Analysis Of A Community Learning Curriculum Education Essay

For the past four old ages I have worked for North Nottinghamshire College ( NNC ) presenting 19+ Foundation and Community, 10 hebdomad Art and Design classs for Adult and Community Learning Services ( ACLS ) . The ethos of ACLS ( 2010 ) is to make “ entree to high quality larning chances which are delivered locally for the benefit of our communities. It aims to run into the demands of local communities and persons by working in partnership with communities and a broad scope of administrations ” . In making so it enables persons to derive accomplishments and cognition in an environment local to them, which are ask foring and less intimidating than a college one. Without the stepping rock chance ACLS provides, scholars whom I meet day-to-day, with sufficient assurance in their abilities and who would n’t experience confident plenty to prosecute any educational aspirations. The bulk of my scholar ‘s school acquisition yearss were non gratifying and have resulted in them staggering from this. Without the many acquisition chances ACLS provide, these scholars would be wholly forgotten about and go one of the less educated, unemployable statistics the authorities discuss but ne’er in a favorable manner.

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In the Treasury papers of 2010 the authorities dramatically laid out the downswing in support for grownup acquisition, in the proposed 20 five per centum cut to the farther instruction resource budget. This is in blunt contrast to authorities positions outlined by Hodgson ( 2000:105 ) in which it states that the “ Government encouragement of womb-to-tomb acquisition recognizes for the first clip that it is non merely the acquisition associated with formal instruction that is of import. The thought of womb-to-tomb acquisition asserts that larning that takes topographic point in contexts such as workplaces and communities and which would non in the yesteryear have seen themselves as sites of acquisition, besides constitutes valuable acquisition ” . In a affair of merely ten old ages the authorities has gone back on their grownup acquisition rules, to which I stand in complete discouragement of. I have started to inquire and imagine the impact this is traveling to hold on the communities and scholars I teach. I know at this phase it is excessively early statistically to state what impact this is traveling to hold but I believe it is traveling to be ruinous. Persons ‘ assurances, abilities and aspirations that are prised out and construct on over long periods of clip and with great attention and preciseness, are traveling to be greatly effected or irreplaceably damaged by this dramatic grownup support loss. As Murray ( 2010: Online ) states “ In today ‘s unsure economic clime, with unemployment set to lift and the construct of a “ occupation for life ” a relic of the yesteryear, grownup instruction can be the lone feasible path for big career-changers who have fiscal and other committednesss that mean they can non return to full-time survey ” . Lone clip will state if these anticipations come to fruition but I hope for the interest of the many communities and persons within our county I am incorrect.

When looking at the constructs of a course of study Stenhouse ( 1981:4 ) provinces that “ A course of study is an effort to pass on the indispensable rules and characteristics of an educational proposal ” . On the whole I would hold with the elements outlined in this definition but at this occasion I feel need to foreground other factors that I have to see in my course of study. The development of scholars ‘ societal interaction accomplishments and assurances are two factors that I need to turn to and have predominately within my course of study. These two facets feature really to a great extent within any foundation class I deliver and one could straight associate it to the procedure course of study theoretical account in which acquisition is measured, as Smith ( 2000: Online ) states in the course of study theory and pattern paper, as “ non a physical thing, but instead by the interaction of instructors, pupils and cognition. In other words, course of study is what really happens in the schoolroom ” . This is predominately the instance within any of the classs I deliver and without the accent laid in portion on these foundation accomplishments, a scholar would non merely abjure into themselves but would lose all assurance and doubt their ain ability to larn. If I do n’t turn to these two factors early on in a class so I have the potency of fring that learner even before any acquisition has taken topographic point.

When specifying a course of study construct Avis et Al ( 2010:104 ) lineation that “ The course of study is a societal merchandise and a societal pattern ” . These perceptual experiences are more in line with the ACLS ‘s definition, they province their purposes within the Curriculum scheme papers ( 2009 – 2011:1 ) , are “ To supply high quality classs and programmes for personal fulfillment, community sweetening, prosperity and enjoyment ” . This can besides be linked to the Lifelong Learning UK ( LLUK ) papers – New overarching professional criterions for instructors, coachs and trainers in the womb-to-tomb acquisition sector, in which it states that instructors should “ Promote the development and patterned advance of all scholars through recognising, valuing and reacting to single motive, experience and aspirations ” .

I feel all of these factors play a function in community course of studies and are taken into history when inventing a class course of study. In making so it ensures this alone learning experience provides an effectual spring board for scholars to prosecute and develop their educational demands further. ACLS committedness to patterned advance is paramount. The Curriculum patterned advance papers ( 2009 – 2010:11 ) provinces that “ it is seen as a positive result if the scholar is motivated to bask acquisition and inspired to take it farther ” . Progression is really much at the head of any classs marks and ends set by coachs and is addressed when inventing course of studies and throughout any class delivered. This is to guarantee scholars experience motivated and encouraged by their alone community larning experience and feel supported adequate to take it farther and onto the following degree.

