Analysis of Consumption Patterns of Different Socioeconomic Groups

The research reported in this thesis was on “ Analysis of Consumption Patterns of Different Socio Economic Groups ” . The intent of research was to analyze the socio-economic impact of ingestion of the families and how they spend their income. The secondary information was collected by audience of literature in the libraries and Internet and besides from the stuff printed by different academic diaries. The primary information was gathered by drifting questionnaires and carry oning several different interviews. Stat in writing package was applied to analyse informations for multiple arrested development analysis and the consequences were interpreted by usual rules of statistics. The findings suggested that the ingestion was a really important map of income but there were other factors apart from income that affected the degree of ingestion of family and their penchants. This would hold an consequence on the economic degree every bit good, hence sellers should cognize and understand the demands of the family to aim at that place merchandise and services to families for improvement of the society every bit good as profitableness of the house.

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Overview of the subject under consideration

Consumption is a subject on which a batch of research has been carried out by the economic experts and psychologists to cognize what leads to different degrees of satisfaction from ingestion what factors lead to fluctuation in ingestion forms of families with same income degrees. This research paper intends to happen out of import factors that influence the ingestion degrees of assorted families, whether the single penchant has impacts or non while doing ingestion determinations on a family degree. What boundaries restrict the ingestion degrees?

The ingestion form in Pakistan has improved over the old ages for assorted grounds such as addition in incomes and more handiness of different sorts of goods and services but there ever have been category conflicts present therefore taking to disparities among rich and the hapless categories. So the growing in ingestion has been in different sums among the different socio economic sciences groups this leads to an huge addition in the societal stratification.

Apart from factors such as size of the household, business, construction of the household, criterion of life and location one of the factors that has direct relation with the ingestion is population. If the population increases the ingestion degree alterations drastically. Similarly if the population consists of aged or has baby boomers the form of ingestion is affected greatly by the type of goods and services produced in the economic system is affected moreover ingestion forms act upon the scattering of income and at times leads to motive for gaining a higher pay and this thesis would supply us with the deeper apprehension of consumers and their family ingestion form and their motive behind earning and disbursement in a peculiar mode.

Background of the subject

Consumption map in economic science is the relationship between consumer disbursement and the assorted factors that are finding it the ingestion map comes into formation due to accrued disbursement of all the families in the economic system hence at the Economic degree the singularity of ingestion maps are imperative for many inquiries in both macroeconomics and microeconomics. At the smaller degree that is the family or household degree, these factors may consist of income, wealth, outlooks about the degree and peril of future income or wealth, involvement rates, age, instruction, and household size. Individual level the ingestion map is besides inclined by the consumer ‘s penchants that are behavioural in nature such as forbearance, or the willingness to detain satisfaction, by the consumer ‘s attack towards hazard, and by whether the consumer wants to go forth a heritage to their household members.

Theories and hypothesis were developed by Keynes on ingestion forms these were evolved from the early surveies that supported the fact the short tally fringy leaning to devour was much more stable when compared with mean leaning to devour. Economists farther more refined the original work of Keynes and came up with theories of lasting income hypothesis, theory of life rhythm hypothesis and presentation consequence hence they were able to set up the fact that ingestion was highly antiphonal to income alterations on which Duesenberry tried to rebut it with presentation consequence hypothesis. These theories still could be found in assorted economic text books

Economists developed Engel curves these curve showed ingestion degrees and forms diagrammatically they even derived budget restraints curves with the aid of indifference curves supplying a batch of grounds as how and what effects the ingestion that in bend shows the position and the life styles of an single family in the economic system.

Importance of the survey with regard to the universe

Consumption degree helps in placing the degree of demand of goods and services in the economic system and the type of goods and services that are demanded in a peculiar economic system and indicate what kind lifestyle a peculiar society is enjoining illustration Americans are celebrated for non salvaging and they consume a batch of consumer non lasting points when compared with remainder of the universe.Hence salvaging shackles ingestion and can greatly impact overall demand in the economic system if there is a batch of salvaging in the economic system fringy leaning to devour goes down demoing that salvaging and ingestion has a negative relationship.

