Analyse The Use Of Irony English Literature Essay

I choose to analyse both Death of a salesman and Oedipus Rex and demo how sarcasm is utilized in both dramas. Harmonizing to the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Footings, Irony is the usage of words to convey a significance that is the antonym of its actual significance.

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One of the sarcasms in the drama involves the impression of the “ American Dream. ” Willie longs to populate this dream nevertheless, Willie is populating an semblance. The accomplishments he learned in the 1920 ‘s as an energetic salesman are now disused. The occupation market requires “ specialised accomplishments and cognition, and because of this, Willie is doomed to failure ” . The sarcasm is that Willie believes that he, in fact, can accomplish this “ American Dream. ” He can non of all time be the adult male he longs to be hence, he is a complete and arrant failure.

Miller continues to drive the understanding out of the audience when Willy ‘s oldest boy, Biff, gives his analysis of his male parent ‘s life. Biff comes to a realisation at the terminal of the drama that his male parent lived a life of semblance, “ He ne’er knew who he was, ” since he grew up with fact cognizing that his male parent was a successful salesman. Willy spent so much times believing in the false promises of wealth and popularity that the life of a salesman could convey that he ne’er took the clip to recognize that he truly enjoyed working with his custodies.

There are facets of Willy ‘s decease that are dry such as the attending of Willy ‘s funeral. Before Willy ‘s decease he had a conversation with a vision of his older brother, Ben in which Willy described his motivations behind his self-destruction. Willy wanted to turn out to his boy Biff one time and for all how good known and respected he has. “ Ben, that funeral will be monolithic! They ‘ll come from ME, MA, VT and NHaˆ¦that male child will be thunderstruck, Ben, because he ne’er realized I am known! ” Willy envisioned his concluding victory where he could eventually turn out his worth to his household, and he believed the merely he could make that would be in decease. Ironically, no one attends his funeral except for his household and Charley. Alternatively of his funeral being his concluding victory it is his concluding humiliation.

Another dry turn on the decease of Willy Loman is the fact that he took his ain life because he thought that he would be more financially good to his household. In his concluding conversation with Charley, Willy foreshadows his self-destruction when he says. “ After all the main roads and the trains and the assignments and the old ages, you end up deserving more dead than alive. ” He truly believes that he is making what is best for his household by taking his ain life, in his eyes twenty thousand dollar insurance policy will be worth more to his household than his ain life. He envisions that the money will travel to his boy Biff and he will be able to go the successful adult male that Willy ever knew that he would be, “ aˆ¦.imagine that impressiveness with 20 thousand dollars in his pocket. ” Ironically the reader realizes that Willy ‘s decease was in vain because his boy, Biff, non acquire the insurance money because self-destruction was non covered in his insurance policy.

In add-on to this dry expedient, Linda, Willy ‘s married woman besides played a function in the sarcasm in this drama. Linda takes a minute entirely with Willy ‘s grave stating him, “ I made the last payment on the house today and there ‘ll be nobody place. ” Ironically Willy kills himself merely before he is free and clear. Another dry cuneus to Linda ‘s concluding words to her hubby where she says to him, “ why did you make it, I search and I search and I can non understand it, Willy, ” this is dry because all throughout the drama Linda is the lone individual that loves Willy unconditionally for who he is, but in world she has no thought who he is.

In the drama written by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, dramatic sarcasm is present. Oedipus Rex is a calamity that pulsates with dramatic suspense and this is mostly due to the effectual usage of dramatic sarcasm. Dramatic sarcasm, harmonizing to the Oxford lexicon of Literary Footings is a literary technique leting the audience to cognize of the character ‘s destiny good before such destiny occurs. The difference between the audience ‘s cognition of the tragic fortunes and that of the nescient characters heightens the deepness of the calamity.