Who designs and approves my Curriculum?

The development of the bulk of course of study within ACLS is entirely down to the coach. Very few coachs work on a contractual footing for ACLS so many classs are stand alone 1s and are delivered on a sessional footing. The classs are really diverse in nature and cover a overplus of topics and can be as a consequence of communities bespeaking capable specific short classs to turn to a specific group of scholars demands. Guaranting a learner/group of scholars demands are addressed and met within any of my classs is something I am really cognizant of and strive to accomplish. Any educational constitution should seek and guarantee they understand scholar ‘s specific demands, as Tomlinson ( 1996:97 ) suggest “ This involves making an environment of trust, safety and recognition of single demands and aspirations ” . These specific scholar demands are besides linked to what Avis et Al ( 2010:99 ) suggest when sketching a specific mature scholar demand in their common patterns of grownup acquisition, in which they province “ Learning and learning schemes should assist construct the assurance of mature pupils if they have been off from formal instruction and preparation for some clip ” . Both quotation marks outline an array of elements that need to be considered, continually addressed, monitored and acted on throughout all of my classs. If these factors are left unaddressed any scholar who has built sufficient bravery to come in any of my acquisition environments could really rapidly travel into melt down ensuing in them experiencing intimidate, vulnerable and uncomfortable. This in bend could go forth them experiencing unsure of their ain acquisition capablenesss and loath to prosecute things further.

I work for ACLS on a contractual footing and have done for the past two old ages. This gives me greater range when inventing a course of study and besides enables me to present patterned advance classs within specific topics if requested, something a sessional coach can non make. All of the classs are designed and formatted by myself with small or no input from anyone else. An thought for a class is normally the lone component that is given to me in relation to developing and planing a course of study. Sometimes the topic can be something I know really small about so it is so up to me to travel and look into the assorted techniques and methods that could be used within this peculiar capable country. I so have to make a finished merchandise, work out if it would be practicably possible to accomplish in a two hr session, if non tweak where necessary.

After these elements have been investigated and achieved I so have to beginning and purchase my stuffs that are to be used throughout the class, create any press releases to implant larning farther and invent a 10 hebdomad Scheme of Work ( SOW ) that is pitched at the relevant acquisition degree for my scholars. This can be linked with Stenhouse ( 1975: Online ) in which he states that “ instructors need to specify the content of their classs, specify what constitutes a teaching process acceptable in capable footings and do clear criterions by which pupils work is to be judged ” and is in conformity with Armitage et Al ( 2003:80 ) whose impression states that “ each pupil is an single with his or her ain ends and outlooks ” .

In order to make integrity between a scholar ‘s ends and outlooks and my ain class content, continual treatments and dialogues between both learner and coach demands to be maintained. These impressions can later be linked to one component of Stenhouse ( 1975:14 ) procedure theoretical account when discoursing the development of a course of study in which he “ gives acknowledgment to the fact that effectual course of study development is mostly a affair of effectual instructor development by proposing that course of study alteration will merely happen its manner into the schoolroom if instructors themselves become the principle agents of course of study alteration through critical analysis and contemplation on their current public presentation ” . Continual productive and effectual rating on all Sessionss and classs I deliver is something I on a regular basis do to keep an effectual and productive acquisition environment. As there are no assigned presenting organic structures linked to any of the course of studies I deliver, a certain sum of flexibleness is allowed and if required alterations can be made in conformity to a scholars needs or demands.

Unlike the bulk of presenting organic structures classs, that have specific rigorous class entry demand attached to them, ACLS classs do non. As Tummons ( 2009:97 ) states “ Within the grownup and community instruction sectors, such standards are comparatively rare and sometime opposed on the evidences that they are non compatible with the ‘open door ‘ doctrine of grownup instruction ” . This ‘open door ‘ policy to larning stretches throughout the whole of the Bassetlaw country I deliver in. This format is received really good by my scholars who feel less intimidated and judged by the whole registration procedure as they are non required to possess any old acquisition accomplishments

The classs I deliver differ well from an presenting organic structure class in a figure of ways. They have fewer restraints attached to them, have no particular targeted end end, have no precise class lineation which has to be followed and are to a grade, scholar led. This method of bringing has no concluding test to sit or put assessment standards to go through and alternatively preponderantly relies on the acquisition to transport out hebdomadal appraisals throughout the usage of their single acquisition program. The assessment procedure is linked to constructivist larning theory in which Bruner ( 2010:2 ) “ calls for the riddance of classs and standardised testing. Alternatively, assessment becomes portion of the acquisition procedure so that pupils play a larger function in judging their ain advancement ” . This self/group appraisal attack helps develop, motivate and encourage persons.