This could take to greater jobs at a macroeconomic degree such as decrease in aggregative demand and unemployment of resources in the economic system here authorities besides needs to step in and to better the economic system this would be achieved by increasing demand by increasing the authorities disbursement.

These yearss ingestion forms are extremely influenced by transnational or multinational companies this phenomena is known as mass ingestion or consumerism. Consumption of goods produced by MNC ‘S or TNC ‘s has lead to the acceptance of different civilizations and ingestion forms in a local family a common illustration of this would of Mc Donald ‘s today you might be in any portion of the universe but you would ever happen a subdivision of Mc Donald ‘s due to globalisation in the economic system would take to greater picks that an person would confront while doing ingestion determinations therefore altering ingestion forms of a very traditional economic system like Pakistan. Other factor that could potentially alter the ingestion form would be engineering as traditional goods and services would go excess and no longer will be demanded hence this would take to fluctuation in ingestion degrees every bit good as the forms of ingestion.

There is high inequality in ingestion forms among different states due to distinction in societal categories distinction and difference in per capita income, population and assorted other factors there are market prejudices on the bases of luxury or mass ingestion of goods.

Importance of survey with regard to Pakistan

Since Pakistan is a underdeveloped state it has a batch of different categories and a batch of population largely dwelling of kids and adolescents with such a diverse society there is a batch of difference in ingestion degree and forms they are influenced by income, faith, vicinity in which a peculiar family resides and the business of the caput of the family is since Pakistan has a strong civilization of salvaging and reassigning bequest to future coevals hence how does a peculiar family decides what to devour and how to devour?

We consume a batch otherwise when compared with the western society as they focus on more luxury points and consumer lasting goods on the other in our society families focuses on basic necessities of life. More over there is a deficiency of surveies that have been carried out on the ingestion form of socio economic groups that are prevailing in Lahore.

Mention groups play an of import function in finding the ingestion forms of assorted families and presentation consequence has the strongest consequence on the ingestion of the families in Lahore among the assorted different categories. This research paper would assist to unknot the penchant of the families and the types of goods that they consume and how do they make up one’s mind and come to common evidences while they consume as in individual unit of household since we have a really strong civilization of life together in drawn-out households.

As many coevalss are populating and devouring together the basket of goods and services that they consume would be extremely differentiated. But these yearss tendencies are altering and people are traveling towards nucleus household system and Pakistan is basking a batch of female engagement in work force hence will this new tendency affect the manner a household consumes as a family? Second Lahories as consumer have a batch of pick and since at this twenty-four hours and age a batch tendency is switching toward mass customization this research paper would let to analysis such tendencies in Lahore.

Research inquiry

Consumption forms of different socio-economic groups take into consideration the three chief societal classes the elect category, the in-between income group and the lower income group that resides in three different vicinities of Lahore viz. interior Lahore or the old Lahore, Allama Iqbal Town and Defence lodging authorization. Families with different dramatis personaes and faith would be targeted to cover the maximal figure of the different socio economic group. There is a batch of diverseness in footings of socio economic groups in Lahore hence their ingestion forms besides varies drastically they have income that ranges from 3000 rupees monthly to more than 80,000 rupees.

A underdeveloped state like Pakistan faces a batch of favoritism in footings of income disparities, low income per capita income and a turning population that consequence ingestion as a whole. The research inquiry for my thesis is a combination of macroeconomics and consumer behaviour. It would supply us with the deeper apprehension of consumers and their family ingestion forms. This would farther let manufacturers to aim and place their merchandises in such a manner that they become an built-in of family ingestion and as a consequence the economic system can boom.

