An Organisation Assessment Of Sony Ericsson Marketing Essay

This study is an administration appraisal of Sony Ericsson. A diagnostic theoretical account is used to consistently analyze the current province of the organisation, which includes the administration ‘s external and temporal environment ; designation of the cardinal jobs and inefficiencies confronting the administration or activities with good range for betterment ; designation of any interrelatednesss between the jobs identified and designation of the underlying beginning ( s ) of the job. The diagnosing of the administration is presented utilizing the Weisbord ‘s 6 box theoretical account to research and follow any grounds for dissatisfaction and supply an intercession to the job identified.



Sony Ericsson is a 50:50 joint venture established on October 1, 2001 by the Nipponese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation and the Swedish telecommunications company Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. Sony is one of the universe ‘s prima makers of electronics, picture, communications, video game consoles, and information engineering merchandises for the past decennaries and Ericsson, one of the largest Swedish companies, is a taking supplier of telecommunication and information communicating systems, and related services covering a scope of engineerings, including particularly nomadic webs. The ground of the joint venture is to unite Sony ‘s consumer electronics expertise with Ericsson ‘s technological leading in the communications sector. This is envisaged in the company ‘s vision: to go the communicating amusement trade name, to animate people to make more than merely communicate and enable everyone to make and take part in amusement experiences, experiences that blur the lines between communicating and amusement. By 2009, it was the fourth-largest nomadic phone maker in the universe after Nokia, Samsung and LG. The gross revenues of merchandises mostly increased due to the launch of the version of Sony ‘s popular Walkman and Cyber-shot series.

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Against its background it would be utile to entree how good the merged entity has performed due to the diverseness of the direction between a Swedish and Nipponese company. The research will place the challenges faced by the group and including an analysis of the group ‘s operating environment. Thus this survey will reply the undermentioned inquiries for Sony Ericsson:

1. What is the nature of Sony Ericsson concern in footings of its way, general characteristics, civilization and public presentation?

2. How good is the company operation or acting?

3. What are the cardinal jobs confronting the administration and cardinal countries of betterment?

4. What can be done to better the public presentation?

These hard and of import inquiries are best addressed and answered when 1 has a better apprehension of the administration and its constituent. Thus the intent of this research is to supply a model to assist directors and leaders assess organizational public presentation and place country of betterment.


This study use a figure of informations aggregation method.

1. Archival records of the company

2. Interview with line directors and chaps co-workers

3. Direct observation


The study is limited by the clip and resources for research in order to analyze the legion and complex organizational variables. Datas collected from archival records may hold jobs of cogency and the responses to the questionnaire from the random sample may non needfully reflect the sentiment or beliefs of the bulk of the staffs. There ‘s besides possibility of misinterpreting and biasing the information on the side of the interviewer and respondents. Subjective appraisals of the state of affairs are through direct observation, and are constantly to hold a certain grade of biasness and misunderstanding.

External And Temporal Environment

3.1 P.E.S.T Analysis

3.1.1 Political




S.W.O.T Analysis


The strength of Sony Ericsson is constantly the corporate trade name image of the two companies that form the joint venture. Sony merchandises are good known for its quality and advanced merchandises whereas Ericsson has a good name in bring forthing dependable telecommunication devices.


The failing of Sony Ericsson is that the monetary values of the similar merchandises are non every bit competitory as its rival. As such the company has to keep a good merchandise distinction and trade name image in order to warrant the higher monetary value to consumer.


With the lifting richness in the emerging markets such as China and India, the incursion rate of nomadic phone is 80.1 % in India and 21.9 % in China by terminal of 2010 ( The Globalist ) . It ‘s now a societal norm to transport a manus phone than it was a few old ages back, and more people are utilizing their nomadic phone to duplicate up as music or gambling device, which is a new market to sell music and games through the cyberspace.


The menace of Sony Ericsson remains as the hard to capture market portion in this extremely competitory markets. With the tendency towards smart phone and outgrowth of new rivals who are better than Sony Ericsson in this country, this could present as a menace of losing of some market portion to rival.

Temporal Environment

The industry rhythm of the manus set industry can be classified into growing and mature phase, with apparent vanilla manus set with no or basic camera and multi functional smart phone and high quality camera phone in the growing phase. Sony Ericsson is in its formalisation phase with jobs of high bureaucratisms and ruddy tapes.

4. The Weisbord ‘s ( 1978a ) 6 Box Model

The Weisbord ‘s ( 1978a ) 6 Box Model is a diagnostic theoretical account to assist practitioner visualise the complex interaction of between and organisation and rapid altering environment. Weisbord examine the relationship between the two cardinal elements of organisational life: undertakings ( work to be done ) and procedure ( the ways in which how work are done ) . The six component in the box is farther apply with any component theories to entree what needs to be done internally to guarantee the organisation becomes a high public presentation organisation adaptable to external alterations.





Helpful mechanisms


5. Analysis Of Data And Interpretation Of Results

Present herewith the high spots of the informations collected based on the archival records, study consequences and through direct observation. Assorted indicant inquiries were asked to measure the component of the box.

1. What jobs are you sing in your department/area?

2. Are you happy to work in Sony Ericsson? If no what is the likely ground ( s ) for your reply?

The consequence is presented in the Weisbord Organisational Box as follows:

Weisbord Organizational Box

Datas Collected


What concern is Sony Ericsson in?

Does a strategic program be?

What are the organisational values, vision, mission, and ends?


How does Sony Ericsson divide work?

What formal/informal systems exist for placing outlooks for occupations?

Does Sony Ericsson ‘s construction support its intent?

How does its construction impact the relationship, communicating, and procedures?


How are Sony Ericsson workers rewarded?

Are they awarded extra inducements?

Does the company offer inducement to assist employee accomplish ends?

Helpful mechanisms:

Are systems in topographic point to assist maintain the boxes in balance?

What public presentation betterment steps exist?

What engineering exists?

How is coordination of procedures managed?

What preparation and calling development processes exist to assist people achieve ends?


How are the relationships in the organisation?

How can morale be characterized?

What engineerings are used?


How good do the organisation ‘s leaders understand the impact of the other five boxes?

What is the leading manner of the organisation?

Where do the leaders focus most of their purpose?

Make the leaders have a clear vision of where they want to take the company?

Based on the information collected, ……..

6. Recommendation

7. Decision


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