Pratt ( 2001: Online ) Five Teaching Positions ‘nurturing ‘ attack is in align with the community larning attack to learning in which it enables a instructor to “ advance a clime of lovingness and trust, assisting people set disputing but accomplishable ends, and supplying encouragement and support, along with clear outlooks and sensible ends for all scholars. They do non give self-efficacy or self-pride for accomplishment ” . The fostering position to instruction is really much at the head of my head when inventing a Scheme of Work ( SOW ) and when considered efficaciously ensures inclusivity is present throughout all Sessionss. It is besides linked to the Andragogy larning theory attack to adult acquisition in which Knowles ( 1984: Online ) emphasises “ that grownups are autonomous and expect to take duty for determinations ” he besides outlined one of the cardinal rules to this learning theory that “ Adults demand to be involved in the planning and rating of their direction ” . Throughout the classs I deliver, I actively encourage persons to portion thoughts and relevant knowledge/information found to the whole group which straight links to the Bruner constructivist theory ( 2010:2 ) in which he states “ The teacher should seek and promote pupils to detect rules by themselves ” . This I have found motivates and unites persons and energises the whole group to develop and travel preface together. I besides actively back up equal larning which can be a helpful tool in any session when facilitated efficaciously. These specific supporting tools guarantee that scholars develop and embed the surface degree larning facilitated in category to a much deeper degree guaranting a greater apprehension of stuffs and constructs discussed and used in category. Light et Al ( 2009:28 ) provinces that “ Students are expected to accept the cognition and content which are passed to them and the acquisition achieved is up to the single pupil ” . This can in portion be true but if a scholar feels empowered to look into a peculiar trade or art construct farther due to what they have learnt in category so that can merely be a good thing. Such enthusiasm for a topic should ne’er be dismissed but actively embraced and encouraged by any coach.

These assorted facets play an tremendous portion in my to acquisition and instruction and highlight the many elements I have to integrate and see into my SOW and lesson programs to guarantee scholars larning experience is a carry throughing one. This flexible attack to larning enables me to set much of the accent on a scholar ‘s development as appose to the importance of an terminal end. This flexibleness could be seen by other tutors/teachers as a preferable option but in pattern and from my ain experience I can safely state it is non. Having to invent 10 hebdomad after 10 hebdomad class continually without any formal model attached to them, can be really nerve-racking and clip consuming.

After I have devised a 10 hebdomad class the SOW is sent away to ACLS at Nottinghamshire County Council ( NCC ) for their blessing. This besides enables them to be kept in the cringle as to what course of study we are presenting at NNC. At no clip throughout the four old ages I have worked for NNC has any strategy of work of all time been rejected or asked to be reworked on by ACLS.

Adult and Community larning Funding and Policies

All the support that enables NNC to present classs throughout the Bassetlaw community originates ab initio from the Skills Funding Agency ( SFA ) who ‘s “ mission is to guarantee that people and concerns can entree the accomplishments developing they need to win in playing their portion in society and in turning England ‘s economic system ” . From its inception this support is so given to Nottinghamshire County Council ( NCC ) whose purpose is “ to offer a scope of programmes that respond to the demands of current and possible scholars within countries of greatest societal and economic disadvantage across the County.A The acquisition chances allow participants to increase their cognition, broaden their skylines, develop their accomplishments and supply personal fulfillment ” . Both of these statements have the same ends outlined and strive to accomplish them.

In order that NNC may present classs to back both the SFA and NCC mission statements we have to direct a committee papers sketching our proposed program of action to Notts County Council, ACLS section in order that we may move as a sub contractor. All of these differing beds of bureaucratism tend to decelerate down the process slightly and besides have a significant impact on the terminal user support. This is due to the multiple beds of sections that have to be funded from the one cardinal pot of money. If these assorted cabals take their section of money from the cardinal pot of money so it will well cut down the support available to any community larning constitution. This money could be put to better usage and supply much needed support in the right countries if managed right.

Our statistics outlined in the marks and action programs from the old twelvemonth besides have a direct impact on the financess they committee us for the undermentioned twelvemonth. These directives can include targeted restraints that can hold a direct and immediate impact on the choice of classs we can present and the countries we can present in.