Chapter 2


Ying ( 2003 ) conducted a research explicating the fact how kids influenced the disbursement forms of household and in approximately 27.8 % of households, kids ‘s ingestion uses one tierce of the household ‘s entire income. In 35.6 % of households, kids ‘s ingestion uses 40 % of the household ‘s entire income. In 19.4 % of households, kids ‘s ingestion takes one half of the household ‘s income. And in 7.4 % of households, kids ‘s ingestion takes over one half of the household ‘s income. Therefore in most households, the kid ‘s ingestion degree is higher than the mean per capita ingestion of the household. He highlighted assorted factors such as higher instruction degrees for kids including excess sums paid for private instruction and coachs furthermore more recreational activities and high terminal appliances like Mobiles phone, laptops and increased disbursal towards wellness attention of the kids.

Krueger and Perri ( 2005 ) found out in a research paper that addition in income inequality in U.S.A was predominating but there was no inequality ingestion. This was because of different tendencies within-group inequality which was faced an addition in income and a small less increase ingestion. They developed a simple model to place analytically that how income inequality could ensue in ingestion inequality with regard to standard uncomplete market theoretical account therefore they wanted to document this ingestion inequality facts from the U.S informations. They have used informations from the Consumer Expenditure ( CE ) Survey for the old ages 1980-2003.

Cutler ( 2005 ) tries to place implied fringy leaning to devour out of a given income degree in Hong Kong for making this he develops a proxy step for labour income so tries to gauge ingestion map with regard to life rhythm theoretical account. The writer develops a dependable relation between proxy step of labour income and long tally leaning to devour the estimation calculated comes out to be 0.87 for Hong Kong picturing the fact the fringy leaning to devour is in line with other industrial states of the universe.

Carroll, Fuhrer and Wilcox ( 1994 ) conducted a research paper which negotiations about wont formation that is the ingestion done when a family is non enjoying same degree of income as it did antecedently but the ingestion forms of the family remains the same. Second they tried to analyse the impact of consumer sentiments on the ingestion patterns taking into considerations the assorted economic variables into history. They ruled out lasting income and pure life rhythm hypothesis and declared consumer disbursement is an ill-defined step of uncertainness when uncertainness increases the degree of ingestion falls therefore prima to precautional nest eggs.

Chow, Fung and Ngo ( 2001 ) did a research about the Chinese economic system and Chinese enterprisers who have grown along with the Chinese economic system this consumer group is the most influential in devouring expensive goods and services. This research paper compares and contrasts the ingestion wonts of low income concern with that of enterprisers coming to decision that little concerns incomes are ephemeral and more volatile hence their ingestion is less and they tend to salvage more on the other manus enterprisers earn more and pass more lavishly on repasts, going, private instruction and luxury points. Geographic locations and socio-demographics of family have important effects on the gustatory sensations and penchants. Similarly socialising activities that are carried out by the enterprisers are the 2nd largest disbursal in their budgets as they need a batch of networking to transport out the concern. But on the other manus low income groups tend to pass a big proportion of outgo on activities such as medical attention, socialising and instruction of their kids. The writers have run a arrested development theoretical account utilizing assorted factors such socio demographics and other factors to happen out strongest impacting variable.

Aydin ( 2006 ) negotiations about the ingestion patterns in Meleagris gallopavo ‘s different socio economic categories and finds out that globalisation has led to transmutation, reconfiguration and reformulations of category construction and this is taking to societal displacements from category based political relations to individuality political relations, political orientation to life styles and mass production to ingestion these forces have fuelled the societal alteration hence taking to outgrowths of new in-between category populating a new leisure life style. The research reapproved the fact that societal category variables had a important on ingestion income had the strongest positive consequence of all at the ingestion degree at the same time income did non change the influence of category difference. Education had effected the category distinction the group with higher instruction had better living criterions therefore doing instruction of import mediating factor. The analysis in this research paper depicted the category structuration consequences due to interaction income, instruction degrees, and residential location.

