Analysis: Mean Girls


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The movie ‘Mean Girls’ is an American adolescent comedy released in 2004, directed by Mark Waters. The chief actress Lindsay Lohan starred as Cady Heron, with the co-star of the movie, Jonathan Bennett featured as Aaron Samuels, Rachel McAdams presented as Regina George, Lacey Chabert starred as Gretchen Wieners, and Amanda Seyfried featured as Karen Smith, Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian and Daniel Franzese as Damian. The screenplay of the movie is written by Tina Fey that portrays the chief struggle on celebrity and popularity among high school misss and the effects on it.

The plot line narrates a 16 twelvemonth old miss Cady Heron who is a girl of animal scientist parents. She is a homeschooled miss who had ne’er attended any public schools before. After the 12 twelvemonth research trip of her parents in Africa, they returned to United States and settled in Evanston, Illinois. Then, Cady have to go to a public school in United State for the first clip. First twenty-four hours of category, she met her new schoolmates, Janis and Damian. They warn her to avoid the ‘Plastics’ , the most sole coterie in the high school. The ‘Plastics’ are a group of 3 misss who led by Queen Bee Regina George. One twenty-four hours, in the school cafeteria, the ‘Plastics’ invited Cady to sit with them for tiffin as they have an involvement on her. Therefore, Cady are acquiring closer with the ‘Plastics’ . Janis seeing Cady is easy going one of the ‘Plastics’ , had a program of retaliation by utilizing Cady as an infiltrator to travel against Regina George.

In the relationship within the ‘Plastics’ , Cady studied the ‘Burn Book’ from them. The ‘Burn Book’ is a notebook which is full of rumours, chitchats and secrets about the other misss and instructors in their high school. Besides, Cady knew that all of the members of the ‘Plastics’ are duplex people. They apple-polish one in forepart and backstab them behind. Besides that, Cady falls in love with Aaron Samuels, one of her schoolmates and besides Regina’s ex-boyfriends. At a Halloween party, Regina intentionally steals Aaron back, one time she knew that Cady oppress on him. After that, the retaliation action starts. Cady carried on with Janis’s program to cut off Regina’s ‘resources’ , for illustration, flim-flaming her nutrition bars to do her addition weight ; dividing her from Aaron ; and inciting Regina’s fellow ‘Plastics’ to against her. In the procedure, Cady unconsciously remakes herself as Regina’s image, going superficial, awful and abandons her friends Janis and Damian.

In a house party hosted by Cady, Janis states that Cady going worse than the ‘Plastics’ by concealing her malicious personality behind her guiltless and cuteness face. On the other manus, Regina realizes that what Cady did to her She began to contend back by distributing the content of her ‘Burn Book’ around the school in order to fault Cady is the 1 who did it. At this minute, she awakes from Janis’s word. Because of her attitude, she lost her friends and household. During the confession in the auditorium, Janis declares her retaliation program to mess up Regina life with Cady’s aid. Cady attempt to apologise but Regina leaves the school and got hit by a school coach. Subsequently, Cady felt guilty, so she took all the incrimination for the ‘Burn Book’ . Besides, she returns back to her old personality. She realizes that the most of import thing is to work out the job in forepart of you. Last, she expressed her feelings and pays her apology to all her classmates at The Spring Fling Dance, and she gain the forgiveness as her wages.

Overall, the movie has shown the interpersonal struggle where the chief struggle centres around the popularity that high school misss crave and are willing to make anything to be celebrated.

Concept 1: Nature OF CONFLICT

The film ‘Mean Girls’ is chiefly about female high school pupils that have their ain co-worker and organize their ain societal group. This film centres on many different issues which have their ain nature of struggles.

The chief effect of the film that triggered most of the character to perpetrate into struggles is the conflict of celebrity and popularity between the hero and the scoundrel, Cady and Regina. Cady foremost met 2 of her co-worker, Janis Ian and Damian who used her straight to take retaliation on the ‘Plastics’ for being a bully at school. The on-going relationship with Janis and the ‘Plastic’ made Cady to be in a really tough state of affairs where she has to fulfill both parties. Cady has to feign to be like the ‘Plastics’ to be accepted in their group and she besides has to supply information to Janis in order to finish her retaliation towards Regina. The struggle is embedded when Cady started to hold a crush on Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels. Both the parties have their ain premises about the struggles that they were in. Cady was presuming Regina was all right with Cady seeing her ex-boyfriend but the truth was, Regina was covetous of Cady and bad-mouthed about Cady to Aaron. The struggle metaphor in this scene could be expressed as ‘conflict is bullying’ where it is a portion of win-lose metaphor. In this scene, Cady loses to Regina when Regina created rumours about Cady to Aaron that made him to interrupt his connexion with Cady.