There are seven differing cabals that we deliver classs in, all work to supply an single unique community larning experience. These seven cabals are: –

Personal Community Development Learning ( PCDL )

Family Literacy, Language and Numeracy ( FLLN )

Wider Family acquisition ( WFL )

Family Learning Impact Funding ( FLIF )


Migration Impact Fund ( MIF )

Formal First Steps

Each cabal has its ain peculiar pot of money that can non be used in any other country. If we run out of financess for a peculiar country so we have to offer for farther money, this nevertheless can be unsuccessful due to the go oning budgetary restraints that are of all time developing and being introduced. If a command is unsuccessful it can present a overplus of jobs towards the terminal of a fiscal twelvemonth, when the pots of money are either running low or have wholly evaporated, taking to fewer community class chances been delivered. These restraints posed by the support protocol are really frustrating, inflexible and have damaging effects as a consequence.

As the bulk of my scholars live in the most disadvantaged ward countries within the Bassetlaw country any support attained is paramount. This is because the support received from the SFA immensely subsidises the bulk of my scholars, due to them predominately been on agencies tested benefits, which enables them to entree the class free of charge. If big community support was phased out and more accent put on college acquisition constitutions, the kernel of my instruction protocol would vanish along with my scholars ‘ tract into larning and wellbeing. This would hold a black consequence on local communities and would be in blunt contrast to the policies outline in the ‘The Learning Revolution ‘ white Paper of 2009 in which it states that “ informal acquisition can convey people and communities together, contribute to community coherence and hike wellbeing ” . These factors are indispensable elements and are overriding if effectual community development is to be ensured.

To guarantee I present an inclusive course of study throughout the community courses I teach, I guarantee the activities I prepare are appropriate, accomplishable and accessible to all scholars. I besides guarantee all scholars feel comfy, relaxed and safe in the environment they are larning in and above all else guarantee their acquisition demands and aspirations are met. Which is highlighted in Maslow ‘s ( 1970 ) Hierarchy of homo demands which Curzon ( 2004:114 ) relates to and lineations that “ Students ‘ basic demands have to be satisfied before effectual acquisition can take topographic point ” . These demands are directed and addressed through the Individual acquisition program ( ILP ) which scholars fill out on a hebdomadal footing and which I later reference and action myself.

I besides guarantee that I raise awareness, encompass and embracing other nationalities, civilizations and jubilations within my session programs. This is besides an effectual manner to guarantee inclusivity in a schoolroom has been met which is align with the ACLS Equality and Diversity Policy papers ( 2010: Onlne ) in which it states that “ Equality of chance is an of import facet of raising aspirations, self-esteem and achievement. We aim to supply proviso that is safe, accessible and welcoming. We respect and value differences in ability and disablement, civilization, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and age ” . This is in align with the Equality Act of 2010 in which the Department for Education ( 2010: Online ) province “ Provides a individual, amalgamate beginning of favoritism jurisprudence, covering all the types of favoritism that are improper. It simplifies the jurisprudence byA taking anomalousnesss and incompatibilities that had developed over clip in the bing statute law, and it extends the protection from favoritism in certain countries ” . These guidelines try to guarantee favoritism is addressed and averted and inclusivity is available to all.

How Can I efficaciously develop my Curriculum farther?

The impression that I may hold any say or influence on the go oning development of a community course of study is questionable. I am composing this essay during what I fear could be really dark clip in community larning due to the authorities support cut on farther instruction. Ideas and constructs on how we can acquire around these support cuts and still present effectual classs out in the community are been laid out at present and are still at a developmental phase. They are being received by coachs solemnly and skeptically. The really thought that larning should be inclusive to all is something that I feel has been lost in all of this. Too much accent has been place on the short term fiscal salvaging being made and really small on the single long term impacts it will hold.

The lone thing I can flatly state is that from a personal point of position I will go on to develop my art and trade accomplishments further, guaranting I keep on tendency with the of all time altering merchandise, techniques and stuffs out at that place. I will go on to go to classs to develop such accomplishments and learn from Masterss in the differing art and trade Fieldss. This is to guarantee I can continually alter and develop a course of study guaranting that a scholar ‘s community acquisition experience is a alone, tickle pinking and an enthusiastic 1. Without this go oning development of my capable specializer accomplishments, my classs would stagnate and go less ask foring to a scholar which is something I do non desire to go on. Alternatively I want a scholar to experience invigorated by their acquisition experience, which is something I endeavour to guarantee happens while of all time I have the power to make so.

I feel I have gained and will go on to derive important assurance within my instruction through my ain personal development and the sharing of best pattern by coachs within the community section. This is something that is actively encouraged by NNC and ACLS and continues to have really to a great extent in any development proposal. During such treatments the development of an commissioned course of study within art and trades is something that is often discussed. This is something I would wish to prosecute when I have finished this class. I already have the backup of my programme director and ACLS and this together with the positive feedback I have received from my scholars can merely ensue in one thing and that is an effectual result for all concerned.


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