Phipps and Burton ( 1998 ) did a research where they assume that the family consumer behaviour is equal to household public-service corporation map and this map is maximized with regard to individual budget constrain and incomes from both the spouses are pooled. But both the spouses have different public-service corporation maps ; the families consisting of adolescents with incomes add more complication to analysis hence they preferred to avoid it. They found household income, instruction degrees of hubby and married woman, part, degree of urbanisation, age and figure of kids is of great importance to household public-service corporation curve. Income earned by the married woman is more likely to be used for eating house nutrient, her apparels and child ‘s apparels. Whereas hubby ‘s income is allocated towards transit, they considered vesture as personal private good and it increased with the degrees of income of each person.

Thomas ( 1993 ) this paper tries to happen out whether all family members portion same penchants or they are dictated by any one member of the family. Data taken into consideration is from a study carried out by Instituto Brasilleri De Geografia they came to a decision that when income is in custodies of females portions of outgo additions towards lodging, instruction, wellness, family services and diversion when males are given the budget they tend to pass extra on wellness, family service and diversion. Education is considered step ining variable for gaining hence addition in ingestion, so they exclude instruction from demand map and include it as a valid instrument for entire income. The research workers have come to these decisions by carry oning additive and quadratic theoretical accounts on the complied information.

Bonney ( 1988 ) antecedently sociological analyst of British category construction see males as the lone major determiner of the societal category place of the family along with clip the tendencies have changed today there is greater engagement of married females in paid work. This phenomenon is doing married womans highly of import in household budgets and the socio category location of the family, a hubby ‘s addition in pay would negatively impact female ‘s engagement in paid work but on the other manus the addition in married womans gaining would hold smaller but negative consequence on their opposite numbers income. This increases their say in ingestion as they are now more economically active.

Sommer ( 2003 ) discuses that under wont formation it is hard for the families to set to their new income degrees this happens bit by bit if a revenue enhancement cut is implemented they respond to such policy easy. But some consumers save a specific sum of income as a precautional step to keep a similar criterion of life.

Megir ( 2004 ) negotiations about the theory of ingestion map that played a critical function in explicating Keynesian demand direction. Ephemeral revenue enhancement policy or ephemeral income could hold undistinguished consequence on existent ingestion though income is more volatile than ingestion but the long tally fringy leaning to devour out of the income is higher than the short tally.

D’orlando ( 2010 ) carried out a research to look into the importance of behavioural principals in micro-foundation of Keynes ingestion theory. It was concluded that behavioural alternatively of maximising principals can be truly considered as possible for micro foundation for Keynes ‘s work. He said there are opportunities of cross fertilisation of Keynesian attack and behavioural scientific disciplines in mention to theory ingestion map. This research showed that public-service corporation maximization is non the major focal point Keynes representation of person ‘s behaviour and many subjective factors are included in the ingestion theory in conclusion the traditional sum ingestion map is vastly based on maximising agents.

Khan and Dhar ( 2004 ) carried out a research on behavioural determination theoretic position on hedonic and useful picks and they found out that difference between purchase and ingestion of goods and service found out that there is a really thin line which consumer does non even recognize and determination devising of ingestion is simply affected by income, penchant and life style of the consumer.

Tai and Tam ( 1997 ) discussed the life style of females that was altering due to the different socio economic factors such as delayed matrimony, smaller household size and individual parents have lead to altering kineticss of consumer market as a consequence the consumer penchant are altering and ingestion form of the households.

All these research documents have added a new dimensions to the subject under consideration accent on the fact ingestion is a critical map of income but there are many other factors that influence the ingestion form there are incidence when two families with sane income degree may hold different ingestion form due to lifestyle, penchant and the phase of lifecycle they are in as a family greatly affects the ingestion forms. All these researches try to research the behaviour forms that are important for modeling the ingestion form all these researches have added different cardinal grounds and non a individual research as been able to come up with any common behaviour traits in the different societies of the universe this phenomena indicate that the ingestion patterns altering harmonizing to society the house clasp resides in.