The first component of struggle in this film is the uttered battle of intrapersonal struggle. This is when Cady had an internal anxiousness when she found out that she was being one of the ‘Plastics’ and acting maliciously to everyone at school. On that peculiar minute, she was missing of declaration in her thought and emotion. She was confronting intrapersonal struggle and she has battle showing it. The 2nd component is the sensed incompatible ends. This is where both Cady and Janis have the same purpose of get the better ofing Regina but their picks of making so is different. Cady choose to go like the ‘Plastics’ and avoid being with Janis to revenge Regina which made Janis disturbance for non taking her point of position into history. The 3rd component is the sensed scarce resources. This is when Gretchen feels that Regina is taking Cady over her in their friendly relationship. Gretchen was terrified that her topographic point was taken off and original friendly relationship will decrease. The following component is the mutuality between 2 parties. This is when both Cady and Regina are mutualist one another where Cady is dependent on Regina to acquire closer to Aaron and Regina is dependent on Cady to enroll her in the group and retaliation on unpopular misss. The intervention between one another is when Cady and Aaron are engaged in struggle. Cady was purposefully neglecting her Math class merely to hold Aaron coach her. Aaron wanted to tutor Cady but he was really disquieted with Cady’s attitude of lying to him. Both have a crush on each other, but due to the intervention from outside influences which made Cady to be dishonorable and ended up being a bad individual at Aaron’s eyes.

From get downing of the film till the flood tide, it is more towards escalatory spirals of the struggle. Every scene in the film triggers new emotion in each character to prosecute in a new struggle. It is more towards the destructive stage of struggle. The characters were more into the revenge runs rampant where Cady and Regina pile up their choler and avenge each other. This construct can be clearly seen when Cady was angry with Regina for destructing her relationship with Aaron and started to avenge her by giving her cocoa bars that could derive excess weight. The solution to the struggle is at the terminal of the movie where Cady does non desire to be celebrated any longer and gets back to her old ego by accepting all the incrimination of Regina to ease everybody’s jobs. Cady created a supportive clime to work out the struggle.

Concept 2: TRIP ISSUES

Concept 3: Power / STYLES AND TACTICS

In the film ‘Mean Girls’ , Regina George was raised in a foul rich sign of the zodiac ; her mean, rude and really egoistic attitude made her the queen bee of coterie group, the ‘Plastics’ . Her beastliness is her power ; the ability to command others landed her to be popular in school. Her followings / members of the ‘Plastics’ are Gretchen and Karen. Gretchen is really insecure about herself, including her weight, the manner she frock and what others might believe of her. Regina has power over her in footings of her rank and place in the school ; her support system is Regina and if she loses it, she might non go a member of the ‘Plastics’ . Therefore, everything she does and state, hold to be filtered through Regina’s head. Her ideas and sentiments can non be to the full expressed. The naive and sweet miss is Karen, another member of the plastics. Her blur attitude made her the most guiltless miss in the school. Even though she was called stupid by Regina when soothing her dissolution with Aaron, nevertheless she still confront it to Regina after naming her a slattern. The newest member of plastics is Cady, a new miss from Africa. Cady is a fresher who have split personality. Her attitude before she became one of the ‘Plastics’ was sort and nice towards everyone. With the aid of Regina who invited her for a place during tiffin, she became average and nescient.

