An Over View Into Investing In Different Companies Marketing Essay

There are 10 companies that I have chosen for my investing and these consist of Carlsberg, Dutch Lady, Panamy, Shell, Amway, Genting, Sime Darby, Digi, Hong Leong Bank and Maybank endeavors. Different factors have contributed to the grounds of why I have chosen these endeavors for my investing and the treatments are as below.

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Second, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad is one of my picks in puting due to its mission of “ assisting Malaysians move frontward in life with sure dairy nutrition ” . Their impressive assorted merchandises targeted to different groups of clients in the market with purpose to supply quality dairy merchandises ( Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad nd a ) has helped them win in accomplishing highest net income of RM82.4 million before paying its revenue enhancement in twelvemonth 2009. This is the highest sum of net income that has been achieved by the company so far, and even the net income after revenue enhancement has besides risen from RM42.647 million to RM60.4 million from twelvemonth 2008 to twelvemonth 2009. This significance addition of 42 % in net income has impressed the stockholders meanwhile their hard currency flow statement besides clearly stated that the company has obtained excess of hard currency and hard currency equivalent of RM41.732 million compared to their old twelvemonth sum of RM23.792 million. Therefore, Dutch Lady Company might even hold the possible to accomplish higher net incomes and ascent another ladder of success in twelvemonth 2010 and 2011. The high and stable monetary value net incomes of Dutch Lady portions in an norm of 16.0 besides add value to my investing. ( Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad neodymium B )

Panamy which is besides known as Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia is included in my investing list due to its well-known trade name and positive growing of concern in bring forthing net incomes. Slogan of Panasonic “ thoughts for life ” is a committedness where eco-ideas for fabrication have been adopted by Panasonic in fabrication and establishing new merchandises. At the same clip Panasonic will besides guarantee the emanation of C dioxide has been reduced to a certain degree in order to continue the environment. ( Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd 2009 ) Some of these eco friendly merchandises can even salvage electric measures with their intelligent inverter. ( Panasonic Corporation 2010 ) All these have contributed to entire RM64.849 million of net income generated after revenue enhancement tax write-off in twelvemonth 2010. It has besides hit the highest grosss of RM679.764 million, an addition of RM78.896 million or 13.1 % compared to old twelvemonth. Directors of Panasonic besides agree in paying entire 120sen of gross dividends to their stockholders, which is an addition of 15sen compared to twelvemonth 2009. The imperfect of portion public presentation of Panamy can besides be shown in Attachment 3 page __ . It could be foreseen that Panamy portion monetary value can still be raised to a higher value after the debut of new internal control of Oracle System that can heighten the efficiency and effectivity of assorted sections such as selling and fabricating systems that perform under Panasonic. ( Google Docs nd a )

Following, Shell Malaysia is the 4th company that I have chosen because of their first-class history and repute in executing their concern. Shell in Malaysia has been established for more than hundred old ages and they are a world-wide company that produce and provide energy and petrochemical non merely to client, but besides to concern. Apart from being the commanding officer of bring forthing natural gas, Shell is besides the leader in retailing crude oil in Malaysia. ( nd a ) Even Shell has achieved sum of RM290 million of gross revenues in twelvemonth 2009, it has been assumed that its net income border can still be enhanced by its lately building of new Diesel treating unit under EPP Project. This building of new Diesel processing unit is a immense investing in twelvemonth 2011 that will be passing entire sum of RM5.1 billion and will be constructed at its refinery in Port Dickson. The inside informations of the intelligence can be shown in Attachment 4 page __ . ( nd B )

Amway Malaysia was foremost established in Malaysia in twelvemonth 1976 and it is a direct merchandising concern that many people are familiar with presents. The uninterrupted publicities and merchandises implemented by Amway such as its Nutrilite Protein Powder have gained good words of oral cavity from populaces and many have joined to be an Amway member. ( Amway ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd 2011 a ) Harmonizing to Amway ‘s one-year study, gross revenues grosss of RM719.4 million and net net income of RM78.3 million that attained by Amway in twelvemonth 2010 appeared to be higher than in twelvemonth 2009, which are RM663.9 million and RM72.5 million. ( Amway ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd 2011 B ) This has straight leaded to the addition of net dividend per portion paid to their stockholders and entire sum of RM66 million net dividends per portion of this can be shown in Attachment 5 page __ . Based on the tabular array shown, we will be noticed that Amway Enterprise has besides given particular interim individual tier dividend of 30.0sen cyberspace per portion to their stockholders on 14 December 2010, and this straight proves that it has a high dividend output and therefore higher sum of returns will be paying to their stockholders. ( Amway ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd 2011 degree Celsius ) To sum up, their higher dividend output with their excellence gross revenues and net net income for old ages has enhanced my assurance degree in puting and keeping their portions for two hebdomads.