Chapter 3


Research type

The research undertaken would be quantitative research a batch of facts and figures would be included they would assist to back up the statements that will be established after critically analysing the consequences obtained by this research

Data type and research period

The research would be primary and secondary as a batch of old research documents have been consulted for mention and farther informations would be collected sing the Pakistani economic system and how does an mean Pakistan individual consumes this research would be carried out in 2011 the informations under consideration is transverse sectional since it ‘s both secondary and primary.

Beginnings of informations

The information would be collected through seamster made questionnaire that would assist us to back up our statements and let us come to a sound decision and recommendation at the terminal of the thesis. Second interviews the different retail merchants of the vicinity would be conducted to cut down the prejudices in the questionnaire as people hesitate to supply just information. Third I would take into consideration my ain observation that would ease better apprehension of the subject every bit good as its rating.

The questionnaire was floated in among three assorted locations where many different socioeconomics groups were prevailing Harmonizing to the questionnaire analysis the per centum of male and female is in the ratio of 42 % and 58 % severally. Almost 20 different dramatis personaes were targeted they showed that on norm a family spends 50 % of their income on nutrient and 20 % of income is spend on vesture and 10 % of income is spend on lodging, schooling and about 20 different dramatis personaes were targeted through the questionnaires that floated among the three different vicinities severally ( see appendix A )

The left over income is utilized by directed it towards salvaging and amusement outgo the ratio of income directed towards nest eggs and amusement outgo is about 20 % see appendix. In the assorted interviews that I have conducted, I found out that there is important difference in the manner the different socio economic groups spend their income and their ingestion varies consequently see appendix. The population of Pakistan is largely banging with a really s little Numberss of minorities that are prevailing in Lahore fundamentally the population trends majorly consists immature population.

Theoretical model and variables under consideration

Operational definitions

Standard of life: It would include income spent on consumer durable goodss, non- durable goodss, wellness, diversion and amusement, societal services and luxuries goods by the families, larger the sum of the income spent on these goods would bespeak that the family enjoys a higher degree of criterion of life and would be devouring a larger proportion of disposable income.

Size of the household: The figure of the people populating together under one roof and devouring the pooled income i.e. An indistinguishable beginning of income despite the fact whether they are related or non would be considered as a household.

Structure of the household: type of family taken into consideration would be atomic household construction or the drawn-out household construction apart from the two parents or the individual parent families, all of these types of families are really common in Pakistan though the recent tendencies are switching to atomic household construction.

Location: This would take into consideration the country in which a peculiar family resides there are three vicinities under considerations in this research paper, each of these vicinities would be picturing different socio economic sciences categories in footings of income, criterion of life, business and sizes and construction of the households populating at that place.

Occupation: The agencies from where the families generates income for ingestion intents this would even account for income generated from assets that a peculiar family maintains e.g. rent on assets or return on capital and things like recognition cards would besides be included as they tend to increase the disposable income for the family therefore leting them to achieve a higher ingestion degree.

The life-cycle theoretical account: it states that salvage when people are immature for their old age they do this to dis-save in their old age as they have no other income beginnings to back up their ingestion. Hence this would take to fluctuations in ingestion forms. They can finance their old age either by selling off the assets that they have accumulated in their immature or by salvaging income.


Economic theoretical account of the income spent on ingestion was developed by John Maynard Keynes he mastered this country of economic sciences by developing assorted theories such as absolute income hypothesis, which supports and states that ingestion is entirely a map of disposable income earned in that period of clip in that. Difference between anticipations of Keynes ‘s and other economic experts leads to assorted empirical informations sets, in the long tally, this led to a figure of other theories related to ingestion that emerged after Keynes work-most conspicuously, these were based on comparative income ( Duesenberry ) , lasting income ( Milton Friedman ) , and life-cycle income ( Modigliani and Brumberg ) .