One of the struggles that arise in this film is popularity among Cady and Regina. It is divided into two state of affairss, one is among the ‘Plastics’ , and another is between Regina’s ex fellow Aaron. Cady articulation plastics because Janice wanted her to uncover all Regina’s dirty small secrets. After a few hebdomads, Cady get downing to be one of them and was hungering for attending. When Regina realized Cady was going popular, about in the same rank as her, her friends Gretchen and Karen were against her and following wherever Cady goes ; she blackmail her by utilizing the ‘Burn Book’ . The book was released to the populace so that Cady would take the incrimination. This scenario shows that Regina did non desire Cady to take her topographic point in popularity and go the queen bee in ‘Plastics’ . She wants to stay her rank as the most popular miss in high school. The 2nd state of affairs is where Cady had a crush on Aaron ( Regina’s ex-boyfriend ) , but was shortly found out by Regina. When Regina confronted Cady about it, she agreed to speak to Aaron about her. However on the dark of Halloween, Cady saw Aaron and Regina were snoging at the party. She was devastated and began seeking retaliation. This shows that Regina was covetous about Cady holding a crush on Aaron and frailty versa. Alternatively of assisting Cady, she lied and took Aaron dorsum to do Cady covetous. She wants Aaron for herself, so that he would non fall for Cady even when Aaron is interested in Cady.

The power instability can be seen throughout the film, where Gretchen and Karen were ever congratulating and holding to what she says even when they have ain sentiments. The domination between one over another is explained where Regina asked Gretchen non to have on certain accoutrements because she likes it and merely she can have on them, Gretchen’s emotions towards Regina was expressed in choler and unhappiness. The concealed beginnings of power that each party has are their ability in overmastering Regina, doing a power balance in the group alternatively of one ruling another. They can be independent persons but alternatively they chose to be the victim. Listening to orders, holding to whatever that is non true and most of all being average to everyone.

The struggle manner in this film is competition. Competition manner involves being aggressive and uncooperative in prosecuting your ain demands at the disbursal of another. The party that engaged in struggle will seek to win the statement without seting to other’s ends and desires. Conflict in this sense is seen as a battlefield, where, either I win and you lose or you win and I lose. This can be explained when both Regina and Cady were viing for popularity. Regina was already popular but the new comer Cady was in the brink of going popular. Cady was so haunted of being popular that she lost herself along the manner. Both of them wanted to win, in holding followings, a hot organic structure and Aaron. For case, Cady tried to derive power by doing Gretchen and Karen oppose Regina. This is apparent in the scene where she made Gretchen uncover all secrets about Regina and tried to destroy their relationship by backstabbing her ; doing Gretchen to believe that Regina was forcing her away.


Cady and Regina should larn to command their emotions in order to pull off their struggle. They can ne’er work out the job if they allow themselves to be consumed with unneeded emotions. They need to recognize what causes their choler, or what they do that might trip choler in others. Once they know what causes them to acquire angry they can better and command their reactions. For illustration Cady was huffy at Regina when she saw Regina and Aaron Samuels were snoging. This is the ground why she took retaliation on Regina. She should hold talk and explain to Regina about what she was unhappy with to do her understand. Taking retaliation will ne’er work out a struggle but will merely intensify and destroy a relationship. She should ne’er presume what she saw alternatively she should show her feelings to Regina to understand the affair so she can manage it sagely. Cady should larn to command her emotions and ne’er over react because one can ne’er believe directly when they are angry. Besides, they could hold discussed ways to run into demands and work out the job. Regina and Cady should pass on more. They should do certain that they are truly listening to what each other have to state. By listening actively, they will understand what is really being said. They tend to listen to what others have to state about one another which make the struggle even worst. Her girlfriends did non assist but do it even worst by dish the dirting about one another. It is of import non to believe everything a individual said because you will ne’er cognize the truth unless you confront the party involved. It is ever better to confront the individual you are in struggle with instead than listening to narratives from other people which may non be true. Communication is the cardinal to work out struggle merely if you communicate in a right mode. You need to hold positive behaviours in order to place the jobs and work towards solutions. With positive attitude, Cady and Regina will do wise determination and take duties on their actions and non faulting one another.

Cady is a nice, guiltless, caring and a sort miss until she started blending with Regina and her pack. She started to alter her behaviour, manner and attitude merely to suit in. Cady should hold be herself and ne’er changed for anyone because one could ne’er delight everyone. Peoples should ne’er alter themselves merely to suit in or to be liked by other people. The degree of your popularity does non specify your kindness or your good workss. Cady should remain true to herself in order to cognize who her true friends are. Cady has spread rumor about her instructor merchandising drugs merely to delight her ‘gang’ . She should non dish the dirt or speak bad about other individual when that it is non true. She could really forestall herself from acquiring in problem merely if she did non seek so difficult to suit in with those misss who do non like her for who she is.


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