In the drama, dramatic sarcasm is besides used to make suspense. Oedipus knows about the prognostications yet he does non cognize they have come through, nevertheless the audience is cognizant of everything traveling on in Oedipus life. Oedipus, “ I know you are all ill, yet there is non one of you, vomit as you are, that is every bit ill as I myself. Your several sorrows each have individual range and touch but one of you. My spirit moans for metropolis and myself and you at one time. ” ( lines – 68-73 )

It is ironically apparent when Oedipus makes this address to soothe the sorrowing people of Thebes ; for there is a pestilence that is doing decease and devastation, and it will merely stop when the liquidator of Laius, the former King of Thebes is banished. Dramatic Irony is invoked when the people of Thebes come to Oedipus, inquiring him to free the metropolis of the pestilence, when in world, he is the one causation it.

Oedipus, “ Upon the liquidator I invoke this expletive whether he is one adult male and all unknown, or one of many — may he have on out his life in wretchedness to suffering day of reckoning! ( lines 266-271 ) I put this expletive on the murderer- no affair if he is one adult male and anon. , or one of a batch of people — I hope he spends the remainder of his life in hurting forever! ” Oedipus intends to cuss the liquidator of Laius out of a deep choler in non being able to happen him. By making this, he is really cussing himself.

Harmonizing to Oedipus, he has proved the prognostications incorrect, but the reader knows this is non the instance. The prognostications have become a portion of his life yet he is nescient of it. In Oedipus address to the people of Thebes he tells them he will get down from the beginning and will convey right to their lives. This leaves readers in suspense inquiring what will come following. Oedipus he will derive something organize the people of Thebes by happening the liquidator of Laius it creates suspense, as the reader will desire to cognize what will go on next. “ For whoever killed Laius might make up one’s mind to raise his custodies against me so moving on behalf of Laius I benefit myself excessively. “ ( Sophocles, 10 ) this creates suspense because the readers know he would non profit himself, as he is the existent slayer. This lets the reader admiration as to what would go on when Oedipus figures out that the existent slayer of Laius is himself and oppugning everything that is to come next. To uncover the slaying in this portion of the drama is an of import factor of making suspense among the readers.

The drama continues to develop by making suspense through the usage of dramatic sarcasm. The readers know he is the slaying of Laius but looking at Oedipus personality the novel besides depicts how angry Oedipus is with whoever killed Laius. “ As for the liquidator himself, I call down a expletive on himaˆ¦ . may he drag out an evil death-in-life wretchedness. And farther I pronounce a expletive on myself is the liquidator should, with my cognition portion my house. ” ( Sophocless, 14 ) This creates panic and suspense in the readers mind as to what Oedipus would make when he finds out he is the liquidator of Laius. This besides creates expectancy among the readers, as they will desire to cognize what is to come following.

Another facet of dramatic sarcasm used for the development of the drama is the reader feeling sorry for Oedipus. We know what sick destiny Oedipus life carries and how in a manner he is guilty of his ain sadness. The usage of dramatic sarcasm makes the readers hopeful when Oedipus says, “ I am lost, accursed, and hated by the Gods, beyond all other work forces ” ( Sophocles, 37 ) .

In Oedipus the king the usage of dramatic sarcasm develops the drama through poignancy towards the tragic hero, making suspense, and boding the result of the drama. Finally, Oedipus the male monarch is a tragic drama that depicts the features of a tragic hero and how destiny plays an unfortunate game with him. In Sophocles ‘ Oedipus, dramatic sarcasm is a major input into doing this novel a strong one ; the whole novel is based on the construct of dramatic sarcasm. Where the reader knows about Oedipus prognostications, his yesteryear and the slaying he committed, but he himself is blind to. Oedipus fate has been written out for him. He became a victim to an sick destiny unwittingly. His fate could non be controlled or changed, a adult male born with hapless lucks and a discredited life, who saved the people of Thebes from the sphinx ad brought light to everyone ‘s life at the terminal, gets rid of the visible radiation of his ain eyes and ends his life in darkness.

In decision we can see that the dramatic sarcasm is the most of import component of both Death of a Salesman and Oedipus Rex which constitutes suspense and therefore helps to convey the drama to the flood tide, where the truth is revealed to everyone.


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