Keynes stated that a alteration in income will ensue in a comparatively smaller alteration in ingestion ; the fringy leaning to devour will be less than one. Keynes besides argued that the fringy leaning to devour will be less than the mean leaning consumed, which in return stated that ingestion diminutions as a per centum of income as income rises or we can state antagonistically as income increases the ingestion decreases. Short-run surveies loosely depict the ingestion map of this kind, but long-term informations showed that the fringy leanings and the norm are approximately tantamount. The comparative income hypothesis supports ingestion related to other families and their past income. First it implies that the proportion of income consumed by the family remains same, presuming that the place of a family remains changeless in the long tally on the distribution curve. This provides us with the long-term grounds. If the family is placed on the higher side, leaning to devour corsets on the lower norm. Second family is easier adjusted with the lifting incomes as compared to the falling incomes this is known as “ ratchet consequence ” which handles the ingestion when there is a diminution in the income this is chiefly due to habit formation of ingestion by the families.

The measuring of life clip income is an issue of cardinal importance to mensurate ingestion as a map. Permanent income hypothesis provinces that ingestion form is straight dependent on the entire income and the entire wealth which an person expects to gain over their life-time. The life-cycle hypothesis on the other manus assumes that persons that consume a steady proportion of their income and that the present value of their life clip income as a step in a figure of financially assorted countries of life where an single earns different sum of income at assorted ages such as, childhood, adolescence, and old age

Chapter 4


Consequence generated through package stat graphic

Multiple Regression equation

Y = 0.747966 + 0.152745*location + 0.11217*occupation + 0.100276*size of the household + 0.142338*standard of life + 0.267032*structure of the household

The consequences of the multiple additive arrested development theoretical account to the altogether that was collected by the questionnaire, describes the relationship between Y and 5 independent variables. The equation of the theoretical account that is mentioned below is demoing how strong relation each independent variable has with the dependant variable Y.

Y = 0.747966 + 0.152745*location + 0.11217*occupation + 0.100276*size of the household + 0.142338*standard of life + 0.267032*structure of the household

In position of the fact that the P-value in the ANOVA tabular array is less than 0.01, there is a statistically there is a strong relationship between the variables at the 99 % assurance degree. The R-Squared statistic shows that the theoretical account as fitted explains 99.0259 % of the variableness in Y. The adjusted R-squared statistic, which is more appropriate for comparing theoretical accounts with different Numberss of independent variables, is 23.2334 % . The standard mistake of the estimation demonstrates the standard divergence of the remainders to be at the figure of 0.51929. The average absolute mistake ( MAE ) of 0.373951 is the mean value of the remainders. Hence this statistical information ensures that the statistical theoretical account that is developed is statistically strong and could be accepted as good theoretical account for the research paper.

In finding whether the theoretical account can be cut down or non, notice that the highest P-value on the independent variables is the figure of 0.2039, belonging to size of the household Since the P-value is greater or equal to 0.10, that term is non statistically important at the 90 % or higher assurance degree. Consequently, I could even take size of the household from the theoretical account as this variable has p- value greater than 0.10.

Research hypothesis

Size of the household affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Occupation affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Structure of the household affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Standard of life affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Location of families affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Discussion of hypothesis

Now these research hypotheses would now be discussed in item so that we now as to what could be the possible ground of these hypotheses to be rejected. Stat graphic was used to bring forth the multiple arrested development analysis.

Size of the household affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Reject H0 because P value is more than 0.01 %

The p-value of this peculiar hypothesis turned out to be 0.2039 which shows that this value is greater than 0.01 hence, Size of household hypothesis gets rejected because of the fact major respondents think and strongly believes on the fact the duty of every psyche is on Allah therefore many respondents said they do n’t see the size of their household when they spend their income and many Pakistani caput of the households said that they earn for their households to supply them with comfy life hence they do n’t even trouble oneself with the size of their household this fact is one of the chief grounds of Pakistanis high population. This phenomenon is extremely prevailing in low income groups. But in-between income and high income groups try to pass strategically.