Following, Genting Malaysia is my other precedence pick in taking due to their diversified concern and its action in puting and spread outing their concern that relevancy to leisure and amusement such as Genting Theme Park, shopping and dining, watering place, golf, casino etc. Genting is well-known with its casino as they have been awarded few wagess such as the Asia ‘s Leading Casino Resort and World ‘s Leading Casino Resort for old ages. ( Genting Casino neodymium ) At the same clip Genting besides penetrate their casino into Singapore market by puting RM 4.7 billion on Resorts World Sentosa. This so called Genting Singapore, which is the universe ‘s 3rd biggest casino group, has brought immense grosss and money returns in accomplishing entire net net income of US $ 514 million and grosss of US $ 1.1 billion in twelvemonth 2010. Genting casinos besides win in pulling tourers or even celebrated barons and famous persons that come from all over the topographic points. ( Admin 2011 ) Genting even further their stairss in spread outing their casino concern into United Kingdom, which is known as Genting UK. This Genting UK will be the most large-scale of casino located in UK meanwhile Genting besides achieve success in offering a picture lottery installation in United States New York. This installation which is known as Resorts World New York will be start runing at the terminal of twelvemonth 2011. All these can once more convey immense sum of grosss and net incomes to Genting in the hereafter, or even sooner or later. ( Genting Casino neodymium )

Sime Darby Malaysia is another company that should non be ignored because of their stableness in running the concern since two hundred old ages ago. ( Sime Darby 2010 a ) Sime Darby has been involved and diversified in assorted concern constructions such as Sime Darby Plantation, Property, Industrial, Motors, Energy and Utilities and in conclusion Healthcare. Sime Darby is the top rank company with market capitalisation of RM54.7 billion on Bursa Malaysia as of March 2011 and these variegations have brought entire grosss of RM32844.7 million in 2010 ( Sime Darby 2010 B ) and the inside informations of grosss generated from each concern construction can be shown clearly in Attachment 6 page __ . ( Sime Darby 2010 degree Celsius ) The positive growing and enlargement of Sime Darby has impressed their stockholders as entire sum of RM726.8 million has been distributed to them in twelvemonth 2010. ( Sime Darby 2010 B ) While the recent intelligence of Sime Darby Plantation for puting up its multi-feedstock vegetable oil processing works in France will assist the company to perforate their concern into other states and this processing works will be a channel of supplying comestible oils to Southern Europe and North Africa in the hereafter. The inside informations of this intelligence can be mentioning to Attachment 7 page__ and this has straight indicate that Sime Darby will hold a good chance in the long tally as the success of this proposed works will increase its portion monetary value enormously. ( Sime Darby 2010 vitamin D )

Apart from the above, Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd which is a taking nomadic communications company besides stated under one of my investing company because of its outstanding concern public presentation from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Digi ever treated their employees as their assets and therefore they will ever concern in unearthing the quality and capacity of their employees at the same clip promote them to portion their thoughts with their up lines in order to born some new originative thoughts. This is the ground why they can ever make and bring forth new constructs, and their originative advertizement in advancing Digi is one of the illustrations shown. Digi slogan of “ ever the smarter pick ” besides provides different money nest eggs programs to their users and assorted clients in the market. This has made them to be particular and achieve positive profitableness of entire RM1000.471 million in twelvemonth 2009 even after subtracting the revenue enhancement. RM1.78 net per portion as a dividend has besides been distributed to their stockholders at twelvemonth terminal 2009. To sum up, the singular public presentations of Digi has contributed immense sum of hard currency returns, which exceed sum of RM5.8 billion to their stockholders since twelvemonth 2005. All these have clearly shown that Digi is in a financially stable and sound place that can carry through and fulfill their stockholders from clip to clip. ( Google Docs nd B )

The good repute and fiscal place of Hong Leong Bank Malaysia have contributed to the grounds of why I have chosen it. Hong Leong Bank is a member under Hong Leong Group and it has been involved in Finance and Banking establishment since twelvemonth 1968 and shortly has became a good known local bank in Malaysia. ( Hong Leong Bank Bhd nd a ) It has a sustainable and stable profitableness growing and its pre-tax net income at twelvemonth terminal 2010 has beyond billion, sum to RM1.185 billion, which has risen by RM53 million compared to old twelvemonth. Besides that, returns given to stockholders have increased to 16.3 % and its net incomes per portion besides surge up to 68.2sen with an one-year growing rate of 17 % . Hong Leong Bank which is situated at Hong Kong and Singapore besides play significance function in lending to the higher sum of net income generated. However, Hong Leong Group does non lose the opportunity to perforate their concern into other markets, and they had successfully enter China by buying 20 % portions of stock in Chengdu City Commercial Bank, non merely to reenforce their current place in order to be an influential bank, but besides to enlarge their profitableness earned. ( Hong Leong Bank Bhd nd B ) By mentioning to Attachment 8 page __ , Hong Leong Group besides continues their stairss in spread outing their concern in Hanoi, Vietnam by opening another subordinate of Hong Leong Bank and targeted the rich by supplying excellence service to these clients. ( Hong Leong Bank Bhd nd degree Celsius ) Therefore, these can be seen that portion monetary value of Hong Leong Group could perchance surge to another high degree.

Last, Malayan Banking Berhad or Maybank is my other pick of investing since it has been stepped up to 51 old ages near to their clients in Malaysia. Maybank is besides the largest squad in supplying fiscal services in our state provided with its solid and steady place in South East Asia. The aim of Maybank in continuously affecting their stockholders can be shown by their committedness in administering the maximal returns to their stockholders once there are net incomes generated from Maybank Group. ( Maybank 2011 a ) Maybank Group has achieved the highest net income in twelvemonth 2010 within these few old ages, with entire sum of RM3818 million after paying revenue enhancements and minority involvement. The entire sum of stockholders ‘ equity has besides augmented to RM27.9 billion from the original RM3.0 billion due to the sweetening of maintained net income and excellence concern public presentations. Enormous additions of the Group basic, diluted net incomes and gross dividend per Maybank portion compared to twelvemonth 2009 have indicated that a positive and bright hereafter of Maybank can be gained in the long tally. ( Maybank 2011 B ) Their concern to their stockholders can besides be shown by their latest launched plan of supplying dividend reinvestment program by leting their stockholders to reinvest their dividend to Maybank Group. ( Maybank 2011 degree Celsius )

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