many developed economic systems look it as a disadvantage while viing in international market.

Proximity to natural stuffs: It is another manner to accomplish comparative advantages as it helps the houses to cut down the transit cost and increase in economic systems of graduated table.

Subsides to assist native industries: It helps the domestic houses to vie with the international houses. With the support of authorities the domestic houses can derive comparative advantage over foreign houses.

Constructing expertness in certain cardinal countries: This is one of the best ways to accomplish comparative advantage over rivals. The house should hold the ability to cognize in which country it can acquire expertness and demand to work consequently like puting in research and development. For case, Nipponese identified biotechnology as the following planetary revolution and targeted it as a major research country.

Barriers to World Trade

Marketing Barriers: In the epoch of globalization every state wishes to merchandise with each other but it is besides true that each state take stairss to cut down import and to look into inward influx of goods and services. The international trade is carried out between different political units ; each state commanding their foreign trade varies in footings of degree of control, doing a trade jurisprudence which favours their autochthonal companies and restricts foreign 1s.

Although the trade is increasing worldwide and along with the organic structure of ordinance and barriers to merchandise is besides increasing. The major barriers to merchandise are going more and more hidden, i.e. non duty barriers which are chiefly concerned with the cultural heritage of a state are really hard to get the better of. For illustration Japan is being considered non to hold many unfastened barriers but due to its complex distribution system many concerns face troubles when seeking to travel into the Nipponese market.

Duty Barriers: Duty barriers are direct revenue enhancements and charges which are imposed on import. They are by and large easy for the state to administrate as they simple, straightforward and seeable. The companies take these into consideration while developing their selling schemes. These duties are chiefly imposed to protect the place manufacturers. Although the states are take downing down the duty with the gap of new markets to foreign investing but still it is high in certain industries like auto and agricultural merchandises. Duty can be of assorted signifiers. The most common are:


Ad valorem:


Non duty barriers

The function of marketing research and chance analysis

The research procedure consists of six cardinal phases. ( Malhotra et al.. 1997 )

Specifying the job

Developing the attack to be taken

Planing the research

Transporting out the field work

Analysis the informations

Fixing the study and presentation

Research Methodology

Purposes and Aims

The focal point of the survey is directed towards the possibility of internationalization of Indian domestic vesture industry. In order to accomplish this purpose the research has been directed to run into formulated aims.

To place the best entry manner by Pentaloon Ltd. in the UK retailing market.

Harmonizing to Kumar ( 2008 ) , research methodological analysis is a systematic attack to work out the research jobs. It is concerned with the assorted stairss adopted by the research worker and the logic behind taking those stairss. Harmonizing to Saunders et Al ( 2009 ) , research methodological analysis and research methods are frequently used interchangeably. Harmonizing to him the term ‘methods ‘ refers to the techniques and steps used to happen and analyze informations like questionnaires, interviews and observation every bit good as quantitative and qualitative analysis. In contrast, ‘methodology ‘ refers to the theory of how research should be undertaken. On the other manus, Kumar ( 2008 ) says that research methodological analysis has many dimensions and a research method is a portion of research methodological analysis. He farther add that research methodological analysis non merely see research methods but besides the ground behind utilizing peculiar method in context of research survey. Therefore, the range of research methodological analysis is much wider than research method.

Several authors ( Williams 2005, Goddard and Melville 2004, Kothari 2008, Saunders et al 2009 ) agree that research in non merely limited to garnering informations or information and piecing it together in an order. Rather, it is something which researcher undertake in a systematic manner with clear intent, thereby increasing cognition.

Harmonizing to Denscombe ( 2007 ) , the research worker should set about research when he or she is cognizant of the issue which needs to be raised and what factors should be considered while set abouting research. McQueen and Knussen ( 2002 ) , agrees with Denscombe ( 2007 ) and farther provinces that it is of import to depict cardinal methodological analysis determinations in item like research docket, research inquiries and method of analysis and reading. However, Saunders et Al ( 2009 ) uncertainty that whenever a research worker undertake a undertaking it is likely that one ‘s ain beliefs and feelings might impact the research procedure. So it is really of import for the research worker to get the better of his beliefs and pay argus-eyed consideration to the full research process.

Research Strategy it should reserach attack

Case Study Approach

The research worker has used Case Study attack to accomplish the best possible consequence. The usage of instance survey has become highly widespread across the societal research particularly with little based research. When the research workers take instance survey attack so they focus on one case of the thing which needs to be investigated. As the research worker is concentrating individual nonsubjective i.e. the best possible entry manner for the Pentaloon Ltd. into UK retailing market so instance survey attack is the best executable option for the research worker.

The instance survey attack is rather opposite to the mass survey. The ground behind taking the instance survey is that it is possible to derive many penetrations by concentrating on single instance that would non hold gained through concentrating on those research schemes which focus on many cases like studies. ( Denscombe, 2007 )

Harmonizing to Denscombe ( 2007 ) , what the instance survey can make that a study wo n’t be able to make i.e. elaborate and in-depth survey. In this instance analyze the research worker will be able to look into more in inside informations about Pantaloons Ltd. program to come in UK market that might non be possible from other superficial research attack.