Occupation affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Reject H0 because P value is more than 0.01 %

The p-value of this hypothesis turned out to be 0.1390 which is besides greater than 0.01 % hence the hypothesis, Occupation of the caput of the household does non impact the ingestion form harmonizing to the theoretical account developed by the research paper, but theoretically the income affects the ingestion patterns as some business face higher revenue enhancement rates and hence the disposable income of the family decreases. Some businesss are capable to high rates. Another popular believe that was formed out was non that income earned by a family is predetermine by Allah and many respondent linked this fact with the other fact everyone gets their income by the portion of their destiny. Second a batch of revenue enhancement equivocation is practiced in the economic system hence disposable incomes of Pakistani consumers are barely affected. Buying power of Pakistani consumers is merely affected because of rising prices.

Structure of the household affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Accept HO because P value is less than 0.01.

The p-value of the hypothesis of construction of the house turned out to be 0.0092 which is less than 0.01 % hence the hypothesis, Structure of the house plays an of import function while devouring goods and services as recent tendencies have been altering Pakistani households are switching from joint households system to atomic household apparatus. Hence the penchants of ingestion are altering drastically the p-value of this hypothesis ‘s is 0.0092. Hence we accept it. More over female participate in work force and the traditional two parents household construction of the household is altering to individual parent family this hypothesis rather important in ingestions pattern analysis.

Standard of life affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Accept HO because P value is less than 0.01.

The p-value of the hypothesis of criterions of life affects the ingestion form of socio economic groups turns out to be 0.0463 which is less than 0.01 % hence, it is acceptable. This is one of the oldest fact known that the ingestion forms are extremely affected by the life manner of the family some family prefer the useful ingestion form where as some family enjoy to indulge in hedonistic ingestion as Pakistani consumer ‘s are Muslims in bulk they tend to follow the useful ingestion form though there are ever exclusions this does non intend consumers do non prefer hedonistic ingestion in Lahore.

Location of families affects the ingestion form of socio-economic groups

H0: important

H1: insignificant

Accept HO because P value is less than 0.01.

The location of family in footings of where they shop extremely affects the ingestion form as the vicinity changes the types of goods and services available alterations. This fact was besides mentioned by the proprietor of different countries store proprietors see appendix

Each market has different demands, wants and income to back up their disbursals the upper income category can afford imported points even if they consume regular consumer merchandises but on the other manus the lower income groups can merely run into their bare necessities of their basic life ‘s necessity ( see appendix C )


After transporting out necessary statistical trials on the informations collected by questionnaires. It was found out that the size of the household and business of the caput of the household does non play an of import function in the ingestion forms of a family on the other manus construction of the household, location it footings of where the household stores and criterion of life have a important consequence on the ingestion form of an family.

Although size of the household should be considered of import but the statistically theoretical account that was developed suggested that it should even be considered to take this variable from the theoretical account developed which was something that I was non demuring while I was conducted my research the ingestion form of the families and

These variables help specify the categories where there family falls into. The lifecycle hypothesis does non keep true for the lower income groups and it holds slightly true for higher income and in-between income group but if we consider the overall consequence the lifecycle hypothesis is nullified as the variable business gets rejected.

The theory of cultural presentation holds true for all the income groups that were taken into consideration Lahori consumers ingestion form is extremely dictated by society instead than their ain demands and penchants.

this research clearly distinguishes the three major income groups and the different costs that fall into these three income classs majorly Rajput dramatis personae was found in the lower income group and they fundamentally spend all their income to full make full their basic demands. There is no clear cut relation of dramatis personae to disbursement but common factors as vicinity in which the family resides and where they shop has more consequence on the ingestion analysis, lifestyle and construction of household are far more strongly impacting variables in the ingestion form of the families.


This research provides us with penetrations as to how a family decides what to devour with restraint to income. Sellers can develop standards with generic forms and inclinations to assist them categorise families with same penchant and needs together and this research would assist the sellers to aim their merchandises at needed mark market without blowing their selling attempt on any other sections. The different socio economic sciences groups can be classified and analyzed harmonizing to the different yardsticks. As there are many other properties that are taken into consideration buying goods and services instead than merely income.


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