Harmonizing to Gerring ( 2007 ) , to understand one thing it is necessary to understand many others and to cognize how much they are interconnected with each other which help the research worker to understand how the relationship among procedures can impact one another and to develop a series of options which might non be possible from study. This attack will assist the research worker to how assorted manners of entry and procedure of internationalization is interlinked with each other and how much they affect each other. This will assist the research worker to explicate why certain manner of entry is preferred over other instead than results from each possible manner of entry in UK for Pantaloon Ltd.

Denscombe ( 2007 ) further provinces that instance survey is besides preferred over other survey attacks like study because of the fact that instance survey attack is done in natural scenes i.e. the state of affairs is non unnaturally created specifically for the research. As Yin ( 1994 ) emphasiss, that the instance is ‘naturally happening ‘ fact. It exists prior to the research undertaking and likely to be one time the research is finished. The instance survey for Pantaloon Ltd. is non being fabricated and being done in natural scenes.

Several author ( Kumar 2008 ; Denscombe 2007 ; Gillham 2000 ; Gerring 2007 ; Woodside 2010 ) , are of the sentiment that instance survey attack allows and actuate research to utilize multiple informations beginnings and assortment of research methods depending on the fortunes and the specific demands of the state of affairs. For case, questionnaires and studies might be used to derive information on a peculiar point of concern.

The choice of instances

Harmonizing to Denscombe ( 2007 ) , the instance survey should be chosen on the footing of significance to the realistic jobs or theoretical issues being researched and where the research worker should be able cod informations easy to increase the flexibleness of the research. The choice of instance survey has been done on the footing of result achieved by the research. The findings from this instance survey are likely to use to every successful domestic retail merchant and who are be aftering for internationalizing their retailing company. In this instance survey research worker will be able reference and research the cardinal issues impacting Pantaloon Ltd. in UK retailing market menaces and chances. It will be able to compare the similarities and differences in UK and India retail market.

Harmonizing to Yin ( 1994 ) , the instance survey should be based on the relevancy of bing theories which can be applied in the instance i.e. ‘theory-testing ‘ and if the theory fails to foretell certain results so constructing a new theory i.e. ‘theory-building ‘ . This instance survey selected will find the best possible entry manner theory for internationalization of Pantaloon Ltd.

Another ground for choosing the instance survey is the restriction of clip and resources and it involves least travel, the least expense and least trouble when it comes to roll up informations.

Disadvantage of Case Study Approach

Qualitative Analysis

The analysis method which the research worker has adopted in this research is Qualitative. Harmonizing to Bryman ( 2001:506 ) as cited in David and Sutton ( 2004 ) , the qualitative research by and large associated with words or images instead than measure or figure in the assemblage and analysis of informations. On inquiry sing the observation in qualitative analysis the Lawson and Garrod ( 1994: 218 ) has said as cited in David and Sutton ( 2004 ) , it is a scientific survey that are non recorded in any unvarying cryptography design.

The research worker has taken the qualitative attack in his instance survey due to following grounds.

It has helped the research worker to transform information which he has gained by detecting Pentaloons Ltd. growing and its retailing schemes, its one-year studies and the informations available from the on-line beginnings like library databases in the signifier of written words, non Numberss.

As the research worker is looking into the entry manner theories which can be applicable to the Pentaloons Ltd. so in deepness and intricate descriptions of theories is needed.

Qualitative research is chiefly associated with small-scale surveies. This instance survey is non being done on big graduated table where larger the figure of respondents, it is easier to generalise the consequence as size affairs.

To run into the deadline and do full usage of the available clip the research worker has decided to travel for the qualitative research attack as it requires batch of research worker engagement in the instance survey like informations aggregation and account of that information.

Ethical motives

A cautious and sincere attack will be practiced towards assemblage and analysis informations following the accurate processs to avoid any biasness doing it illicit and precise research. The research worker will be unfastened to portion consequences and informations to derive relevant feedback and recommendations. The research worker has maintained high degree of criterions by doing certain that the informations collected is pure and is non being manipulated or tampered. The research worker has maintained high degree of courtesies and protocol. The research worker has made certain that the analysis of the informations and decisions drawn from the research should be steadfastly rooted in the information. The research worker has tried to avoid presenting indefensible prepossessions onto the informations analysis like personal biass or prejudices originating from cognition of old theories and research in the peculiar country of involvement.


The research is centred on Pantaloon Ltd. so might non be applicable for other companies who want to step on foreign dirt.

The deficiency of clip might hold an impact on roll uping all the relevant information required for the procedure of internationalization.

The research could hold affected by the research worker societal background, individuality, values and beliefs.

The research is being done on little graduated table where statistical process has non been undertaken so to generalise the research might be a job.


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